Cartoonist Donna Barstow Engages In Modern Online Version of "Hey, Guys, Watch This!"

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289 Responses

  1. AQ says:

    It is -entirely- strange when two places that I frequent intersect like this.

  2. eigenperson says:

    To be fair to Barstow, maybe she blocked you because your tweet contained the phrase "cite to".

  3. Dan Weber says:

    If I want to criticize a novel or a movie, I don't post the whole thing to show how it sucks. I post a relevant section.

    I guess that doesn't work with something like a one-panel cartoon or a painting. I feel a little of sympathy with the "artist" for that.

    Could I publish a book of an entire Far Side collection, claiming each one sucks, claiming each one is an individual fair use?

  4. Prefect says:

    I'm a goon, and I think you're pretty great, too. :)

  5. Jasper Willikins says:

    "based on what I overheard Donna Barstow say, she is a racist" is probably a true statement for most people that come into contact with her. I'm not saying it's factually true. I just have the personal unsubstantiated opinion that she is a racist person who has sex with her own dogs.

  6. Revol says:

    Thank you for believing in us, Popehat. Sometimes it can be hard to overcome our base instincts, but I know we can- EEEEEEEAAAAAHH OOOH-OOOH AAHHH-AAHHH!

  7. This Guy says:

    If she has grounds for parodic use of her cartoons, what does she think State Farm can do to her?

  8. mmrtnt says:

    So, it takes an attack on Something Awful to get someone at BoingBoing to look at your work?

    Their (BoingBoing's) "Submitterator" doesn't seem to do anything…

  9. M. says:

    I wish she HAD tried to take on 4chan. Go big or go home.

    As to that Mexico comic. I…what? I don't even…

  10. Mad Rocket Scientist says:

    That's what this site needs! More poo-flinging monkeys!

  11. Scott Jacobs says:

    @Dan – don't feel sympathy for the artist…

    She seems to be attempting to prove she is actually the dumbest person on the right…

    Case in point – my twitter avatar was one used by Andrew Breitbart. Barstow can tell this, apparently, because I was told "The fact that you apparently stole Andrew Breitbart's avatar makes you worthless."

    What she didn't know – what she couldn't know, without spending 3 minutes scrolling through my timeline – was that the image is that of a painting, painted for Andrew…

    By my girlfriend's mother.

    In the end, I think Ken got closest when describing this dolt – "Imagine if Glen Beck drew Family Circus".

  12. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    Somebody needs to take Ms. Barstow aside and explain to her that if you can't take criticism, you can't be a critic. I have to wonder how she got to this point without growing a thicker skin. Did nobody in her life ever speak to her in terms of anything other than praise?

  13. Popped over to her timeline/feed/whatever for a second to take a look at the craziness for myself. Love how she thinks saying

    Many whites live there – I know them.

    makes the case *against* racism. Technically though, the worst she's guilty of (besides asshattery) is bigotry, not racism.

  14. alexa-blue says:

    Ok. But if Something Awful threatens to sue Barstow for defamation, my head will a splode.

  15. Prefect says:

    The obvious next step is for Leonard J. Crabs (SA's lawyer) to sue Jerry Falwell's estate.

  16. My Black's Legal Dictionary is missing the entry for "racism"; should I return it?

  17. CCChicago says:

    Being that this is SA, Goatse is inevitable. Goatse might as well be an unofficial SA mascot at this point.

    However, I've been a member over there for 8 years; for a bunch of internet-addled manchildren, on the whole they're a pretty good group of people who don't tolerate the stupid/racist/sexist dreck found on other corners of the web.

    Of course, any site with over 100,000 accounts is going to have a small minority of people who do stupid things, just as I'm sure that out of the millions of Oatmeal readers someone probably did some stupid stuff to Chaz. Doesn't make it the right thing to do, or endorsed by the vast majority.

    4chan is kind of like the paste-eating, wooden-spoon-banging-on-colander younger brother of the SA Forums.

  18. @Prefect and Donna: website being "defamed" by a cartoonist over copyright? Mr. L.J. Crabs, Esq. might need to call in a specialost. I know just who you can call.

    He might be pricey, though — he just won a huge case.

  19. Revol says:

    @CCChicago, Goatse was already done on day one of this ordeal.

  20. V says:

    Her tweets are public, so isn't seeing her tweets as simple as logging out of twitter and pointing your browser to her twitter account?

  21. Dan Weber says:

    Even if she's a complete asshole, she still deserves copyright protection for her work. She should have the same protections as Gary Larson; no more or no less. If the fair use argument works against her, it works against him.

  22. Connie says:

    When I saw she was throwing mud at SA, I had to giggle. Do these people not look over websites before loudly pointing their finger at them and saying J'accuse? One look at any of the forums (Other than Let's Play where I used to lurk) would tell you what you're in for.

  23. A Goon says:

    The linked post is from mid-2010; is there a more recent trigger to her Twitter campaign?

  24. "You steal my cartoons (read definition of Fair Use – NOT on SA) and ignore my takedown & DMCA notices. That's evil,"

    You can always spot a finely tuned legal mind because they cast things in terms of "good and evil," right?

    I think the biggest surprise for me was that the BoingBoing piece described her as "Slate Cartoonist," implying that somebody pays money for her work.

  25. John Ammon says:

    @Adam Steinbaugh Bazinga!

  26. Phe0n1x says:

    ………….she's trying to take on Goons? Right, because that's a smart idea. Just look at EVE.

  27. AwesomeFreddie says:

    I know a lawyer who I'm sure would love to send a "give me $20,000 or I'll sue you for defamation" letter to SA on her behalf …

  28. GrimGhost says:

    I heard about that, but I never heard how it turned out. I assume that the guy quietly paid, and FunnyJunk's lawyer is now $5,000 richer. Or am I wrong?

