Post-Election Conversations With My Kids

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    I hadn't given the 'natural-born citizen' requirement much thought until I read this post. It just never seemed that relevant to the political world we live in.

    Now, seeing your insanely cute kids, and realizing that they can never aspire to the White House, I'm dumbfounded. What possible rationale could justify excluding them? (I think I might even have the same opinion if they weren't insanely cute.)

    I propose that Jedi Evan use a Jedi mind-trick on the country to get this clause amended.

  2. dbt1949 says:

    As for the natural born Americans only, becoming president I think back to he cold war and how long the "moles" for both (or all) sides stayed hidden and are probably still hiding and have to wonder about that.
    But then again look how well "natural born" Bush Jr did and maybe an enemy spy would have been better.