Not Looking Forward To The Dothraki Recipes, Quite Frankly

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7 Responses

  1. Chris Berez says:

    Can we geek out at least a little here when ADWD comes out?

    HBO is really nailing it with the series so far. I've been really happy with the results.

  2. Base of the Pillar says:

    Is it fair to say I should NOT watch it while reading the book? I'm only like 50 pages in.

  3. Grandy says:

    Yes, read the book first.

  4. PeeDub says:

    I don't wish to become a spokesperson for the functionally illiterate, but I actually got into A Song of Ice and Fire via the audio books. Roy Dotrice does an *amazing* job with all the voicing, and with the amount of driving (and painting) I was having to do, it made the miles (and walls) fly by.

    Roy Dotrice was originally cast to do Grand Maester Pycelle before health problems came up.

  5. Needs Mead says:

    Glad to hear you like the blog! Let us know what you think of the Old Bear's mulled wine! :)

  6. Linus says:

    Reading the books, I wondered if I had a problem when I found I liked Cersei more than I was probably supposed to. Then, they cast Lena Headey and….

    Daddy likee.

  7. Scott Jacobs says:

    Just started with the series (I got turned off stuff like this after Robert Jordan flogged Wheel of Time into about double the number of books it should have been – I stopped at book 7 or so), finished the first in less than 2 days…

    I have to say, I really like Anya, Tyrion, and Jon Snow.

    As for the recipes, I dunno why you wouldn't wanna try the Dothraki dishes…

    You got somethin' against horse meat, buddy?