U.S. Court of Claims Rejects Junk Science In Vaccine Case

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  1. Pagan Temple says:

    I think the focus of this lawsuit was based on the charge that the vaccine lowered resistance to infections that could cause autism. The one case involved a young girl who became autistic after contracting a virus resulting in a very high fever, if I remember right.

    This however, is not the end of the matter. There are yet other cases pending in which it will be charged the vaccine is a direct cause of autism, which according to the report I saw earlier tonight, this one charged an indirect link, which is quite different.

    So, we have a ways to go before it is put completely to rest. My main fear is that a judgment for the plaintiffs, who are certainly worthy of sympathy and respect, will almost assuredly serve to further drive up the cost of pharmaceuticals, to say nothing of insurance, and on top of that serve to further add to the time it takes for FDA approval of new drugs to be granted.