Follow-Up: Dr. Karin Calvo-Goller May or May Not Reject Western Imperialist Irony

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  1. 6. They're not native English speakers.

  2. anoNY says:

    No. No way. Your satire was too good for them to have missed it! My money is on the email account having been hacked by Anonymous…

  3. Wisco says:

    [S]he thinks it’s amusing that people object to her being a censorious douche. That makes her a notable asshole, even in the realm of academia.

    Au contraire, Ken, filing a criminal complaint over hurt feelings and pique makes one not just a notable asshole, but indeed an asshole par excellence.

  4. InMD says:

    Personally I'm wondering if there isn't a bit more to this story than meets the eye. There were a lot of interesting links in the comments section for the post by Joseph Weiler

    One of them has a link to a similar story and speculates that a group of attorneys in Israel has decided this is a lucrative thing to do (Calvo-Goller is Israeli based but also is apparently a French citizen). Of course I don't know but I think it's entirely possible that this is not so much an overly sensitive academic but rather an innovative hunt for a payday down the road. Not that free speech is any less a casualty if that's the case.

    For what it's worth another comment claims to include a release by the French government stating their desire to reform this policy, though I don't speak French so I can't verify it. I'm not familiar with the Inquisitorial (or whatever) system but it sounds to me like all one needs to do is file a complaint and the French criminal justice apparatus is required to go into motion. For good or ill they don't seem to have the same kind of prosecutorial discretion we have in the United States. Really I'm surprised the European public stands for this sort of thing. I know it's just as bad in the UK, though over there it takes the form of lawsuits rather than criminal prosecutions. Of course it goes without saying that I'm also frequently shocked by the kinds of insanity Americans are willing to tolerate in our own legal system.

  5. dearieme says:

    "I know it’s just as bad in the UK": no sir; in England. The Scottish courts have no truck with such nonsense.

  6. SPQR says:

    InMD, you are thinking this is a European version of Westboro Baptist?

  7. Joe says:

    I've got to believe that was a hacked or spoofed e-mail you got. A person who wrote an entire book would probably have made a stronger, longer and more verbose case in their defense.

  8. Scott Jacobs says:

    Joe, judging from the book, I think they could only have authored a longer e-mail if someone else on the internet had written a more verbose defense of the good Doctor…

  9. SG says:


    You are quite right, France is full of pompous asses and currently governed by pompous (not to mention dangerous) asses. By the way, let me make a public service announcement: it is not such a good idea to try your case in France, because of that well-known French tradition, strikes (no, not xenophoby). Recently, French judges, attorneys, and other judicial personnel were on strike because of pompous, dangerous and assy remarks from the President himself about an ongoing judicial case.

    Still, Ken (and other fine folks here), you might consider visiting France for a good reason… Making a good action by (even temporarily) reducing the ratio of asses-to-interesting-people here. A (disturbingly small) number of folks here will be grateful.

    I promise to give any of you shelter and hide you from the police, which is too busy chasing illegal immigrants, anyway.


    A Frenchman (but reluctantly so and only because Louis the 14th brutally conquered his place of birth in the 1690s)

    PS : I should also note that despite being born in France and being a native speaker, some people still make fun of my accent, so really, nobody should feel offended by that.

  10. InMD says:


    Your correction is duly noted. My apologies.

  11. Rich Rostrom says:

    InMD: the kinds of insanity Americans are willing to tolerate in our own legal system.

    One word: RightHaven.

  12. mojo says:

    "Summoned by a French court"

    Ha! Lotsa luck with that, Froggie! And you can stuff your Napoleonic code up there beside it.

  13. Assman says:

    The Chronicle of Higher Education is reporting that Dr. Weiler has won.

  14. Assman says:

    Prof. Weiler has posted a more detailed description of the verdict:

    The French court really laid the smack down and is making her pay attorney's fees.

  15. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the update, dude.