Morons! (Updated)

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5 Responses

  1. plw says:

    I predict that there is more to this story than what has hit the press. Whenever a story depends on some group of people being totally unreasonable (especially if it's several more or less unrelated people, as here), I wonder whether I have the whole picture. People just aren't that crazy.

  2. Patrick says:

    I predict that there isn't more to the story than what hit the press. If there had been, those facts would have been cited in the letter sent by the whateveritis committee to the offender. That letter is currently the number one post at Volokh. It's about as weak as a strongly built Stalinist case against enemies from the late 1940s, which is to say it's pretty goddamned weak.

    The guy read a book with the word KLAN on the cover. He refused to put it away when someone complained. That's the university's case against him.

  3. Al says:


  4. don oberloh says:

    Actually, there are many documented cases of Charlotte Pfiefer and members of the IUSB Administration running rough-shod over student's first amendment rights. I am personally a victim of their complete lack of respect for the US Department of Education, The ACLU, the IN. State Supreme Court, and our first amendment rights to freedom of speech. Wheh does asking an irate hispanic women who is screaming at you in Sapanish and broken English. " I dont speak Spanish, I am trying to tell you your right. Do you speak English. Three witnesses statements were completely ignored. Check to WEB for more agregious violations on campus.

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