A Day In The Glamorous Life Of A Defense Lawyer

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  1. SPQR says:

    The FBI continue to live down to my expectations. I continue to think that the FBI lobbies Congress not to abolish the ATF only so they can look down on someone.

  2. Vice Magnet says:

    Hey man, I shave with those pink disposable razors. They rock!

  3. Scott Jacobs says:

    @SPQR – "The ATF: Because someone has to make the FBI look good"

    @Ken – a) This is why, whenever I travel, I stuff one Schick "Extreme 3" into the bottom of whatever my biggest bag is, regardless of what ever other shaving kit I take – When all else fails, I can force a shave with hot water and soap. b) You really do live to kill what little romantic notions I held for the legal profession, don't you…

  4. Andrew says:

    Jeez, Ken. I hope you feel better. Excellent Ceti eel reference, by the way.

  5. Mr. Client says:

    God Damn it. Whatever happened to confidentiality?

  6. jared says:

    What about the bats?

  7. oswegatchie says:

    What about the red shark?

  8. Rich Rostrom says:

    Huh. I use cheap disposables. My current batch are 5/$ twin blades, and they do OK. (Family Dollar house brand.)

    Really cheap razors do nick me up, but even one step above bottom gives a decent shave with minimal carnage if I don't try for perfect hairlessness

    Which I keep doing, in spite of experience.

    Though I make a point of shaving after taking a hot shower, which helps I'm sure.

  9. Dan Hull says:

    Well done. You're not like the others.

  10. Ah yes, Gonzo lawyering! You manage to make it sound most exciting.

    I wasn't supposed to be driving at all.

    Neither was Dante Hicks.

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