It's Time To Ask: Have We Adequately Investigated The Link Between Attorney Comment Spam And Masturbation-Aid Devices?

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13 Responses

  1. eddie says:

    Bottom of the first page on Google already, and sure to climb higher.

  2. Turk says:

    Heh. Heh. You wrote "click to enlarge."

    So that's how it works.

  3. Auto-Blow is a sure-fire law marketing meme for the ages.

  4. shg says:

    The comment was a heart-felt expression of deep appreciation by the John L. Davis Law firm in Vancouver, Washington, handling Real estate and related litigation including title issues, boundary disputes, survey issues, commercial and residential leasing, commercial and residential purchase & sale agreements, foreclosures, construction disputes, lien disputes, homeowners association disputes, all aspects of business organizations and business related litigation including contracts, business formations, the sale and purchase of all types of businesses, the representation of family businesses as well as closely held corporations and limited liability companies, shareholders rights and remedies, and drafting all forms of general business documents including buy-sell agreements and non-compete/non-solicit agreements, all types of general litigation including debt collection, general contract disputes, and breach of warranty and other agreements, dDissolution of marriages with and without children, modification of child support and parenting plans, and parentage actions, most felony and misdemeanor criminal areas such as DUI, Assault DV, Disorderly conduct, Fraud, Theft, Drug possession & delivery.

    How dare you question our motives when all we want to do is show you the love.

  5. Ken says:

    I don't need that love any more, now that they have led me to the Auto-blow.

  6. P.S. You owe Canadian lawyers an apology. We would never outsource our marketing and our ethics in such a way. Just ask Mark C. Robins.

  7. Jamison says:

    If you didn't realize it was spam initially, the tipoff came when the comment congratulated you on your "[g]reat stuff, just excellent!"

    For your site, that is. For my site, well, I would have accepted it as a legitimate comment and approved it. Thank God someone can appreciate true talent.

  8. Scott Jacobs says:

    Nor am I suggesting that the Davis firm had a brainstorming session about online marketing at which someone said "you know what advertising campaign REALLY works for me? The Autoblow."

    Let me just say that whoever might have suggested that, I wouldn't sit anywhere near them.

    Sharing an office would be right out.

  9. h4x354x0r says:

    My blog used to get pounded by comments like that. It's just brute-force testing to see which blogs will publish the seemingly innocuous comments, so they know they can come back and post more. I call it "Trial Balloon" spam.

    Like a newbie idiot back in the day, I approved the very first one that came across my blog, and spent the next roughly year having to shitcan hundreds of them, before they finally stopped.

    If your blog has any popularity (mine doesn't, Popehat obviously does), the trial-balloon spam will likely never stop. Best wishes, I know it's a PITA.

  10. Scott Jacobs says:

    I note, for instance, that the exact same comment language is being used on this thread at a dance studio to promote something called the "Autoblow," a masturbation-aid device. Click to enlarge:

    No pun intended.

  11. AlphaCentauri says:

    I have it on good authority that one of the most popular software programs for posting comment spam comes preloaded with the URLs of various forums and blogs. Once you're on that list, there's no unsubscribing. They routine try to spam our antispam forum, which as you can imagine, can only end in tears.

  12. andrews says:

    one of the most popular software programs for posting comment spam

    Might as well try to enlighten me now; it's a fool's errand but someone has to do it and you are elected.

    What other kind of programs are out there for posting comment spam beyond "software programs"?

  13. AlphaCentauri says:

    "Might as well try to enlighten me now"

    You know it, and I know it. But a lot of people reading this blog might not be aware that spammers purchase software from programmers who make a living writing and supporting products to allow spammers with minimal computer skills to commit computer crimes that would otherwise be beyond their abilities. I thought it required clarification for that reason.