For One Thing, I Might Sit On Them

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11 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    This all leads to the question: what kind of blogger would you be without your meds?

  2. Ken says:

    The quiet kind. See August and September of 2008.

  3. Derrick says:

    I applaud this decision. What kind of society would we be if we allowed children to be raised British?!

  4. David says:

    You dealt their argument a crushing blow, Ken.

  5. Andrew says:

    Such a long and thoughtful argument, and yet no reference to moobs. Color me disappointed.

  6. lpont says:

    Of course there are there are some rules with some countries/agencies about adoptive parents weight and meds in take. The key here is that there is no question about us gaining weight and needing meds AFTER out kids get home.

    It's all about finding the loop holes.

  7. astonied says:

    Screw Jenny. Try Lindora. Lean for Life. They have 'em near you. I lost 40 pounds on it and have now lost 16 pounds in a month. A friend lost 80, another 60, another 60. IT works.

    Personally I think that you should only be allowed to become an A-parent if you like kids. I have never seen that qualification listed anywhere.

  8. "Most American adoption agencies will not refuse me because I take anti-depressants, and I view that as a rational decision, but when China made me ineligible I recognized that this was their call based on their medical and psychological judgment. It’s not the judgment that I’d make, and I’d argue against it given the opportunity, but it’s not irrational or unscientific, like their sad cultural hang-up about facial deformity. The truth is, I’m not much of a parent if I stop taking my meds. "

    True 'dat. I agree with you. I am incredibly sad that China won't allow me to adopt…BUT my CURRENT children know that mommy ON drugs is much better than mommy OFF of drugs. Tom Cruise can put THAT in his pipe and smoke it!

    Seriously, though….your article is great, Ken. Very well said.

    I also agree with the previous poster who said to SCREW JENNY! I about fainted one day when Nate, who was about four at the time, very sweetly turned my face to his, looked deeply into my eyes and implored, "Mom? Why don't you just call Jenny?"

  9. John Beaty says:

    So, you're not a fit parent if you overeat, but you are if you fail to take your meds. Wait, that's not what you said. Let me try again.
    You're not a fit parent if you' re overweight, but you are an unfit parent if you don't take your meds.

    What if your meds stop working? (See my DIL for details. It ain't pretty.)

    What if the "risk" of obesity is overblown?

    Should parent with increased risk of cancer, graves disease, parkinson's also be forbidden?

    How about too skinny?

    I'm close to 24 stone, 2 adopted children, both open domestic adopts, I look like the brother of one of the kid's grandparents. Given that a portion of body weight is genetic, should that count? How about that my other daughter is hispanic, and looks nothing like me and is rather slender, something her mother and i will never aspire to?

    How about smoking? In the past?

    Thanks for bringing up the subject, even if we come to different conclusions!

  10. Bisict says:

    I think the couple here is in serious denial. As are many in society.

    He describes himself as "overweight". I'm overweight at He needs to lose 100lb to be overweight at just over half his size. He's not just obese, he's way beyond that.

    When talking about the obesity epedimic on TV news they show pictures of the severely obese people, rather than the people society considers to be "a little bit overweight". Thus we think obesity kicks in at a larger size than it does.

  11. Surrey Lady says:

    Damian & Charlotte Hall were told they were too fat to adopt – this is crazy help them – sign the petition http://www.ipetitions/petition/damianhall