Make Mine Pepperoni, With Double Ignorant Thuggery

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5 Responses

  1. matt says:

    are you sure this isnt some sort of joke?

  2. MadRocketScientist says:

    I'm convinced the TSA does not have a PR department, or if they do, it is staffed with baboons.

  3. SPQR says:

    MadRocketScientist, in the entire TSA, much less the PR dept, baboons get 20percent bonus scoring on the application to make sure that they push the Vietnam Vet bonus applicants down the list.

  4. John David Galt says:

    I suspect that somebody at TSA has read Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash" one too many times. Maybe it was one of the same clueless twits who raided Steve Jackson Games 10+ years ago because they couldn't tell cyberpunk fiction from reality.

    I'm ten times more afraid of these Keystone Gestapo than of any of their opponents.

  1. July 15, 2010

    […] Make Mine Pepperoni, With Double Ignorant Thuggery […]