Is there a "Happy Hitler" Meme?

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4 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    Great caption. Stalin weeps.

  2. Patrick says:

    And yes, while it isn't a perfect solution, it is far better for the common internet user as well as artists, comedians, satirists, and others who use snippets of copyrighted material to get a message across. That it took the Hitler video meme, and the subsequent outcry, to push even Google this far shows how entrenched Big Copyright is on the internet.

    But the internet itself has changed the culture. We're now a people of reference, meme, and inside jokes, a worldwide Mystery Science Theater 3000 audience and Mashable mix. The film studios are just a little behind the record labels, who are already figuring out that they're going to have to accommodate their audience if they want to survive.

  3. Rich Rostrom says:

    "Is there a “Happy Hitler” Meme?"

    You mean, like "the Hitler with a song in his heart"?

  4. Wow, Youtube is actually getting off its ass and doing something useful? We've only had DMCA problems for the last couple of years.