Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams Is A Thug

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7 Responses

  1. Scott Jacobs says:

    I wonder if I start being friendly to Mr Fiorrino now, if I well get to enjoy a bit of the mountain of money the city will be giving him in about a year or so…

  2. SPQR says:

    Hear hear.

  3. concerned says:

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Officer Michael Dougherty's ignorance does not excuse his reckless endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon, his childish and unprofessional disorderly conduct, his unlawful arrest and abuse of process. What Sgt Michael Dougherty did was very dangerous, reckless, negligent and stupid. Sgt Michael Dougherty recklessly endangered lives. Sgt Dougherty committed aggravated assault, threatened a peaceful lawful citizen with deadly force, acted in an extremely unprofessional, childish and emotional manner, and lied (but thankfully was caught on tape). Thankfully the victim, Mark Firorino, remained calm, professional, orderly and rational and was able to deescalate the reckless situation Officer Dougherty created. Officer Michael Dougherty should suffer serious discipline and if he should remain on the Philadelphia police force at all, Sgt. Michael Dougherty should never be permitted to carry a firearm while on duty again. Officer Michael Dougherty's reckess, dangerous, unlawful and disorderly conduct will likely and rightfully cost the City of Philadephia money time and resources.

    D.A. R Seth Williams is no better. Attorney R. Seth Williams charged the victim for Dougherty's reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct after the truth became public when the recording was posted to youtube. R. Seth Williams' retaliatory charges violate the the attorney's code of ethics and constitutes malicious prosecution and abuse of process. If it has not already been done a bar complaint should be filed against R. Seth Williams and the state bar should exercise appropriate snactions against him.

  4. ParatrooperJJ says:

    Have you filed a complaint against him with the PA bar?

  5. Base of the Pillar says:

    Philadelphia is far worse than Mos Eisley (they of course have the police unit known for crimes Serpico would shudder at ; cases in which, btw, the police involved are still getting paid by the citizens who love each other in a brotherly manner)

    Anyhow, I was reading up on this the other day and read some of the stories at the Philadelphia Inquirer (the city's main newspaper) site. Two things disturbed me.

    First, an editorial who blames the victim. "He was legally right, but irresponsible", as if you need a reason more than a legal right in order to comply with the bullies of the world (see editorial here: Stu, the Cop's Bitch)

    And far worse was that (presuming it's genuine, which I really don't doubt given the idiocy of that police dept), there is a letter from a Philly police captain berating an innocent, legal citizen and essentially pinning the next police death on him (Captain berates innocent man). Oh, did I mention that this captain was known for a series of DUI obstruction cases?

    If you even sniff near Philly, you must be cautious.

  6. mike says:

    How about the prosecuter in the D.A.'s office who was dating a drug dealer, no action was taken against her by Seth , google Jennifer Mitrick

  7. Mark Brooks says:

    U.S. Supreme Court Decision:

    Houston v. Hill, 482 U.S. 451 (1987)
    Police officers are not justified in making arrests for disorderly conduct-type charges, where an individual questions or otherwise criticizes an officer’s actions. Even fighting words, when directed at an officer should be treated differently since trained officers are unlikely to respond to such words. “The freedom of individuals verbally to oppose or challenge police action without thereby risking arrest is one of the principal characteristics by which we distinguish a free nation from a police state”