Legislation As Masturbation

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7 Responses

  1. Teresa says:

    Are you kidding me! If he can't find anything more meaningful to work on for the folks in West Virginia, he should step aside and let somebody else give it a whack! Barbie? C'mon!

  2. Jag says:

    Have you seen the women in West Virginia? Barbie really is a threat. I believe they are also proposing an amendment to ban any doll with a full set of teeth as well.

  3. Patirk says:

    Absolutely rediculous!!! This is something both Democrats AND Republicans should be outraged over! We need to rid D.C. of these kinds of idiots! Step up West Virginia, and vote this clown out of office!!!

  4. PLW says:

    This particular idiot is not in DC.

  5. Patrick says:

    We should still rid DC of his like.

  6. sheri gregory says:

    This is a letter i had written in response to the Barbie sales ban! i have sent this to Gov. Manchin Senator Rockefeller and every local newspaper. This is ridiculous!! Our state is already the big joke in conversations. Isn't our Governor trying to improve our image?
    Dear Delegate Jeff Eldridge,
    I am a resident of Martinsburg,WV and i am baffled about you trying to ban Barbies in W.V.! Have you ever taken a trip to the stores and actually looked at the Barbies? Evidently not if you haven't seen the idea of what Barbie represents to a girls future! There are Barbies "I can be" aka "When I grow up" There are set-ups of to be a Physician, Animal Dr., Marine Biologist, Teacher, Ballerina, Chef, swim teacher.and even President Of the United States! Just to mention a few!!
    If you have any little girls you must not have taken the time to look at Barbies. They no longer just get a tan and cater to Ken anymore!!!! Even the Barbie kits that are for fashion and make-up boost a girls confidence! My 11 year old daughter loves Barbie and has all types of Barbies, from the make-up, swimming party, to the professional series! She is a beautiful Ballerina, and very intelligent! She dresses very conservative and in no way has Barbie, a mere toy gave her the guidance she needs in life, this comes from her family!! Her grandmother ,and i are both respected health care professionals and played with Barbies! My son is a Biochemistry major for Premed, I'm so thankful all those Ninja Turtles didn't sway his future or I'd be or taking care of a young man who thinks he's green and wanting to live in the sewers around town!!! We live in a tri-state area and maybe we will have to bring back the days of bootlegging and result to smuggling Barbies across state line!
    I'm appalled that you would insult my parenting with this law! Also, it's a disgrace to WV as a state that you would take the taxpayers money to make laws about a classic toy when all other states are creating laws to revolutionize our Nation!
    It looks like Mattel the creator of Barbie is more aware of the current status of women in America than you are!
    Thanks for taking time to read my letter,
    Sheri Gregory,Martinsburg,WV

  7. Shayna Damron says:

    Im from WV, I have teeth.
    We're not like you think we are.
    Yes we have rednecks, bisexuals, etc.
    But so does every other state.
    Fuck you all