I'm Offended That You're Offended!

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16 Responses

  1. Ravious says:

    According the wikipedia, which is sacrosanct of course, it says the rating is E10+. I was kind of surprised if it was actually E considering the discussions on death, the insults, and what not.

    Turn on Disney and Nickelodeon and you will see shows with insults thrown around pretty handedly… especially the bad guys, who will have some "charm" for the younger audience. Sure most of these insults are about intelligence instead of physical and familial issues, but still…

    Still, I think you are right. "The right to be an ass does not include the right to be free of being called an ass, even if that reaction is irrational." I am very abrasive, IRL, especially when it comes to people's sacred cows (that I find ridiculously sacred… like seriously if you can't defend your dumb thoughts on creationism without crying, you deserve my logic lashing.) But, whenever someone says they feel offended by my witticisms, I do my best never to return there… with them at least.

    Anyway, like the Bard's Dogberry… let it be known, that I am an ass. I don't really have a point here do I… oh wait a P.S.

    p.s. Gabe Newell is also fat, so it's cool.

  2. Bob says:

    It's one thing to be offended. It's entirely something else to be so offended that you call up the local news.

  3. @Bob – Oh, I don't know, alerting the media to your personal views has a long and storied tradition on the editorial pages of most newspapers.

    Calling up the local news over something that might be considered less than earth shattering is probably a very common occurrence. That the news station ran with it however…

  4. Ken says:

    Certainly how we should react to the media deciding to run a story on this is a different question than whether he should be offended, or express offense, in the first place. It must have been a very slow news day, mixed with a dash of "games are the devil."

  5. Tom Westberg says:

    If you play Portal 2 it becomes clear that the taunting female voice (a computer AI named GlaDOS) says things it considers hurtful even if they aren't true. For example, the character you play, a woman named Chell, is NOT overweight. I haven't learned whether she's adopted, but you learn early on in the first Portal to mistrust The Voice. That is a major component of the game's "plot."

    The notion that one might taunt someone for being adopted stands alone (whether it's true for the character or not). I understand the protective impulse that led the father to be upset. I just wish he didn't get publicity out of it. Think of all those adopted kids out there, learning from the news stories that their status is a lesser one.

  6. Rliyen says:

    For God's sake, in the first installment she chastizes you for destroying a segment of herself, saying, "Oh, you just destroyed the unit for making shoes for orphans. Good job, hero."

    She also insinuates that you were adopted….

    Of course, GladDos LIES!!!!!

    Sheesh….Thicker skins, people. It's a frickin' G to the A to the M to the E!

  7. PeeDub says:

    I'm offended that the gaming community is offended by that father being offended.

  8. Ken says:

    I like to affect a pseudo-sophisticate stance that nobody should be offended by anything, and am offended that nobody thinks I'm really deep.

  9. David says:

    I think Portal and Portal 2 are offensive to unispatial-Americans.

  10. Xenocles says:

    Wow, it's like some people have no idea how a dramatic work of art works. They feature conflicts, and the audience has to feel animus toward the antagonist or else the drama doesn't work that well. I mean, hell, the Empire in Star Wars blows up heavily populated planets but everybody understands that's not an endorsement of genocide. They're the bad guys. That's what they do. If Darth Vader isn't evil, why are the Rebels fighting him?

  11. PLW says:

    The difference is that some kids might not know that they should be ashamed about being adopted, but everyone knows they should be ashamed to be lard-asses. Really, it's about opening young eyes.

  12. G Thompson says:

    I empathise with all those who are offended and are offended by all those who take offence at those that might be offended by the offended…

    So in the theme of Portal, and as a gift to all offendees that hopefully will make all the boo boo's go away and turn into rainbows of happiness I offer you some cake

  13. PeeDub says:

    BTW, I might also add that Portal II rocks and is too short. I thought the finale was a bit too easy, however.

  14. Ansley says:

    Point to PLW.

  15. CTrees says:

    Isn't the insult in the game really only offensive to fat adopted kids? It says nothing about slim ones – perhaps GlaDOS is perfectly fine with thin orphans.

    Which leads me to ask, is this guy's daughter both fat and adopted, or just adopted? I think it makes a difference, here, because if she's thin, he has no right to be offended. Conversely, if she's fat, SHAME ON HIM, he should be more responsible about his poor, unfortunate, adopted daughter's health!

  16. Chauchanne says:

    Just to point out to future people who look at this article.
    The one thing I love.
    The one thing I ABSELOUTLY love.
    Is the fact that seconds later after the new antogonist insults your character for being an orphan, no joke, SECONDS (maybe 2 seconds, she cuts him while he laughs) later, GLaDOS challenges Wheatly by asking what exactly was wrong with being an orphan, as well as calling him a moron for not noticing that the character is clearly not fat.
    In his confusion, Wheatly regrets his insult and ends his dialogue with saying "I actually have alot of friends that are orphans".

    The man just wanted his 5 minutes of fame, Im sorry but thats that.