Martindale, You Are Slowing Down!

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5 Responses

  1. Doug says:

    But that is what you all really wanted, wasn't it? You want those crazies calling you and asking you to sue the county or city over mind control or whatever they can think of. You need something to fill this blog, and paying Martindale is the way to go. I vote you also consider Findlaw. Really, you need the crazies in your practice to make the rest look sane.

  2. SPQR says:

    I don't know … sounds like there ought to be a lot of money in that practice area …

  3. Vice Magnet says:

    Off topic a bit, I read the title and felt compelled to check whether Wink Martindale was still alive, and to my surprise he is. Also Chuck Woolery is too. I don't think they think they have microchips implanted in them for controlling them or anything.

  4. G Thompson says:

    Have you ever considered the possibility that Martindale is controlling your thoughts by insidious means… you know… advertising! Da dun dun Daaaaaaaaaa!!!! ;)

  1. June 8, 2010

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