Nir Hits His Nadir, While Debbie Doubles Down

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19 Responses

  1. Ken says:

    There are some seriously damaged people in this world.

  2. Scott Jacobs says:

    I will break with routine and actually watch O'Reilly tonight, at least untill Debbie's part is done.

    While I can only guess, I don't think he's going to be kind to her, and that can only be hilarious…

  3. Mike says:

    I love how he "apologized" for not realizing Twitter wasn't private.

  4. SPQR says:

    Schlussel's comment was pretty stupid but I find a difference with Rosen's grossly offensive twitter remark. He was definitely demonstrating his vile and despicable character.

  5. Mike says:

    Is he that much more despicable than any other journalist? Or us?

    Journalists love tragedy, as it's good for ratings. It's good for ratings, because that's what we want. Give us rapes to watch and talk about. Oh, we must turn our eyes away, oh wait, we'll open them a little bit…

    Ever notice how the media won't even list the name of a woman who claims to have been raped? This rule is followed even when the rape accusation is proven false.

    And yet here is CBS, and the alleged victim (she has a history of ethical lapses, and her word is not credible) running their mouth off about the rape. And here were are, paying attention.

    Are we really any better than Nadir? Why?

  6. Patrick says:

    SPQR, this is only a part of Schlussel's body of work. Click the Schlusselwatch tag for more.

    As for your question Mike, I don't know that I'm better than Nir Rosen. But I didn't pretend to be a champion for downtrodden victims as I wrote this, a pose Rosen has employed to his profit for years.

    I'll be the first to admit that if anything, I'm an oppressor of victims.

  7. Linus says:

    I am deeply, deeply sorry that I let my true thoughts and feelings out into the light, where their reprehensibility could be criticized. NO! Wait, I mean, I am deeply, deeply sorry that I am too much of a MAN to bow to the gods of political correctness and not kick a sexual assault victim while she is down. No, wait, I mean, uh, um….

    One of my good friends was assaulted in Boston last week, walking home from a Super Bowl party, and it was only through the grace of God that she wasn't raped after being beat up. So, for me, the idea that you could think it even remotely appropriate to say these kinds of things at this time…the mind boggles. What a vile human being.

  8. Mike says:

    Linus, he's a narcissistic voyeur. We all are. Hell, you've taken someone else's rape and given it meaning only insofar as it related to you. Since *your* friend was almost raped, somehow that makes the guy's comments that much worse.

    I'm not defending the guy, as I'd never even heard of him. Yet his conduct is but one manifestation of the sickness we all suffer.

  9. Linus says:

    Wait a tic. My sympathy with my friend's experience is also "but one manifestation" of the sickness we all suffer? Because this guy was a fucknutter when talking about sexual assault, anyone who talks about it is as well? Is that really your point?

  10. Scott Jacobs says:

    "I’ll be the first to admit that if anything, I’m an oppressor of victims."

    Since I assume you are talking about your kids and young lawyers, you're in the clear, since none of those are actually people.

  11. PLW says:

    I'm better than Nadir because I've never cheered the fact that someone got raped. Ever. Even in private.

  12. TJ says:

    Wanna know the REAL truth about Debbie Schlussel? Go to the website for the Oakland county clerk of courts in Michigan, enter her name in the court explorer page, (Deborah K. Schlussel) and see how many times she was sued and countersued…including one for non-payment of debt. Wonder if she ever mentioned any of that to her state bar's character and fitness department?

    Then again, seeing as how her attorney (Michael Schwartz) once headed that same department, I guess that really wouldn't matter. Apparently, the Michigan bar's character and fitness board is willing to look the other way if you just know the right people.

  13. Mike says:

    My sympathy with my friend’s experience is also “but one manifestation” of the sickness we all suffer?

    Yes. You took someone else's rape, and had to make it about you and your friend. Nir wasn't bad merely because he mocked an alleged rape victim. He was bad because your friend was almost raped, and thus his attack on an alleged victim was really, somehow, about you.

    Can't you see what the problem is? Some things are wrong even if you cannot relate to them at all. Well, that is if there is any sort of morality.

    If we're all amoral now, then nothing is immoral unless it bothers us. I'm OUTRAGED, therefore it's BAD. Morality is therefore another branch of aesthetics.
    (Indeed, probably the only way to understand modern morality is to view it as nothing more than a matter of personal taste.)

  14. Patrick says:

    That's deep, dude.

  15. SPQR says:

    Patrick, I don't think much of Schlussel. I think a lot less of Nir.

  16. Distinction? says:

    Small distinction – it appears Logan was not raped:

    "The separation and assault lasted for roughly 20 to 30 minutes, said a person familiar with the matter, who added that it was "not a rape."

    I am in no way arguing that a prolonged ongoing sexual assault (if it's not rape, I have to assume that she was touched without her consent) is a pleasant experience, but in my mind, it is different than rape. I am sure many disagree. I am merely pointing out the fact that the assault did not culminate in rape.

  17. Base of the Pillar says:

    Was it rapish?

  18. Shell says:

    Try again. Schlussel did not say Logan deserved it. She said, in effect, "That's what happens when you're a dipshit who refuses to see the truth." Or see it and refuse to admit it because it doesn't fit your views.

    There's also the facet that I haven't seen nor heard mentioned – reporters who think their job is some sort of armor or a magic talisman that will protect them from harm. "I'm a neutral journalist, I take no sides, therefore they will not do harm to me."

    Welcome to mob mentality, honey.

  19. Patrick says:


    Schlussel said that she had no sympathy for Logan. Because Logan had spent her career, and the past few days, reporting favorably about a group of human beings Schlussel refers to as animals. She spoke of her happiness in hearing that Logan had been sexually assaulted. She said it was fitting.

    One of us can read between the lines. One of us can't.