We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us

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10 Responses

  1. Ken says:

    Representative Armstrong has an email address: [email protected]

    So I sent him an email.

    Dear Rep. Armstrong,

    Congratulations on your recent success in the struggle against defamatory novelty candy items. Please bear in mind that the struggle has just begun. Somewhere, out there, are libelous lollypops, slanderous suckers, and a whole host of contemptuous confections. Other people are wound up in things like "the rule of law" and "expressions of opinion can't as a matter of law be defamatory; any idiot knows that" and "Jesus, grow a thicker skin, you loser", but I know that you are above such trifles.

    I also appreciate your willingness to support emotionally disturbed university students.

    Go! Go! For the good of the state! You are the bulwark between mean candy and politicians.


    Thank you,


  2. Rliyen says:

    I totally love you…. That was a masterpiece. A triumph of the human spirit!

    *wipes tear*

  3. SPQR says:

    Ken, I'm in awe man. Just awe.

  4. anoNY says:

    "When you operate on state and federal dollars, you ought to be sensitive to those type of politically specific products"

    Has this guy ever been to college? Politics is one of the biggest hobbies among students!

  5. marco73 says:

    Those sorts of novelties have been around since the birth of our nation. But of course since this novelty was making a joke at the expense of "The ONE", a state representative had to run over to the book store and put a stop to the sales, to protect the innocent students.
    Guess that's why the Gators will continue to kick UT's butts – VOLs are soft and everyone knows it.

  6. Rick C says:

    Note in the linked article the Bush mints were produced by the same company as the disappointmints–the latter produced because the lefty company making them thought he backed down on the EVIL BUSH TAX CUTS. (I only point this out so that we're aware that the anti-Bush mints aren't some kind of balance to the anti-Obama ones; they're coming from the same worldview.)

  7. Tam says:

    As long as I get my entitleMINTS, I don't care.

  8. Ranulfo says:

    "Unemployed Philosophers Guild is a typically left-leaning company, said Stern, but decided to manufacture the "Disappointmints" to cater to liberals who were frustrated with the extension of the Bush-era tax cuts.

    In the past, it has mostly made tins mocking former President George W. Bush, entitled "National Embarrassmints" and "Impeachmints." "

    Uh oh, a friendly fire incident. The irony is strong with this one.

  1. August 5, 2011

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