The Road To Popehat: Yep, Still Crazy Edition

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13 Responses

  1. TJIC says:

    > TSA sexually assaults my mother: My heart sank when I realized this is probably a new Rule 34 thing.


  2. TJIC says:

    > racist food products

    All food products are racist … if you're sufficiently creative and open to coming up with new racial epithets.

    God-damn unwashed cranberry muffins coming here and stealing our jobs…

  3. Al says:

    Huh. Christian Bale’s gin-and-cigarettes Batman voice version of "Rock-a-bye baby" just sounds like a Dethklok cover which is actually pretty damned cool.

  4. Roho says:

    You've occasionally expressed bemusement about not only the search phrases, but the fact that they're somehow bringing people to Popehat.

    As a fellow referrer-log-a-holic, I have a corollary – how far down the search results are some of these people *going*?
    "Okay, phenomenal foreskins, result 587 out of 86,215.…sounds promising. 587th time's the charm!"

  5. And the irony here is that every time an oddball phrase ends up on Road to Popehat, Popehat climbs the up to the top of the results.

    Sure, Popehat WAS result 587 for phenomenal foreskins… but now it is #1!

  6. Robert says:

    "what hope is there for the world: I really, really feel awful about a person asking that question winding up at Popehat."

    Imagine how they felt…

  7. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    Further proof, as if any was needed, that 43.7% of all persons using the internet at any given moment are bugf*ck nuts. The rest are ordinary squirrel food.

    (yes, I include myself)

  8. Skip Intro says:

    I wish I would have thought to Google "racist food products" long before now.

  9. Aufero says:

    My usual reaction to these posts is "Wow, I need to Google that right now!"

    Phenomenal foreskins, though… I think I'll skip that one.

  10. Nentuaby says:

    You'll be pleased to know that this very post is now the #1 result on the internet for "phenomenal foreskins." ;)

  11. Pteryxx says:

    You’ll be pleased to know that this very post is now the #1 result on the internet for “phenomenal foreskins.”

    …As a first-time visitor (via B&W), "phenomenal foreskins" has definitely become my memory-assistive phrase for this site.


  12. Lex says:

    Dang. Re one's mom and the TSA, I've gotten no searchers even though my mother vented her spleen on my blog on that very subject about this time last year.

  13. kmc says:

    Based on the Darth Vader and the foreskins entries, the one thing I want to do now is Google "fetish porn" and see how far up this site is. But, I'm at work and I'd rather continue making mortgage-paying money. Please let me remember this until I get home! *crossing fingers*