The Return of Kekeke

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8 Responses

  1. Well, that's just disappointing. I hate that style of play.

  2. mojo says:

    You're actually named after a piece of heavy equipment?

  3. Derrick says:

    That pumps away all day and all night.

  4. Damn it, now I'm looking online for a copy of Dark Colony, an RTS I played as a kid and loved. Damn you for hitting me with the RTS bug!

  5. Rliyen says:

    Never saw the real attraction to Starcraft. My first love was Dune II, then Command & Conquer. Over the years, I played a lot of RTS games (currently playing Blitzkrieg, WWII RTS) but I have NEVER understood the fanaticism that Starcraft brings out in people. I gues it was because it was so samey to every other RTS out at the time, I just gave it a pass and moved on to others.

    Dawn of War and Supreme Commander were definitely a move in the right direction for something different, but now the SC fans want more of the same. I'll stay out of that fracas, thank you very much.

    Ancel, I suggest you try Good Old ( they have all KINDS of old stuff ranging from RPGS to RTS. I absolutely love that site.

  6. DensityDuck says:

    GW: It's a copyright-law thing, you wouldn't–well. As the writer of a legal-issues blog you really ought to understand, but I guess you don't.

    Starcraft: Quite frankly, the only thing anyone really wanted in Starcraft 2 was new cinematics and modern graphics. Starcraft is an established phenomenon, and–as you point out–if you don't want to play Starcraft then there's all kinds of other games available. You're like someone looking at a soccer match complaining that they really ought to let players use their hands these days, I mean it's 2010, can't we at least pretend that there's been evolution in ball-based gameplay?

  7. Patrick says:

    GW: It’s a copyright-law thing, you wouldn’t–well. As the writer of a legal-issues blog you really ought to understand, but I guess you don’t.

    This isn't a "legal-issues blog," Derrick isn't a lawyer, and this isn't a post about copyright law. So stuff it.

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