Blawg Review #233

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15 Responses

  1. Brilliant! What a wonderful read!

  2. Sithmonkey says:

    A truly EXCELLENT post. Thank You.

    Some might categorize Joshua Norton as insane, but the real insanity is that people are giving up on the ideals of freedom and justice that were the cornerstones of Norton's faith and wisdom.

  3. Jdog says:

    I'm beginning to get irritated with you guys. I'm in the queue to do BR shortly, and I really wish you'd have done a less excellent job, so I'd have at least a chance of not embarrassing myself.

    That aside: superb. I learned a lot, and enjoyed myself immensely reading this.

  4. John Kindley says:

    It's amazing to me, given my philosophical predilections, that aside from a fleeting reference I came across in a recent blog post to Emperor Norton's visionary edict decreeing a bridge spanning San Francisco Bay, I knew nothing of the United States' first and only emperor. Thank you for remedying this egregious gap in my knowledge of American history.

  5. Tscott says:

    Thanks for the interesting read. My only other knowledge of Emperor Norton comes from his appearance in The Sandman #31 "Three Septembers and a January" which tells of his life in the framework of a bet between two of "The Endless"; in which Dream (the titular "Sandman") keeps Norton out of his sister Despair's realm by giving him the dream of being Emperor.

    Surprisingly, the impressions that I gleaned from that comic all seem to correspond to the actual facts and events of his life (apart from any events directly caused by anthropomorphic concepts making wagers of course).

  6. mojo says:

    …not to even mention the dogs.

  7. Honestly. You guys are my top 5 Internet sites. I've been waiting for you guys to host BR, I knew it would be a treat. What a HOOT!!

  8. shg says:

    It seems that you guys have a way with BR. I think you might give Colin and Turk a run for their money on best of the year.

    And not a single filthy word! Whodda thunk.

  9. Scylla says:

    This was an amazing read and a fascinating trip "down the rabbit hole". Thank you so much for the hard work!

  10. Adrian Lurssen says:

    Loved this, thank you.

    Emperor Norton has family in South Africa. His grand niece is a friend and tells a great story.

    My father, a South African journalist, wrote a piece about Norton which appeared in the SA papers in the late 90s. The day the article was published, our friend emailed: "That's our great Uncle Joshua, the family always wondered what happened to him."

    If you look at the history of Norton you'll see a handful of references: he came to San Francisco from South Africa, by way of England.

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