Yet Who Would Have Thought The Old Dog To Have So Much Blood In Him?

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10 Responses

  1. SeanD says:

    Amen, brother.

  2. jb says:

    So infuriating. I am linking to your post under the name "miserable failure". Perhaps we can googlebomb it into something that really deserves the label.

  3. Bob says:

    There was a spot on This American Life about Barry Cooper. Apparently, the cops wore him down and won. Implied threats to his family's safety if he continued his activities. You know, things can go wrong during a drug raid, someone could get shot. No-one would want that, would you want that, Barry? That kind of thing.

  4. F. Lee Beagle says:

    As a representative of dogkind, I take exception to your claim that someone who murders my fellow dogs is, at the same time, somehow better than us.

  5. Mittens says:

    As a representative of Catkind, we applaud our puppets, er, local police in their tireless efforts to rid urban neighborhoods of the scourge of dogs. Er, illegal drugs. No, wait. Dogs.

  6. Base of the Pillar says:

    Dearest Patrick is, dare I say, en fuego.

  7. Matt Raft says:

    Patrick, another great post. What the heck have you been eating lately? Your law-zen has been strong lately :-)

  8. Will says:

    The only thing I take exception with in this post is the passage "base animals barely better than the dogs they shoot." How could anyone thats ever owned a dog think that a dog is not better than the kind of people that would shoot a pet in these circumstances?

  9. Kelly James says:

    "it takes a special sort of person, the sort of trigger-happy goon who would be drummed out of the military for bloodthirstiness, to want a job that involves home invasions and shooting 13 year old dogs. We hire the dregs of society, base animals barely better than the dogs they shoot, to enforce our laws."

    absolutely. right. the. f**k. on.

    Couldn't have said it better myself, except for the fact that I must agree with the commenters and say that the sort of human being who does this to an innocent living creature is the second lowest lifeform on earth, second only to the person who does this exact same thing to children – I'm gonna invoke Godwin's law and say it – such as the murdering that went on in Nazi Germany. And let me tell you what; executing people's beloved pets in front of them is one small step away from doing the same to their children. Keep that in mind, folks, next time you hear of cops murdering pets..

    Great article, I may reference it in one of my own in the next few days.

  1. June 22, 2010

    […] In the second case, police in Washington, D.C. shot eight rounds at a dog belonging to 62-year-old Marietta Robinson. The dog was killed. Police had a search warrant naming Robinson's grandson. Robinson says the man hasn't lived in her home for years. Robinson says she asked if she could put the dog in the bathroom during the search. They allowed that. Then they opened the door and shot the dog anyway. (Hat tip to Patrick at Popehat for this story, who also has some excellent commentary.) […]