Attention Potential Immigrants To The United Kingdom

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8 Responses

  1. SB7 says:

    Great post. Extra credit for phenomenal link density.

  2. Mike says:

    He's like a modern-day Thomas Paine. I'm all stirred up to throw off the yoke of British oppression.

  3. Burn Parliament ya limey Red-coats.

  4. Miss A says:

    Bingo! Great post (including the links) and alarming to see the ever creeping state documented so clearly. Some of us in the UK can see our incumbent government have changed our society into a nannying and oppressive mess; I just wish more people did and took some interest in our society to help it return to its former glory, rather than celebrity magazines and X Factor.

    Oh and the petshop owner lady (in her mid 60's) was electronically tagged and given a curfew for selling a goldfish to a 14 year old male vs ASBOs and community orders (think litter picking) for feral kids that terrorise neighbours in their own homes. As Mr Gaye said 'what's going on?'

  5. Miss A says:

    @Ancel – if only we could (we have little hope for a new direction following the general election)… Check out the police officer at the G20 protests (Delroy Smellie) as to how the Met deal with protesters. I believe the lady had a camera in one hand and a carton of juice in another which the officer believed were weapons.

  6. Mrs Rigby says:

    Good one. Linked.

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