10 Rules For Dealing With Police: Prudence and Subservience

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7 Responses

  1. Vice Magnet says:

    A pretty useful article. I don't engage in illegal activity but have been intimidated by police officers in the past. Oddly enough, I have had some fellow bar patrons ask if I was an undercover cop. Apparently I must look the part. I just finished watching the Busted video on YouTube, a precursor to this 10 Things movie. Good stuff, thanks for posting!

  2. MadRocketScientist says:

    Another reason audio & video recordings are useful.

  3. Ann-Marie says:

    Although I'm from the UK, not the US, I found it an interesting film and commentary. Very well made.

    It's just a shame the Q&A session was cut short – hopefully the full Q&A will be published at some point.

  4. fred says:

    Yeah p I learned the hard way at 55 and when I still believed in civil rights and the ACLU – . I stood up for my right to take pictures for a civil case against a slumlord who was retaliating against me because I was on SSI and disabled and older and poor and yes female.
    The cops wrote up two fake reports and in the report it says I yelled at them and asked for their cards and names, which I did.
    But i did not yell at them, I simply didnt think they had any right to arrest me.
    so they got together with the slumlord ) who must be a friend of the cop) and made up a story that they had told me never to go to my neighbors yard in the complex three doors down, the mexican nationals, who also made up a story .
    Its complex, I am screwed.
    so two months after the first cop visit, and I am packing to move out of the slum, I go out into the backyard to get my cat, who is 16 and blind, and an hour later I am arrested, the mexican nationals made up some story that I was at their backdoor peeking in when I was about 40 feet away. I am put in jail, with no previous criminal record, for two days. My cat dies while I am in jail. The DA decides that I am a dangerous criminal because the Mexican nationals are so scared of me, after living three doors down for one year and I haven't even spoken with them, except the first day when they cut through my backyard , three mexican males and I yelled they couldn't do that,
    I was locked out of my apartment for good, put on a release agreement that amounted to a blank check for my re-arrest, and my case has been set back four times, once because the Mexican nationals need a spanish interpreter.,
    So yeah I stood up to a cop and my lawyer was crap really crap. my public defender tried to dump-truck me after eight months and have me plead guilty because its okay if my life is ruined and my family bankrupted, but I shouldn't place any demands on the system for fair representation.
    but please do post this – it happened in Oregon- The poor have no rights and by the way I am white , which counts for nothing in the United States. Civil rights Fair housing its all a joke-

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