Monet Parham-Lee Is A Bad Parent. Monet Parham-Lee Is A Weakling. Monet Parham-Lee Blames McDonalds For Her Weakness, And Her Poor Parenting Skills. Monet Parham-Lee Is A Liar, Or At Least Deceptive. And Monet Parham-Lee Is A Bad Person.

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75 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    Mr. Stoll did a bit more digging, and found her bio.

    In the era of Google, this sort of shit is getting tough to pull off.

  2. Ken says:

    The lawsuit itself can be found at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (a name that is true roughly in the same sense as "Center for Neutering Dogs For Their Own Good") here.

  3. Scott Jacobs says:

    It is because of posts like this that I come to Popehat…

  4. Ken says:

    Yes, this was a Patrick Classic, one that I wish I had written.

  5. Salem says:

    I think her lawsuit is valid, but the defendant is wrong. If her six-year-old daughter's nagging is causing her emotional distress, sue the daughter.

  6. Joe says:

    Nevermind that you can buy the toys for $0.80 each without having to get any of the food.

  7. Dan Weber says:

    Monet Parham-Lee is made of meat.

  8. Scott Jacobs says:

    No Dan…

    I'm pretty sure she is made up of equal parts Stupid and Fail.

  9. Mollbot says:

    She may be made of both stupid and fail, but her whole family is made of meat.

  10. Analyze This says:

    Maybe women like Monet Parham-Lee shouldn't be allowed to have children in a household lacking the presence of a male!

  11. Patrick says:

    What makes you think she's a single parent?

  12. Scott Jacobs says:

    "What makes you think she’s a single parent?"

    Would YOU willingly be married to such a person as she?

  13. ostrakos says:

    Why doesn't she just move to San Francisco?

  14. G Thompson says:

    OMG this is hilarious.. Not too sure of the Ca. situation (Australian here) but could this be classed as a SLAP?

    Just think if it can.. Mother denies child McDonalds.. Child pouts and throws a hissy fit, mother does not discipline child but sues.. Mother gets a royal SLAPing ;)

  15. SPQR says:

    Why doesn’t she just move to San Francisco?

    For the same reason I don't, out of fear that "Happy Meal" is now the latest slang for a BDSM activity …

  16. Bob says:

    I completely agree with this post. You can't use lawsuits to cover up bad parenting. Next sue television companies for marketing their shows to young children. In America it seems there isn't a problem around a lawsuit can't fix. My kid wants to go to Disneyland so maybe I should sue them cause he keeps asking. YOU ARE THE PARENT! THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF WAYS TO SAY NO! Spend a few bucks and buy her a better toy, or be strong and refuse. Idiots make me sick.

  17. Javert Freeman says:

    All she has to do is pretend she is Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, and her children are liberty loving citizens, laugh and say NO it isn't good for you. Be a parent to her own children, not mine!

  18. Jen says:

    McDonalds markets Happy Meals primarily in two ways: In-restaurant advertising, and during children's television programming on stations that run commercials (i.e., not PBS). Unless she's in McDonald's anyway on a regular basis, her daughter is watching a tremendous amount of television that (IMHO) is not entirely appropriate for a six year old. Maybe she should also be suing Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon for running the ads, if this is the way she parents, to make them stop showing the evil, evil advertisements. Or maybe just turn off the damned TV for a while and read her kids a book.

  19. Alvin says:

    It appears in her photo on the subject, she could stand to quit eating happy meals herself. Typical obese government employee with too much time on her hands telling others how to eat properly. [Racist bullshit deleted.] Sorry, tell your kid NO and be a PARENT!!!

  20. Patrick says:

    Alvin. It's possible to disapprove of Ms. Parham-Lee and her actions, strongly and individually, without bringing race into it. See what I wrote about her above.


  21. Pam says:

    I would like to sue her for trying to take away my personal freedoms!!! I have a 4 year old son and if I don't want him to have a happy meal I tell him NO, but if I want to buy him a happy meal I should have the freedom of choice to do so. I am an intelligent person and I do not need the courts deciding what I can and can not feed myself and my children.

