TSA: Americans All Uppity All of A Sudden

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3 Responses

  1. Eduardo says:

    My friend got stopped here in Chicago and held overnight because her ID said she was female and her butch stature screamed man. At least to the TSA agent.

    And so, without any other reason, she was held overnight, without arrest, until they finally let her go with a "don't do it again," which was the funny part. Don't get confused for a man?

  2. Shell says:

    Better late to the dance than not at all, I guess.

    When the formation of TSA was announced and the hiring began I applied for the job. 17 years in private security, experienced in all the things TSA wanted experience in except operating scanners, I thought I would be a prime candidate for hiring. So did one of my oldest friends, a career cop with 16 years on the streets, a boatload of certifications, and twenty years as an Army Reservist – Special Forces, Ranger School, lots of other high-speed stuff for Uncle Sam. So did one of his friends, also a Ranger, combat experience, many service schools, and a fifteen-year career cop. But the TSA, in its infinite wisdom, chose to hire not one of us. They did, however, hire someone else I knew, a fifteen-year employee of the IRS with no experience even remotely related to that required of the TSA. Who'd'a thunk it, eh?

  1. December 3, 2010

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