"Tough on Crime" Means Cops Never Having To Say They Are Sorry

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8 Responses

  1. Dave (ND) says:

    I think the cops have been taking The Shield as a training manual.

  2. JS says:

    I'm starting to think no one should be allowed to serve as a police officer or politician without having to thoroughly read and be tested on the US constitution.

  3. Shell Goddamnit says:

    "I’m starting to think no one should be allowed to serve as a police officer or politician without having to thoroughly read and be tested on the US constitution."

    I don't understand how this applies in this case – this guy doesn't give a fart about the constitutionality of his actions – in fact I'm pretty sure he knows they're illegal. He also knows he can get away with being a bully who breaks the law. Partly because it's taken 40 yrs (per post above) to get to the point where more than three of us are actually worried about cop behavior…

  4. Linus says:

    I'm an attorney who has actually represented plaintiffs in suits against cops for ridiculously indefensible behavior, as well as small crap like, oh, arresting a guy because he tried to record the conversation when the cops came to serve a misdemeanor citation. I say that to give the context for the fact that when I get calls from people looking for representation for potential claims against cops, my first reaction is STILL to think "sure, buddy, sure. Innocent as the day is long, that's you." That's how ingrained it is.

  5. Paul Baxter says:

    I think one part of this equation is that, at least in the particular case you cite, people from OTHER cultures are being taken advantage of. I don't really know anything about law enforcement officers in Korea, but it is quite common in many parts of the world that police are well known to be corrupt and that you will probably just have to put up with bribery and other nuisances from them.

    If people are recent immigrants, they may not be aware that corrupt cops are the exception rather than the norm here and that there is at least a possibility of redress through some other avenue (contacting a lawyer or someone from a different level of law enforcement).

    In any event, this sort of behavior from people whose job it is to enforce and uphold the law is outrageous. Criminal behavior from public officers of the law (including judges and congressmen) should automatically incur the maximum possible penalty.

  6. George Wallpapper says:

    I am very glad, if somebody as police officer soil my name. This is reason to leave this name and take some other.
    I don´t understand, how is possible leave so police officers run at liberty. I´d gave to so officer the chair. So behaviour is double crime.

  7. Jack says:

    If candidates had to be tested on the constitution then I dont think we would have nearly as many police officers as we do, and that would probably be a bad thing.

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