Your Pony Is In Good Hands With Popehat

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45 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    O God…my sides…

  2. HeatherCat says:

    THANK YOU! Thank you for helping spread the word about the truly evil nature of ponies!
    And Bronies are just awful :-P

  3. zyronife says:

    "You won't know it to look at them — unless you look close, in the eye. A pony's got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes."

    Why, hello there cleverly placed Jaws reference! {waves at it}

  4. Laura K says:

    Oh dear, that was worth the asthma attack

  5. Peachkins says:

    I love these posts…

  6. Thorne says:

    Whatchoo got against Bronies, dude??

  7. Michael K. says:

    I've loved you from afar for too long, Ken. This post moves me to speak. You are my Internet Hero.

  8. Pete says:

    I'll bet the ponies got to Chief Justice Roberts this morning.

  9. Ngvrnd says:

    A+++ will read again.

  10. Allen says:

    I don't have pony insurance but I do have horsey insurance. It's kind of like the SR 22 of pony insurance

  11. Harry Lime says:

    I too saw the Jaws reference, and possibly an Unforgiven reference as well?

    "A pony can take away everything you've got and everything you're ever going to have."

  12. TJIC says:

    Hi Ken,

    I was just reading through your blog and thought it was very helpful. I was wondering if you would allow a guest post?

    I was considering a topic related to the legal trouble you can get into if…

    Well, this is where the possibilities multiply. Which area would you like me to write on?

    – TJIC

  13. Ken says:

    I've spent a lot on bandwidth this month, TJIC, and if it's all the same to you, it's probably better if you write about those areas where you are not likely to get into legal trouble.

  14. SPQR says:

    That would definitely narrow things down a lot … for TJIC.

  15. Docrailgun says:

    There are no ponies except Lauren Faust's ponies.

  16. Chris R. says:

    I was eating dinner on my break from work tonight, then I read this… and almost choked. I don't blame Ken, it was definitely the ponies fault. Like little Sith Lords using the force to stop the food from moving down my esophagus.

  17. nlp says:

    Why, my co-blogger Clark went into that stable just the other day. There was a sound — a harsh and terrible keening, Kelly, a sound like I have never heard before and pray to God I shall never hear again — and Clark came out a different man entirely. He was a changed man — and not even in a good way. He seemed a man emptied of all that was good and hopeful and filled up with something else, something dark and other, and now he sits in the corner in the shadow rocking and muttering softly in some language that not even David can pretend to recognize.

    I can tell you right now what happened. Someone snuck a Shetland into the stable. It was probably disguised as a North Swedish, or some other breed. Double check the ponies in there, and go in pairs.

    Shetlands are evil.

  18. With a last name like "Blogger" you'd think she'd have better blogging sense.

  19. SPQR says:

    Speaking of spam, I got a hilarious bit of Nigerian spam this week. "Subject: WE THE FBI HAVE WARRANT TO ARREST YOU GET BACK TO US FOR YOUR OWN GOOD"

    (So obviously I thought Neal Rauhauser had found me …)

    But the hilarious part was the return email address:
    "Sent By: "FBI OFFICE" "

  20. SPQR says:

    Damn, it got cut off because of the angle brackets: "Sent By: "FBI OFFICE" ([email protected]) "

  21. Kelly says:

    After I recovered from laughing until my teenager thought I may need help… my first thought was… oh gods, it wasn't me!

    You know, I am going to use this as a point of reference the next time my heathens try the 'why can't we have a pony' bit. "Because, you heathens, they are even more evil than you four. I KNOW I was shocked too, but it is true."

  22. GeekChick says:

    The ponies got Clark!?! Today is truly a horrible horrible day!*sobs and runs away*

  23. egd says:

    You're saying all I have to do in order to get a guest-posting gig at Popehat is write about pony insurance?

    Soon I too can be a multi-millionaire* from blogging activities like Ken and Patrick!

    * words read

  24. Roger Smart says:

    Ken is very self entertaining. Leave him alone in a room with a few bits of random spam and he'll do wonderful things with it.

  25. jj says:

    Oh my. Ken, you encourage spammers when you write such comic gems in reply. Not that I mind, of course, but I am not sure you're dissuading them.

  26. John says:

    The ponies are winning, so beware.

    The gummint has now authorized miniature horses (aka 'ponies') as guide animals. These little feckers are right at groin height. THAT's why Clark has a vacant expression. He now has a vacant scrotum.

  27. CC says:

    Do these folks ever respond to your pony responses?? I'd love to know what they say!

  28. CC says:

    oops! answered my own question with your link

  29. PLW says:

    Ken is keeping all the brony work for himself.

  30. Dan P says:

    Granted it's specifically concerning horses instead of ponies.

    Obligatory link to Oatmeal?

