Blogging Is Not Rocket Science

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  1. Ken says:

    Looks like she turned off her blog, at least for now.

    Fortunately Mark preserved some screenshots.

    I agree with you completely, Patrick. I sometimes need to make referrals for lawyers in Fresno. But I would never in a million years refer to someone who either (1) deliberately thieved content (unlikely here, I think) or (2) hired some web monkey to run her blog and twitter feed and add content to it without monitoring that content. That content is sent out under her name and reflects on her. It's horrifically bad judgment. Horrifically bad judgment, in a criminal defense attorney, is Not A Good Thing.

  2. Ha. I *am* an aerospace engineer (working at Johnson Space Center) and I blog. Most days I think rocket science is easier than blogging. Case in point: look at where I'm at in my career (manager of ~14 engineers in a simulation lab), and look at the piddly traffic I'm getting on my blog. Sigh.

  3. Dubbsee says:

    Your posy is not as bad as others. But, I have copied it for Melina's review and any actions she takes is hers. You may want to get your facts straight. The damage has been done and I am at fault but what do you expect from a web monkey?

  4. Ken says:

    Hey, Wayne. Tell her to be sure to read CCP 425.16 very, very thoroughly.

  5. Patrick says:

    For those who don't understand the comment from Wayne Conley (Dubbsee), this is what he means.

  6. Patrick says:

    I will add Wayne, that if anyone is inclined to take "actions" against those who report and comment truthfully and fairly upon matters of record, you would likely be a third-party defendant.

    And insofar as "actions" are concerned, while you may deal with criminal lawyers, civil discovery, to which criminal lawyers generally don't have access, can be agonizing. It would be particularly agonizing in your case.

    If Ms. Benninghoff would like to discuss the matter with us, she's more than welcome to send an email and discussion will be had. You, on the other hand, had better look out.

  7. Jdog says:

    Free — non-legal; IANAL — advice, Wayne: stop digging. Yeah, I know: you think you're trying to limit the damage. You're not.

  8. Grandy says:

    Remember, Wayne, the Chinese got a lot of Hells.

  9. Matt Raft says:

    I feel sorry for the actual lawyer involved in all this. She appears to be a solo practitioner. She does not have a disciplinary record, and I didn't see any of her clients complain about her online.

    As a fellow solo practitioner, part of me feels like we should leave her alone. It is difficult attracting new clients as a solo practitioner, so trying new advertising methods doesn’t sound completely unreasonable.

  10. Jdog says:

    There's nothing wrong about "trying new advertising methods." But turning one's website over to a raving nutcase and then not watching him — which is, at present, the most gentle credible explanation for Ms. Benninghoff's actions — is "trying new advertising methods" in the same sense that playing Russian Roulette is "experimenting with a modified shooting grip."

  11. Patrick says:

    Matt, if I created a blog in your name (you already have one, as a matter of fact!), wouldn't you at least try to read it so that you could see what it was about?

    That's a rhetorical question of course: I'm 99.9% sure you actually write your blog. But would you let me write it for you, in your name, without prior approval and without control?

    That's the most charitable interpretation of what's going on in this case.

  12. Matt Raft says:

    Patrick, we're lawyers, so let's apply some evidence rules–aren't we speculating about her actual involvement? Perhaps the lawyer involved isn't making any statement because she believes that any response will fuel more attention to her (unfortunate) situation.

    Also, is it fair to assume the lawyer has continuous direct control over whomever is shadow-writing the blog? From what I've read about her on-line, she's apparently done several trials, including a capital crime defense. Perhaps she's in trial right now, and we're taking advantage of her lack of time. It just doesn't feel right to single out a solo practitioner who does not appear to have a disciplinary record or a record of ripping off clients.

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