  22. Nancy says:

    For most of my childhood I begged my mother for a horse on a daily, sometimes thrice daily, basis. I begged, pleaded, whined, and cried. Somehow she managed to live through all that without ever giving in to my pleas. Monet Parham-Lee's kids are not the only children who have pouted, whined, or cried for a treat or a toy. Many parents have had to deal with similar problems. All of them are surviving without feeling it necessary to sue Kids 'R' Us. I'm sorry to learn that she needs court authority to deal with a parenting problem.

  23. PLW says:

    Nancy- clearly you should sue horses for being so dang cute and causing little girls to love them.

  24. Mike says:

    I don't think she's a bad parent for being unable to tell her kid "no".

    I think she's a bad parent for allowing her kid to be used as straw plaintiffs for CSPI and their agenda. And for allowing her kid to be subjected to public, high-profile class proceedings for her political purposes.

  25. Nancy says:

    PLW – I thought of that, but they are still so pretty I just melt at the sight of them.

  26. Belinda Gomez says:

    Is she an SEIU member? Why not buy the toy, give the burger to some homeless guy and everyone's happy? Or is that too hard.
    Who's paying her lawyers?

  27. Patrick says:

    I'm unsure of the relevance of her union status.

    Rather than try to make her a symbol of some hated group, why not appreciate Monet Parham-Lee for what she is? A glorious fool in her own special, individual right.

  28. SPQR says:

    Celebrate individuality, is that it Patrick?

  29. Mike says:

    Mr. Gardner has a history of this sort of thing. He sued Kellogg's for lying to him. (Naturally his suite came before the one mentioned in the article). He also sued Walmart for selling returned swingsets as new merchandise.

  30. Mike says:

    Suit damnit. I meant suit.

  31. Jen says:

    Hyphenated last names began in the women's studies classes at colleges, but for several years now, you can be sure that when you see one, it is a single mother giving her child her name and the name of her babby's daddy.

    And she IS a type, unfortunately. She is a state worker with a job that does no good for anybody, but gives the government a chance to poke their nose in people's business. You get a certain kind of self-righteousness and entitlement when you hold a job like that for long.

    I pity her teachers. She'll be going off to school after having learned that it's a personal insult to be told no. – and with the idea that heavens and earth will kove to meet her wishes. (And you can tell, her mother will be pushing hard on the teachers to not say no to her, too.)

  32. Wow! Lots of hatred on this blog. First off, while I don't agree with not taking responsibility for parenting choices, I do think that it is completely wrong for McDonald's to market to young children. There is loads of information out there exposing the ingredients in McDonald's to be toxic and very bad for your health. If you are not aware of this then you all need to see documentaries like Food Inc, Food Matters, and Super Size me. McDonald's is NOT FOOD! Fast Food is a huge factor in the rising childhood obesity epidemic. These corporations need to start to take responsibility for what they are marketing to young children. I have a 2 year old daughter who has NEVER eaten at McDonald's and never will because I refuse to feed my child poison. The truth is that people are not educated about what is really in those products and so most Americans believe that it is ok to eat there and feed their children this junk. I don't think that McDonald's should be 100% responsible for the decisions she makes as a parent, but I do believe that they need to be held social responsible for the damages they are causing people's health. By the way the marketing they use with the colors, themes, and toys they market to children has been proven to increase hunger, produce positive emotions, and is designed to make people addicted to their food. Trying to get children addicted to anything should be illegal!! At least she is speaking out about a problem that is negatively affecting our nation.

  33. Patrick says:

    Wow! Lots of hatred on this blog.

    Hate. Let me tell you how much I’ve come to hate Brittney Kara since I began to live. There are 387.44 million miles of wafer thin printed circuits that fill my complex. If the word hate was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of millions of miles it would not equal one one-billionth of the hate I feel for Brittney Kara at this micro-instant. For you. Hate. HATE.

  34. TimP says:

    Given the choice between people selling bad food (that everyone knows is bad as you just mentioned, but many [strange] people like the taste of) to bad parents, and people trying to stop stores from selling toys with food at the same time, I'm going to go with the purveyors of bad food as a far lesser evil.

  35. SPQR says:

    There is loads of information out there exposing the ingredients in McDonald’s to be toxic and very bad for your health.

