How Not To Sell Me On Using a Web Product

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19 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    I would never play Evony because of the false advertising. If you are going to sell me a game based on boobs and boobs and suggest that I should risk playing it discreetly at work, it better not look like this.

  2. Grandy says:

    Spammers are the only thing I hate more than people!

  3. Contracts says:

    I actually played the game at the end of beta and into release (back when they were running their old "Save the Queen" ads, I might point out). One of the things that annoyed me the most was that it adds a bookmark or favorite to the page whenever you claim a reward in-game. It also was a memory drain sometimes and, most importantly, in fixing an exploit, they made it impossible for anyone to advance levels without the devil's luck (though, presumably, they have fixed that by now). Also: lag.

    Nonetheless, it was an interesting game and, had it not required multiple logins per day to play effectively, I might still be playing it. You're right, however, that the new ads are silly and that comment spam isn't going to help. Unfortunately, they're probably the most prevalent ads for browser-based games right now, which won't help get more people interested in the genre.

  4. Patrick says:

    Apparently the web game is a sideline. Their main business is gold-farming mills in China.

    The idea of appropriating Madonna's likeness to sell their gold, even from China, is a spectacularly bad one.

  5. Bruceongames says:

    Is Evony being used to put trojan malware onto your machine?

  6. Anominous says:

    I found another new banner, its just plain boobs and says evony on it. not even a face or body, just boobs. like come on if they advertise it like that they might aswell make a porno based game

  7. Anon says:

    I mean seriously, this is stupid.
    Maybe if they didn't have such shitty advertising I would give their game a go, but now f*** it.

    I mean look at their latest advertisement:

    If you are wondering why this advertising works, search online for "classical conditioning."

  8. Anonymous says:


    Large scam companies like that tend to have a reaction like that against people trying to reveal their true nature in such a way.

  9. Bruceongames says:

    I have written a couple of articles about how the online evidence about Evony that I need to defend my case is being deleted by someone.

  10. John Armour says:

    Lots of people are leaving Evony now. Some were banned for botting, some got fed up with the lack of customer care and others didn't like the interminable farming necessary.
    Mostly they have moved to the many similar browser games. Current favourite is War of Legends, mainly because it is published in the UK and has good customer service and no endless farming.

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