Tens Of Thousands Depended On Denis Dutton, Though None Had Ever Heard Of Him

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  1. Damn – that site's a crackerjack. Added to my feeds. Thank you.

  2. Rich says:

    I found arts and letters daily in a link on steve martins website a while back and has been my home page for awhile he will be missed

  3. tom says:

    Dutton, a Californian, taught briefly at the University of Michigan – Dearborn in the mid-70s. I had him for a class which was essentially "Humanities for Engineers" and was intended to give us non-humanities types some feel for music and literature. He was a gifted teacher and I remember a lot of the guys (and it was almost guys in the class) who wouldn't be caught dead listening to classical music asking him for suggestions and sources for classical music.

    When I ran across Arts and Letters Daily a few years ago I noted the name "Denis Dutton" but thought it was a different person since he was in New Zealand. But one of his obits confirmed that it was my old professor.

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