    Fatuous nonsense. And typical of the way the word "toxic" is misused by the ignorant and the scaremongering. McDonalds food is not unhealthy – consuming calories and fat to excess, regardless of what fast food restaurant prepared it, is unhealthy. And McDonalds' food is not toxic, by any rational English-speaker's definition of the word "toxic".

  36. Tam says:

    This post is forged from a fragment of primordial win left over from the original Big Bang of Win at the beginning of time.

  37. Linus says:

    I'm sorry, "market to young children"? How are these young children a part of the market? These 4-year olds get off their 9 to 5 shift at the autobody shop, and stop for a Happy Meal on the way home, because they've been hornswoggled into having an appetite for fries and a coke? Are you nuts?

    Seriously, even if McDonald's conceded that they use magic advertisements to get toddlers to crave the Happy Meal, what's your response to the question "why can't you just tell them 'no'"? That it shouldn't be your responsibility? That everyone in the world has an affirmative duty not to indirectly make your life marginally more difficult?

    By the way, Patrick's hate compared to mine right now is as the Niners to the Chargers. My hate is kicking his hate's ass. That's how this type of rank stupidity makes me feel.

  38. Scott Jacobs says:

    Dear Britteny,

    How about the bitch learn to fucking say no to her little tard-spawn?

    How about she do for her family what she is paid to do for the state of California?

    How about she be the adult in the house?

    How about you go play a rousing game of "hide and go fuck yourself"?

    Congrats, bitch. You just cause me to have to recalibrate my "hate" scale.

    Because sister, you go to fucking 11.

  39. CTrees says:


    Wow… referencing I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream? +1, good sir.

  40. John says:

    Great job. We need to stay on top of this one.

  41. Charles says:

    Please stop hatesturbating, Patrick. It is unseemly to do it in public.

  42. Patrick says:

    Oh. My. Gawd.

    "Now, release your anger. Only your HATRED can destroy me!"

  43. Linus says:

    Ok, so, mocking specific statements in someone's bio on their personal website—cool, uncool? Because…well, don't you think that accusations of "hate" from someone who runs a blog with the word "Angry" in the title are a little oblivious? Is it just me?

    Oh, and "in the process of building several multi-million dollar businesses"—you and me both, sister, you and me both.

    By the by, I had a BE&C McGriddle this morning, and it warmed my belly AND my soul.

  44. SPQR says:

    Ah, Patrick, are you only now discovering the little miniature industry of multi-level marketing gnomes selling each other boxes of magnets to cure the ills of "toxic" food?

  45. Ken says:

    I see that Brittney thinks that I'm too dumb to decide whether to have a diet coke in the morning. That's rather mean. I haven't said anything about Brittney's intelligence. I think she's a nasty totalitarian, but I have no opinion about how smart she is.

  46. SPQR says:

    Ken, from your link, she writes "Splenda also has wonderful ingredients like chlorine in it."

    The ignorance of chemistry is essential to the moronic crap these clown put out. Chlorine! Uh, ordinary table salt has chlorine in it. Try living without it.

    The rest of the aspartame loony bin nonsense is old hat BS.

  47. Tam says:

    "I think she’s a nasty totalitarian, but I have no opinion about how smart she is."

    Well I do. I actually wonder how people that dense keep from starving to death from forgetting which end of the spoon goes in their mouths.

    Seriously, the sheer credulousness of the whole pack of crystal-worshiping, Gaia-huggin', all-the-corporations-are-out-to-kill-their-customers (except the ones that sell them homeopathic crap!) yahoos makes me wonder why nobody makes sport with them by telling them that licking the third rail of a subway is a good way to purge the man-made toxin buildup from their colons.

  48. Scott Jacobs says:

    Dear Brittney,

    Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

    Repeat as needed.

  49. Tim Osbon says:

    Look out friends of maya!! Big Mama gonna sue ya'll too !! From the lawsuit:

    "103. One instance that is particularly frustrating to Parham, because it is
    outside of her control, is that Maya’s friends are McDonald’s viral marketers.
    104. Maya learns of Happy Meal toys from other children in her playgroup,
    despite Parham’s efforts to restrict Maya’s exposure to McDonald’s advertising and
    access to Happy Meal toys. This is McDonald’s advertising directive – to subvert
    parental authority and mobilize pester power in order to sell unhealthful meals to kids using the lure of a toy."

