If They Gave A National Championship For Rape, Duke University Would Win It Every Year

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11 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Most women rely on the power of their looks – rather than status or personality – to attract men. This is especially true in college. It seems, then, that most campus cuties are rapists.

  2. Patrick says:

    That's a fine point Mike. Anyone who doubts that collegiate women enjoy actual power based on their looks has never been to college.

    Duke, helpfully, doesn't define the term power. But good looks are a form of perceived social power by any student's definition.

  3. Andrew says:

    Didn't David Mamet already write this play?

  4. PLW says:

    First, this is not a puppy.

    Second, I think the more confusing part of the policy is "These acts may or may not be accompanied…" What's the point of including a list of conditions which are neither necessary nor sufficient?

  5. Patrick says:

    That's the drafter's way of saying that enforcement may be arbitrary.

  6. Rougman says:

    A university absolutely crawling with intelligent students ought to be able to attract smarter directors.

  7. piperTom says:

    "Here at Duke, we do not believe women are competent to make decisions about their own lives. In order to control their behavior, we hereby issue threats against the men, who ARE responsible for their decisions and for the results, real or perceived."

  8. Dennis says:

    Given the history of this nonsense at Duke, and the [cough] school's recent history, why does anyone take that lunatic asylum seriously, or give any recognition to the degrees it issues?

    I wouldn't hire a Duke graduate to clean latrines.

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