A Prophet Is Not Without Honor, But In His Own College

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7 Responses

  1. Scott Jacobs says:

    Sounds like, when all is said and done, students might soon be graduating from Thibeault College of East Georgia.

  2. Jason! says:

    I think it's really difficult to draw a bright line between subjective and objective harassment. It's easy to find the extreme ends of the spectrum, which you've done, but there's a wide band of grey that's open to a lot of wrangling that the school might have wanted to avoid.

    That being said, the whole "we don't even need to pass the sniff test" part of the policy, and the lack of protection against false and malicious accusations brand this as a policy to be dumped posthaste. I'm betting that doesn't happen, though.

    It's regrettable that "don't be stupid, don't be mean" isn't good enough as a policy for most people.

  3. Brat Magursky says:

    East Georgia College is in Swainsboro Georgia…Georgia Southern Univeristy is in Statesboro

  4. Patrick says:

    Doh! Thanks, and corrected. Oddly enough, I had it written as Swainsboro first, then changed it because of something I read elsewhere on the case.

  5. smurfy says:

    My brother was unceremoniously asked to leave his last job, also with the direct threat that if he did not resign he would have to face allegations of sexual harassment. My first though was, "I'll pay the retainer, let's fight." Then I realized he was a DJ for a gentleman's club and it's probably actually impossible to do his job without sexually harassing women.

  6. smurfy says:

    I should probably add that one of the reasons I thought he might prevail is that he had been dating one of the dancers that the owner supposedly had his eye on.

  7. JaQuinton Braswell says:

    Okay, I attend Georgia SOuthern and my sis goes to East Georgia of Swainsboro. I would like to point out however that there is a East Georgia "Campus" , if you can call it that, in Statesboro that sorta works with Georgia Southern.