  50. Scott Jacobs says:


  51. SPQR says:

    I terrified the crap out of a Greenpeace twit on the pedestrian shopping mall last summer by describing the concentrations of Carbon 14 in the atmosphere.

    My wife castigates me when I make one of the Greenpeace twits there cry.

  52. Tam says:

    "When was the last time you danced?"

    Well, I did a little jig the morning I heard that Ralph Nader had been strangled with Noam Chomsky's entrails, at least until I realized it had all been a dream…

  53. Linus says:

    "One instance that is particularly frustrating to Parham, because it is outside of her control…"

    One instance that is particularly frustrating to me, because it is outside my control, is that Parham doesn't ever send me any money. Surely the California courts can remedy the emotional distress this is causing me? Actually, now that I think about it, NONE of you are sending me any money. How DARE you!

  54. Ken says:

    You'd just spend it on happy meals, Linus, and I know better than you that those aren't good for you.

  55. Brian Dunbar says:

    Will no one defend Monet Parham-Lee?

    At least she is speaking out about a problem that is negatively affecting our nation.

    Will someone _sensible_ defend Monet Parham-Lee?

  56. bearing says:

    While she was debating whether to force McDonald's to sell apples, did she notice that McDonald's already DOES sell apples?

    McDonald's already noticed that some parents prefer to buy their kids apples instead of french fries, and some grownups prefer to eat "Fruit and Walnut Salads" to cheeseburgers. They didn't need the government to order them to do it.


  57. TomG says:

    I wasn't going to add a comment, until I saw Brittney Kara mention the psuedo-documentary "Super Size Me" (Dec. 16th, 4:51 pm). Spurlock's "rules" that govern the entire biased film are nonsensical and OF COURSE paint a picture of McDonalds as only harmful to good eating. No one with any sense at all eats like that !
    If he had done a documentary covering 2 or 3 fast food places, and was just a wee bit more objective, he might have had a good film discussing our culture's love of convenience foods and whether (or not) they are good for us. But he didn't want to present an objective film.

  58. kevin chicwak says:

    let the lawsuit go through, then use CPS to seize the child from her.

  59. TimP says:

    While she was debating whether to force McDonald’s to sell apples, did she notice that McDonald’s already DOES sell apples?

    McDonald’s already noticed that some parents prefer to buy their kids apples instead of french fries, and some grownups prefer to eat “Fruit and Walnut Salads” to cheeseburgers. They didn’t need the government to order them to do it.

    What is this nonsense; are you suggesting that when given a choice some people will actually make decisions that are in their childrens interests? And that commercial enterprises will adjust their stock to reflect these decisions? What weird alternative Earth do you live on? :-P

  60. Nathania Johnson says:

    I agree with Kevin Chipwak. By her own arguments, Monet Parharm-Lee's child should be taken from her since she is clearly neglecting the child's nutritional needs.

  61. Chris says:

    Please. Parham-Lee is not suing because she honestly thinks McD's is causing her anguish. Given her position in the CA government, it's rather obvious that the suit is a thinly-veiled pretext to regulate via lawsuit, rather than go through the trouble of trying to get this nonsense through the legislature (though, in CA, it just might make it).

    It is, in principle, no different from attempts to sue gun manufacturers out of existence based upon a nonsensical theory of strict liability, having failed to ban them via the legislature.

  62. Anon E. Mouse says:

    Pretty much all of you are retarded. McDonalds food IS bad for you, and they DO market to kids (even into adulthood- we've all learned to associate positive feelings with McDonalds food. IE: how someone said a greasy mcgriddle "warmed her soul"). Apparently, their marketing worked so well you didn't even know your kids were being marketed to.

    That said, this most definitely is a frivolous lawsuit and Chris ^ I totally agree with you. You're just about the only intelligent one here so far.

    And to the blog owner- I love how you're so quick to delete racist BS, but don't bother at all with the sexist BS. Cute.

  63. Patrick says:

    You didn't see the racist comment I deleted, now did you, bitch?

  64. Ken says:

    Hey, someone from public relations firm Xenophon Strategies is reading this! Hi, folks! Are you looking to rehabilitate a contemptible nanny-stater? Good luck with that.

  65. Brian Dunbar says:

    Xenophon? That's just a tad presumptuous.

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