Bureaucratic Inertia Is A Feature, Not a Bug

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9 Responses

  1. Ezra says:

    Hmm. This story sure doesn't do anything to lessen my cynicism expressed below about police…

  2. dbt1949 says:

    That's why guns are preferable to carry than cameras. That way when you shoot someone doing a crime………

    Alright! Lighten up people. It was just a joke!


  3. Mark says:

    This is a very interesting inversion of a common point about the constitutional system of checks and balances. In some contexts, we favor governmental inertia. For instance, we'd rather Congress take its time and deliberate than move constantly from one perceived crisis to the next. (How far we have shifted from that ideal!)

    Most bureaucrats seem to view rules as a mechanism for avoiding work.

  4. Paul Baxter says:

    in the world of finance, there is this thing called fiduciary responsibility, which means, to my limited knowledge, that someone entrusted with someone else's goods can face repercussions for mishandling said goods. Wouldn't it at least be imaginable to have legislation specifying rights in this regard for confiscated property? I suppose personal responsibility is out of the question, but organizations can respond to financial incentives.

  5. The seize-the-camera-as evidence game is pretty awful. If only there were some workaround, like something that is a camera, but looks like a pen . . .


    (No, that doesn't solve the problem of badged thugs; it does meliorate it, maybe.)

  6. Armando says:

    This is good to know. Depending on your line of work, getting your camera confiscated could be disastrous. What if you were a documentary crew person or a filmmaker and the police gets your camera.. and then it takes months to get your camera back? Not cool, I say. But what happens if you refuse to give your camera?

  7. Ah. In many cases, that's a thumpin'.

  8. SMV says:


    File a Notice of Claim, sue them in small claims court for breach of bailment and conversion or replevin if the camera is returned within a week after service of the summons before you buy a new equivalent one, and see how quickly the camera gets returned.

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