  31. Robert White says:

    Not to say one serious but long-winded thing here about auto insurance… This isn't what you think but it may be important to you one day…

    On 31 Dec 2002 I was hit by an uninsured driver while walking in a cross-walk. My "full medical" coverage only covered $10,000 (an absolute limit) of the $30,000 (which was capped by nothing but chance) because (get this) since a car was involved my car insurance was on the hook.

    Contemplate this carefully. I was on foot but the since there was a car involved, driven and owned by other people, but anywhere in the story, my (generally considered first class insurance provider) medical coverage didn't count past $10,000. They paid the bills and then subregated against my own uninsured motorist coverage. Before I made it clear that I -had- uninsured motorist coverage my major medical was going to refuse payment, and doctors were asking me how I was going to pay right there while I was laying there with a ruined leg.

    Yes, the orthopedic surgeon's receptionist was asking to see my proof of auto insurance right there in their office before treatment.

    So even if you don't have a car, you had better have auto insurance here in the U.S. of A.

    And more importantly, when you go for the minimums on the "each person" and "each accident" values, particularly for the uninsured motorist stuff, it is you that you are screwing because you probably don't know how screwed up the insurance system really is.

    Just sayin.

  32. Roscoe says:

    I had to Google "brony." According to the Urban Dictionary its meaning is:

    "A name typically given to the male viewers/fans (whether they are straight, gay, bisexual, etc.) of the My Little Pony show or franchise. They typically do not give in to the hype that males aren't allowed to enjoy things that may be intended for females."

    This raises questions. There are enough male viewers of My Little Pony that they merit a name? And Ken, how is it that you know of such things?

  33. Robert White says:

    This raises questions. There are enough male viewers of My Little Pony that they merit a name? And Ken, how is it that you know of such things?

    God save us all, yes. And as someone who goes to science fiction and fantasy convetions and such, the "brony cosplay" is enough to wilt a willy or two.

    Google "Rule 34" then re-google "Brony" and do the math in your head.

    Please god, I must agree with Ken, "no Brony Stuff"… (And I -like- gay porn so on the rule 34 scale I am "a moderate"… 8-)

  34. Robert White says:

    If you don't believe me, go to and search "brony"…


  35. Roscoe says:

    My daughter is going to the Anime Expo convention today. Should I tell her to be wary of the Bronies? Are they dangerous?

  36. Robert White says:

    No, they are harmless and fun in person, just very, very very wierd. So you know, con folk.

    Its the amplyifying word "stuff" used in an internet context that is the reason to fear.

    Compare "no butt" and "no butt stuff"… the latter is much more dangerous as a concept, particularly in a socially disconnected realm like an internet.

    That said, if you -do- run into a large man in a decidedly feminine anime-pony costume, with bristly body hair poking out through the spandex, who says he's -not- a Brony, you may want to move away quickly without breaking eye contact*. 8-)

    (*) not really, the pervs dress up as mundane as possible, but the former sounded better in context for snarking purposes.

  37. perlhaqr says:

    Roscoe: If your daughter is going to the Anime Expo, you've got bigger problems than Bronies.

    Namely, she's going to spend all of the money in the world on Anime stuff.

    You have been warned.

  38. jag says:

    @DanP: He's also done one on ponies

  39. Roscoe says:

    perlhaqr – No warning necessary. To quote Robert Heinlein, "Daughters can spend 10% more than a man can make in any usual occupation." Truer words have rarely been spoken.

  40. Thorne says:

    I don't get all the Brony hate…

    I mean, Bronies are people… ummm… well, they're pony-like… uhhh… some kind of anthropomor-okay, maybe I don't know exactly what the fuck a 'Brony' actually *is* but can't we all just get along?? :p

  41. Joe says:

    I'm actuall having a really good laugh. I replied to this post with an example spam I received and my response to said spammer -but it got caught in Ken's spam filter. How ironic :-)

  42. Robert White says:

    @Joe – That's not what irony is there Alanis… When you (re)post spam, you are posting spam, and that makes you a spammer in the eyes of any rational automation.

  43. Robert White says:

    @Thorne – what hate? We don't hate bronies, we fear and revile them, or at least view them with suspicion unless we can get them into traces and pulling our wagons… 8-)

    [ASIDE: Bronies are not known for actually dressing up as ponies a-la "furries", they are known for getting together and watching "My Little Ponies – Friendship is Magic" in groups, talking about it excessively like 11 year old girls, and wearing the swag under their very-manly flannel shirts. In short they are pony-theemed soccer hooligans only all friendly and giggly. It's just -wrong-. 8-)]

  44. Michael says:

    Re: your pony insurance

    You may want to call to see if the walls around your stable are high enough and stuff. I mean if David Bernstein wandered in and has suffered a similar tragedy" to Clark you know those lawyers can run up a bill.


  45. mojo says:

    Bronies are almost as sick as Furries.