In The Year Two Hundred Forty Two Thousand, She's Alive And Well And Fighting Daleks

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7 Responses

  1. Dan Weber says:

    The Brigadier died a month or two ago, too. :(

  2. CarLitGuy says:

    The Baker years was my first introduction to Dr. Who, and to some extent, Sci Fi television in general (as opposed to westerns in space). Feel like part of my youth just passed away.

  3. Doug says:

    She was the best of the sidekicks.

  4. BunkerBill says:

    Best Dr Who companion, ever.

  5. Grandy says:

    Baker is the defining Dr Who for me, and she was the defining companion.

    Rory is way up there, though.

  6. G Thompson says:

    A sad day for any Whovian, looks like the new season will be dedicated to Lis Sladen though.. still wont be the same without her.

    35yrs of her being the longest running actor that has played a part throughout all of Doctor Who I grew up peeking through my fingers in fear and amazement at Jon Pertwee's frilly necked shirt and a gorgeous Ms Smith who with her cheekiness, smile, and amazing flair for handling the best and worst of the universe. Davros was no match for her ;) Led me into the period of Tom Baker with his jelly babies, Scarf and weirdness. and then departed leaving me with a longing for my own K9 and adventures.

    Though then returned to make me laugh, remember, and be that kid again in the newest series all over again.



  7. Ian says:

    A part of me has died with her. Dr. Who was my first introduction to "real SF" versus Star Trek campiness (which I loved also, BTW – sharing a birthday with Mr. Shatner does that to a guy). Sarah Jane Smith was my first TV crush I think. Tom Baker is still the man I think of when I think of the Doctor (even tho I love David Tenants doctor). The man with the scarf and the delightful SJS will always be treasures of my childhood.