Rule of Law No Match For Reefer Madness

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10 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    I look forward to the arrested tokers of LA County bleeding the county dry in civil court. And then spending their gains on more pot.

  2. Al says:

    Will there be any complaints of an "activist sheriff" from the Tea Party?

  3. Grandy says:

    Charles, sir, you are making me think Cheetos or Brownie futures might be a wise investment.

  4. Dan Weber says:

    I loved your mouseover.

  5. John A says:

    If the Feds were really serious, why have they not seized all California assets via RICO?

  6. Linus says:

    Will there be any complaints of an “activist sheriff” from the Tea Party?

    Seriously? Are you seriously wondering this? Quick, let's find out what Joey Heatherton thinks of Baca! Will she roundly condemn him?

  7. nitroglycol says:

    If the referendum passes and Baca defies the law, something will have to be done. I'd suggest charging him with one count of kidnapping for each pot smoker he arrests.

  8. Mike says:

    Have you watched The Wire? I resisted for years, until I realized it was futile.

    As cynical as I am, I never really understood agency costs quite like I thought I did.

    Baca, like all of The Wire's characters, isn't doing what's right for his taxpayer-employer: He's doing what's right for himself.

    Sounds trite, I know. Maybe that's the genius of the show: The artist makes us appreciate in concrete form what we all think we understand abstractly.

  9. mojo says:

    Isn't refusal to obey the law grounds for removal?

  10. Rliyen says:

    Next, in the spirit of Dredd, Baca will go after White Stuff.

    By which I mean "sugar" and not "cocaine".