Any Club That Would Have Us As A Member

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7 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    This is appalling. I'll have to write something extremely offensive to remedy the problem.

  2. David says:

    If this is indeed the will of the ABA, then Popehat will see it done.

  3. shg says:

    If ever there was proof you've lost your edge…

  4. Ken says:

    Haven't you been on the list every year? And you're still perfectly misanthropic.

  5. Piper says:

    You forgot the 'anatomy of a scam' series, which has obviously brought both fame and fortune!

  6. Scott Jacobs says:

    Well, fame at least…

  7. staghounds says:

    I quit reading ABA publications many years ago, when the letters column of the ABA journal became dedicated to the previous issues lack of sufficient depiction of Black/Gay/Woman/Latino/ etc. lawyers. I'll look at the Blawg 100 for a laugh.