Saturday Free Speech Roundup

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2 Responses

  1. Reuven says:

    The notion that most gays and lesbians seek to use the force of law to tell churches what to do remains propaganda.

    I agree. And sadly, anti-homosexual zealots in the United States will jump on this and use it in their big-budget ad campaigns against same-sex marriage that they're now running in NY and some other eastern states.

    This lawsuit is a bad idea.

  2. bw says:

    This doesn't really speak to the validity of that notion. It merely points out that the question depends to some degree on the debatable question of whether the plaintiff or the publishers of the Box Turtle Bulletin have the stronger claim to speak for the demographic in question. There are many thoughtful, reasonable organizations run by thoughtful, reasonable, educated and intelligent people who claim to speak for large cross sections of humanity, while experience tells most of us that the vast majority of ANY demographic, or humanity as a whole, is neither thoughtful nor reasonable.

    Remember what Adlai Stevenson said when a supporter predicted he would get the vote of every thinking person – that it wouldn't be sufficient because what he needed was a majority.