Friday Links: Your Government At Work Edition

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5 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    I'll take a quarter mil and "work from home".

  2. Scott Jacobs says:

    Hell, for 200,000 a year, I'll do the same work from home.

  3. Hasdrubal says:

    The dance thing actually sounds like a pretty cool widget. But seriously, $750 grand? That sounds pretty high, I bet the guys on Shark Tank wouldn't have gone over $50K for a 50% stake. (Small market and Playstation and Xbox already have similar technologies for home users.)

  4. Rich Rostrom says:

    I think you misinterpret the Tucson situation.

    The right of free speech does not include the right to speak whereever and whenever one wants.

    The requirement is for people entering and speaking in a forum organized by the city. The city has (should have, IMO) the power to establish procedures and rules of order for that forum, and exclude anyone who doesn't follow the rules.

    Anyone who doesn't like the rules can orate from a soapbox outside.

    If the rules are onerous or suppressive – that's for the voters to judge;
    it's their forum.

  5. andrews says:

    The Tucson situation is likely to need more information. We have no information beyond that the mayor did not like what he heard. Tell us if the speaker was disorderly or excessively long-winded.

    Otherwise, knowing what we do about Arizona, we are likely to presume that the mayor disliked the message, and evicted the speaker on that basis. And, yes, that's content-based regulation, subject to strict scrutiny.