How Dare You Make Ranaan Katz Look Foolish! That's Ranaan Katz's Job!

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19 Responses

  1. Dan Irving says:

    Ken – methinks the book you should write should be non-fiction and examine the origin and permeation of The Streisand Effect as it pertains to modern culture, lawfare and the information age.

  2. bonez565 says:

    Wow what a great example of the Streisand Effect in action. Also the picture isn't even that embarrassing/unflattering, it just a slightly awkward expression of the kind that everyone makes once in a while. This one just so happened to be caught on film.

  3. Dan Weber says:

    Levine has strong words for anyone who would consider writing about Katz's lawsuit. "I'd ask you not to publish anything about this," he says. "Even pointing people toward that blog could constitute further defamation."

    Bite me.

  4. jag says:

    He's only a minority owner of the Heat, not the main owner. Robert Kain is also my IP attorney. Great lawyer. Glad to hear he's working with Marc on this.

  5. Josh M. says:

    Truth is an absolute defense against defamation. The photograph is not doctored, therefore it is a truthful document. It was also taken in a public venue, with no expectation of privacy. Why has this not been laughed out of court already?

  6. nlp says:

    I'm not following part of this argument. Are Mr. Katz's lawyers trying to say that Mr. Katz's face is protected by copyright law?

  7. Dan Weber says:

    There's a whole body of IP law concerned with model rights. I only know that it often throws me a surprise, so it wouldn't totally surprise me if he actually has some sliver of legal remedy, until someone in the know says otherwise.

    That said, he's clearly using the law as a weapon to silence critics.

  8. John Eddy says:

    I'm trying to decide if it's ironic that that approximate facial expression on Michael Jordan is an iconic testament to his focus while Mr. Costanz…I mean Katz here seems to think it is a copyright violation of the worst order.

  9. William Sutton says:

    Someone should remind Mr. Katz how well this approach worked for Dan Snyder when he sued a Washington, DC-area sports columnist over The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder.

  10. Gal says:

    OK, I happen to be a fan of Maccabi Tel-Aviv, an Israeli Basketball (well, athletics) club of which Katz was a partial owner until his share was bought out a few years back. I'm familiar with him to some extent, is what I'm saying. And I can assure you, he is a juvenile, petulant man, quite obsessed with his media image. I could show the headline of this blog to any basketball fan in Israel and they'd say something along the lines of "Yes, that's Raanan Katz alright."

    They might also say "You misspelled Raanan."

  11. Ken M says:

    Just did a Google image search on Raanan Katz – its 2 of the top 3 images returned. Streisand Effect indeed. :)

  12. twency says:

    @ Dan Weber –

    Model rights generally apply only in commercial use situations. Not editorial or artistic uses. (I am not a lawyer; I have worked as a photographer in the past.)

  13. twency says:

    Ok, my last comment was an oversimplification and not entirely accurate. Rather than dig myself in deeper I'll just say "consult an attorney" for more (and much more accurate) information. :-)

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