Sorry To Disappoint You, Bill Johnson, But The Robes Are Black, Not White

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4 Responses

  1. Laurie says:

    Bill Johnson (aka James O. Pace etc) reads like a racist seeking to implement his racism in policy.

    It is unfortunate that no distinction is being made between his views and those of Ron Paul. While apparently Bill Johnson supports Ron Paul and claims that his views on race are "the same as" Ron Paul's – this is not an accurate comparison.

    Ron Paul is opposed to illegal immigration – as well as relaxing the laws against illegal immigration -an economic and political view that is wrongly characterized as racism. Ron Paul also left himself open to these charges by having published a magazine some years ago which was rightly denounced for running some editorials written by others which Ron Paul has apologized for. He took responsibility for not having overseen the content of the magazine which was still being published under his name some time after he had ceased to be actively involved in the production. The proof of Ron Paul's true beliefs about race is the strong support of his constituents – even when his district has been predominantly composed of blacks. Paul's clearly articulated values (when represented by him in his OWN WORDS) show a coherent picture of a man of credible and proven integrity. What gets lost in all of the rabid anti-republicanism is the shining fact that Ron Paul is one of the few congress people who voted AGAINST this war of aggression against the people of Iraq and AGAINST the "Patriot" act.

    We live in crazy deceptive times. It is easy and tempting to become lazy about researching the truth about the causes we are sympathetic to and too many would rather base their political activism on their social identity rather than facing up to the evidence that their popular cultural icons may not be all that guilt or praise by association would imply.

    I am glad to be alerted to researching the history of this "Bill Johnson" aka James O. Pace etc. I do not think that Ron Paul deserves to be arbitrarily charged as being comparable however just because this Bill Johnson person is attempting to use RP for his own advantage.

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