Sometimes The Cliche Is Right

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2 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    While I suppose one could kill with a usb cable, a ten inch spike is far more convenient. When I got back to the office from depositions this afternoon, I found we'd been without internet access all day because our service provider decided we hadn't updated our internal router password frequently enough. That's what they told me anyway.

    I'd have been glad for a spike at that moment, because it was complete bullshit. Two hours, for me, with no internet is like two hours in Hell. We could have had another 9.11, and I wouldn't have known.

  2. Grandy says:

    I was thinking I'd wither and die if I went without the internet for two hours, but then I realized what an absurd notion that was.

    The rest of the world would simply cease to exist until I got it turned back on.