She'll Sing For You, part 1

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David Byron

David Byron is a software developer working for the military-industrial complex. At Popehat, he writes about art, language, theater (mostly magic), technology, lyrics, and aleatory ephemera. Serious or satirical poetry spontaneously overflows from him while he's recollecting in tranquility. @dcbyron

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16 Responses

  1. Ken says:

    I'm preparing for deposition! I can't follow all those links! But you've made it irresistible!

    [Aside: did you know that shouting "NESSUN DORMA!" is the opera equivalent of yelling "PLAY FREEBIRD!", including the current ironic use? What's the equivalent here?]

  2. Ken says:

    [Incidentally, dear readers, if you ever have some time, don't miss David's other posts on matters artistic under our Terms of Art category. For example, especially but not limited to, this series.]

  3. David says:

    You've been live-tweeting your Dep-Prep?!

  4. Ken says:

    It's how I handle stress.

  5. David says:

    …shouting "NESSUN DORMA!" is the opera equivalent of yelling "PLAY FREEBIRD!", including the current ironic use? What's the equivalent here?

    Until 30 September, it was probably "Got to fly!"

    Now, I have a feeling it'll be either "Doo doot doot doo!" or (approximately) "Haiiii Haiiii uttn dub ai hatta ruttn haia hau hau hau!!", depending on the weather.

    Speaking of Seattle, Marian Call will be performing this Friday at GeekGirlCon.

  6. Soozcat says:

    Marian Call's latest album does, in fact, have a composition titled "Free Bird" on it. One suspects it may have been written and titled for just such an eventuality.

  7. gbasden says:

    Speaking of Dowland and Marian in the same breath is unexpected, yet somehow highly apropos. I'm a bit more partial to "Can She Excuse", but that's neither here nor there.

    I've listened through both albums at least a dozen times, and the song that keeps coming unbidden to my head at the oddest times is "Good Morning Moon". It's fantastic in so many ways, including the fan made music and sounds near the end.

    I've been a member of Marian's Donor's Circle group for a bit over a year now, and I encourage more people to participate if she chooses to restart it. It's a fantastic way to get insight into the creative process and support a very talented musician at the same time.

  8. TJIC says:

    > Anchorage, which is really just North-North-North Seattle

    I am informed by a voice over my shoulder that this is utter nonsense, and that Seattle is Seattle and Anchorage is Anchorage.

    I think it's probably in my best interest to agree.

  9. David says:

    Then I acknowledge her correction, and I have just the song for her! … or maybe this one!

  10. The Great Big 0 says:

    >>> a seat of the pants, fan-semi-coordinated tour of all 50 states,

    What about the other seven states?

    ?!?!?! What about the other seven states!?!? !?!!?

  11. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society says:

    Any of you using EMule (might also be found via Torrent, I dunno) looking for an interesting collection of fairly modern "rock" from a variety of sources there is an interesting collection set to be found under the search term Best Sampler Ever, which, in my own opinion, manages to equal its brash claim. There's nothing here of the really obvious bands (OK, a couple NIN, a few Pearl Jams), but it's mostly a number of less common ones, many of them European — Madrugada, The Cardigans, Motorpsycho, Mew, Mark Lanegan, Kashmir, Eels, Sophia, and so forth.

    I particularly recommend Madrugada. They're far and away the best thing to come out of Norway since the Vikings, and they sing a heck of a lot better than the Vikings ever did.

    There are eight such samplers, numbered 1 through 8 (actually, the first one does not have a number). Several of them are "2 cd" collections, so it's more than just 8 CDs worth of music.

    I highly recommend trying them if you've got eclectic tastes in music. Even if you have issues with getting them "free", you can certainly try them, then go ahead and get legitimate copies for yourself if you concur that they are, as said, one of the "Best Samplers Ever".

  12. David says:

    Ken and Soozcat, this is rich. There's actually video of somebody pulling the Free Bird joke on her, to which she responds with her own Free Bird. Salient quote: "I was tired of people ironically requesting Free Bird, so I wrote it."

  13. Nice girl, nice song.

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