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  1. Mike says:

    This incident has revealed what should have been obvious to all those who are not blind:
    1) Barack Obama is a racist.
    2) The American people support a police state.
    3) There is a lot of white racism directed towards blacks.

    The media mostly covered up 1. Flyover red necks don't really comprehend Obama's hybrid of liberal-elitist anti-white/pseudo-Muslim black power racism. Most in the media can't see it, since, well, they suffer from the liberal-elitist-anti-white racism. So, if you asked them, they'd say: "What's to cover? He's just like us!"

    I heard way too many people say, re: 2: If a cop tells you do do something, then you'd better do it. Those people vote and serve on juries. Lovely.

    Re: 3. The GOP has become so "elite" now that it's unable to see the untapped white anger. Thus, people in the GOP talk of amnesty for illegal immigrants. Few accused Obama of his racism. The guy wrote a book about "A Story of Race and Inheritance," and people let him pretend he had transcended race. LOL.

    Ricci put a nice face on liberal racism. Yes, white America: People like Obama hate you so much that they will deny you jobs – no matter how much harder you work than everyone else – because you are white. That is racism.

    This has all been very fun to watch.

  2. mojo says:

    Bud Light?


  3. Reed says:

    Mike – how, exactly, does "this incident" reveal that "Barack Obama is a racist"?

    To Patrick's point, I don't see why, having flubbed his initial comment on the matter, using this incident as a means of holding a meeting, the purpose of which is apparently in part to reduce tensions and controversy between whites and blacks is a problem.

    And, for what it's worth, I believe the latest news is that both houses of Congress are making progress on the health reform bills. Whether Obama's flub on this side issue is enough to weaken his effectiveness as a spokesman in favor of the bills remains to be seen, but I don't think his priorities are off base. He was just here in Raleigh speaking on health care reform and to my knowledge he's doing similar speeches across the country.

  4. Mike says:

    LMAO @ thinking [sic] the meeting is about reducing tensions and controversy between whites and blacks. It's called Obama is covering his ass. Every political consultant has agreed that Obama made a huge mistake by even commenting.

    He is trying to get the American public to move on…. to health care, cap-and-trade (which will make Goldman Sachs – who has given Obama millions – billions of dollars), etc.

    Because I am not a hack, I will note that Obama did finally speak out against Mike Nifong:

    So it's not like the guy finds it impossible to see beyond black-and-white. Then again, Obama didn't speak out against Nifong until the public had already decided that Nifong was out of control. So there were cynical motivations, most likely.

    That said, this meeting has nothing to do with Obama trying to be a mediator. Obama is a racist. Still, the American public hadn't realized it until the Gates controversy. Obama needs to get everyone else focusing on other things. Or, at the least, to stop focusing on Obama's racism.

    Oh, and yes, it is racist to think that when a white cop arrests a black man, that the white cop was being racist. As the facts actually show, the arrest had little to do with race. Obama assumed that to be the case, since, after all, the arrest was made by a white cop.

    The media, incidentally, didn't pay much attention to the fact that a BLACK cop was present during the arrest. Which is just more evidence that cops who aren't racists are still mother fuckers.

  5. Patrick says:

    Reed, addressing your point about my point: Obama made this the circus it is when he stepped in to comment about it, while admittedly not knowing the facts. He later made what should have been a graceful exit by admitting he didn't know what he was talking about, and saying he shouldn't have commented.

    Now he wants to hold a beer social at a picnic table. What the hell? I like a beer with good people as much as the next guy, as you know. But if Obama's going to have a beer with anyone to defuse tensions, it should be with Netanyahu and Abbas (who would drink near-beer), or Harry Reid and Tom Coburn, or the Sharks and the Jets, or anyone other than these two clowns.

    Zero perspective.

  6. Reed says:

    Patrick, we're in agreement that Obama stuck his foot in the doo-doo by the comment he made, and tried to extricate himself by his later comment.

    But by then it was an issue. And it was a racial issue (although I strongly disagree with Mike (and others) who assume that Obama's comment was a racially-inspired or motivated comment). America has a problem with race. A big one. It's our founding sin.

    Why not have a beer with these guys? If it defuses tensions, and shows that yes, blacks and whites can have beer together and work through their differences, what's wrong with that? It's the symbolism of the point, not these two individuals in specific.

    Some might not be swayed by the symbolism – fine. But I think it's a healthy move to try to bring the "two sides" (so to speak) together in an informal non-confrontational way and try to turn this into something positive, rather than yet another example of black vs. white/white vs. black inability to get along or communicate.

    Will it work? Who knows. But I don't fault him for trying.

  7. Chris says:

    I echo mojo. Bud Light?

  8. Reuven Avram says:

    What? No Malt Liquor or Thunderbird for "Dr." Gates?

    Frankly, I'm still hopping mad over the treatment of poor Lucia Whalen. Before that 911 tape was released, the black community was ready to lynch her, with all sorts of crazy arguments based on incorrect facts, from "how can there possibly be a burglary in the daytime" (fact: Most happen during the day.) to labeling her a busy-body old white racist (fact: Ms. Whalen has a olive/Mediterranean complexion, and wasn't able to see the races of the people involved–proving that it wasn't racially motivated.)

    Even still, I've found dozens of examples of African American bloggers who still find things to pick on with her.

    I hope that she'll be able to successfully sue some of the most outrageous and visible commentators for libel. What they did to her was tantamount to Murder. (Under Jewish law, malicious gossip is the same as murder.) You can't unring a bell.

    By excluding her, the only 100% innocent victim in all this (followed closely by Sgt. Crowley, who's probably 99.99999999% innocent. Perhaps someone else may have been able to calm "Dr." Gates down before he exploded and still verify what he needed to get done), Barack Obama made a terrible mistake.

    Lucia Whalen and Sgt. Crowley should have each been invited to a formal, private, sit-down with the President and receive a private apology.

    I'm writing my local rep and suggesting a "Lucia Whalen" law to protect 911 callers. People do have the right to confront their accusers, but certainly the general public doesn't need to have the name of a 911 caller before there's a resolution on the case.

    Barack Obama, by "declaring war" on both the Police and 911 callers will make America more dangerous.

  9. Patrick says:

    Reuven, if I were told I was to have dinner or a social function with Dr. Gates, I frankly would expect him to drink an expensive wine, single malt scotch, or whatever it is that's in vogue in academia these days.

    You've written some smart comments here. The malt liquor/thunderbird line does no one any credit.

  10. Joshua says:

    I'm sure they were ready to "lynch" her.

    You found dozens(!) of people who had stupid things to say?

    And you rely on Rabbinical law for your outrage? What a peach!