Marc Randazza: First Amendment Badass

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36 Responses

  1. TJIC says:

    > Of course, that was also his response when I asked him an obscure question about trademark law


    Awesomest bit in an awesome post.

  2. David says:

    The real trick with seeking pro bono help from a famous lawyer is that some of them want to resolve the matter in a way that contributes to their fame, whether or not that's best for the client.

    This may or may not be known as the "Goldman Sachs / Fifth Avenue Gambit."

    …in three hours he could be on my driveway camping out with a shotgun and a thermos of espresso

    Strictly speaking, he offered to be there with a Shogun, etc., but your point stands.

  3. mojo says:

    This message paid for by the Marc Randazza for Superman campaign…

  4. Jay says:

    Marc is particularly awesome — I don't agree with everything he says, but I have nothing but the highest respect for him. His submissions are highly entertaining.

    I sincerely wish that both you and Marc were practicing law here in the UK. Free speech, trademarks (plain cigarette packs, particularly) and civil liberties are going to hell in a hand basket, and we need smart, outspoken defenders like you guys. If there are any genius, superstar solicitors / lawyers here in England, I'm not aware of them — and I had been working in the legal profession for years until last summer.

  5. SPQR says:

    What I like about Marc is that he's just enough of an ass to make me feel like I could someday be redeemed too.

  6. Sam Glover says:

    I would pay money to read Marc's briefs.

    And I'll add to the list of awesome things he has done. When Lawyerist was threatened with trademark infringement, he came to our rescue. We will be forever grateful.

  7. Hal_10000 says:

    Randazza wrote a wonderful op-ed responding to the call for the FCC to crack down on Rush Limbaugh. I didn't remember I'd linked it until just now.

  8. picklefactory says:

    A little too much MRA, Alpha-Male horseshit for me not to be pissed off, a little too much civil liberties awesomeness for me to drop his blog off my RSS reader.

  9. You left out my favorite piece of work by Marc — telling off TSA rapist Thedala Magee!

  10. VPJ says:

    Looks like half the blawgsphere is writing nice things about Marc Randazza. Now given that most of them are currently his client in the Rakofsky case, I'm (not at all cynically) wondering if the first invoice has come in. But given that Popehat is not part of the suit, I'm wondering what your slant is on…

    Not part of the suit…yet, maybe?

    Okay, never mind. A retainer, then. I figured it out.

  11. You and Marc were the guns I brought to the knife fight Maloney wanted to start with me. I couldn't have been happier with the two of you. Even if you apparently have some sort of weird hetero-man-love thing going on.

  12. Erbo says:

    And not only that…have you seen this picture of his wife?

    If you hear a "thunk" after opening this link, that was your jaw hitting the floor. Pick it up.

  13. siouxsiel says:

    It's pretty unique to be a defender of Rush Limbaugh and represent someone sued by Glenn Beck. Randazza is awesome.

  14. Lina Marie says:

    A warrior goes to battle anticipating the win, regardless of the perceived odds. That Mr. Randazzo does quite well. TU, Erbo, for the jaw displacement. I am refusing to explain its origins to my oral-max. fac. surgeon. I need him to remain comprehensible when I demand an explanation for the DR villa on my bill.

  15. Kevin Foster says:

    I just read this article about corporate lawyers bullying an entrepreneur with a bogus copyright beef at the Economist and immediately thought of popehat (for great justice!):

    (I know this doesn't comment really doesn't add anything to this post, but it seemed like the most appropriate recent post to which to attach it.)

  16. PNT says:

    I was wondering if the contributors here are aware that an attorney in the Randazza Legal Group by the name of DeVoy has consistently assisted in the harassment and threats of physical violence against an anti-porn activist who's mother of 3 children (who has done nothing but attempt to exercise her right to Free Speech) – there's an article outlining the situation here

  17. Jess says:

    PNT – Seriously? You’re going to troll that garbage here of all places?

    The key section of this absurd travesty that purports to be an “article” is as follows “Marc Randazza in fact does employ and work closely with a man by the name of James (Jay) Malcolm DeVoy who appears to regularly communicate with and assist (and who may have been hired or retained by) stalkers and cyber bullies within and attached to the Los Angeles porn industry.”

    Note MAY HAVE BEEN. Not big on facts are you PNT. Your post and this “thing” that masquerades as an “article” is ridiculous, preposterous, ludicrous, outlandish, and just plain silly. That you expect me or anyone else here to take it seriously demonstrates you have the intellect of a gnat.

    When the law is on your side, pound the law. When the facts are on your side, pound the facts. And when you have no law and no facts as a last resort, pound sand. I invite you to go pound sand.

    If I were Ken I would invite you to snort my taint.

  18. Jess, don't let that idiot get you too worked up. She's a porn actress who washed out of the industry because nobody wants to work with her anymore. So, when someone has nothing to lose, nobody gives a shit about them, their only way to create any value for themselves is to create drama through lies.

    What are we gonna do? Sue her for defamation? And what if we win? We take her piece of shit 1993 Geo Tracker?

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