  29. Matt House says:

    Ken, I'm…kinda disappointed here. I thought you were all about the free speech, not just free speech for people you like. Also, last time I looked, 'Mexican' was a nationality, not a race. Just like "Italians" or "French" are not a race, they're a -culture-. Get it right. And yeah, she's not a stellar cartoonist, but just because she's low hanging fruit does not excuse poor work on your part.

    Stating that Mexico is a crime-ridden nation, on the brink of anarchy, while true, is not racist.

    Even if she said "all Mexicans are subhuman obscenities, and need to be exterminated" it's -still- not racist. Because Nationality is not Race. You've got all kinds of different people racially speaking in Mexico.

    But if you're going to play the Race Card(tm), make sure you've got something to back it up.

  30. Jay Lee says:

    My response to all criticism from now on will be with the affectation of a flatulalent pirate…Arr, fart!

  31. Erbo says:

    As soon as I saw the words "Something Awful," I immediately thought, "This will not end well for her." You deliberately poke a beehive, you're gonna get stung, and there's no two ways about it.

  32. Lindsay K says:

    What's especially mind-boggling to me is that the "copyright infringement" she's losing her shit over is in a thread that's over 2 years old. Shouldn't there be a statute of limitations on irrational hissy-fits? I'm also intrigued by the phrase "serious pornography." Is that like, really tragic pornography with an emo soundtrack where all the participants are sadface and coupling in front of still frames from tv news reports? Serious pornography is serious!

  33. Scott Jacobs says:

    she still deserves copyright protection for her work.

    Sure she does…

    Except in instances where nobody gets copyright protection, like in this case.

    She isn't lacking in protection because she's a raging, deluded, un-educated asshole. She is all those things because she refuses to listen when she is told by people by far her better (myself excluded) that she's wrong on whether she has copyright protection in these cases.

  34. Scott Jacobs says:

    Lindsay – a lotta Linkin Park played in the background, and there MIGHT be some self-cutting involved.

    Honestly, I assumed it was porn done to mimic economic news or something… Like that Bloomberg News stuff the sometimes show at oh-dark-thirty on USA or something, only with way more cock and tit…

  35. Dan Weber says:

    I heard about that, but I never heard how it turned out. I assume that the guy quietly paid, and FunnyJunk's lawyer is now $5,000 richer. Or am I wrong?

    Oh man.

  36. CCChicago says:

    @Revol oh, yeah, saw that right away. I just meant that Goatse is pretty much par for the course for goons whereas she calls it "serious pornography."

  37. Dracos says:

    GrimGhost, I sincerely hope you're joking with that statement. Otherwise look through this site at the 9 part story of Oatmeal vs. FunnyJunk.

    If you're serious though…No. Charles Carreon (the lawyer) made a fool of himself, and dismissed the lawsuit. Now we just get to wait and see what happens with the suit that was filed against him…

  38. borderpundit says:

    One Does Not Simply
    Sue the SA Goons

  39. Scott Jacobs says:

    Donna Barstow: "I don't understand vulgarity and meanness…"

    I just wanna know what internet she has been using for the last bunch of years since, you know, EVER…

  40. Angstela says:

    A lot of people on FB routinely add her cartoons to their wall and share them around because, god help them, they think they're funny. I really wish she'd go after those people and make them take them down.

  41. Scott Jacobs says:

    Now see, I disagree. People posting her cartoons on Facebook provide me with a very valuable service…

    It lets me know that they have absolutely no fucking sense of humor, and that I would likely miss nothing if I simply removed their feed from appearing…

  42. Angstela says:

    Good point, and so noted, Scott.

  43. alexa-blue says:

    I'm curious about the link to her blog, where she's curated a bunch of cartoons she likes (linked from she's done things like that a fair amount.") In what way is that fair use? The title suggests the cartoons are "for your enjoyment" and her commentary is mostly praise of the cartoons for serving the purpose for which they were primarily intended, and then explaining them in prose, I guess for people with apperceptive visual agnosia.

  44. Ken says:

    @Matt House:

    Ken, I'm…kinda disappointed here. I thought you were all about the free speech, not just free speech for people you like.

    Matt, if this is satire, then congrats, you've punked me.

    If not, then criticism — even unfair criticism — does not violate anyone's free speech rights. That notion is unprincipled and silly. That is, in fact, something I write about all the time here.

  45. GrimGhost says:

    @Dracos — yes, I was kidding. Right now, I predict that Tara's husband's legal career is carrion chuck (dead meat).

  46. Scott Jacobs says:

    If by "all the time" you mean "just over three years ago"… :)

  47. A Nonny Moose says:


    There have been cartoon criticism books published that included whole strips, or even whole story lines included within them. In many cases, no, the critics don't get a license.

    In terms of writing a book that "criticizes" the entire Gary Larson "Far Side" collection– you actually might be able to get away with it, yes. You likely couldn't simply put a caption of "And this comic sucks, too!" under each comic, though.

    But if you were somehow able to write a significant, substantial criticism of each and every comic, and integrate them into a larger, coherent argument that explains why you think Larson is the best (or worst) comic writer in history, you'd have a good chance of getting away with it (depending on how good your lawyer is, how the judge feels on a particular day, etc.). Your book would probably wind up being significantly longer (and likely more expensive to print) than a retail copy of the entire "Far Side" collection, but– it's possible that you could get away with it if you were serious in your criticism.

    As Ken pointed out, there aren't a lot of bright lines in "fair use", but legitimate criticism usually fits the bill. Figuring out what counts as "legitimate" criticism can be tricky sometimes, but the goons at the SomethingAwful forums are pretty clearly in "legitimate" territory, as much of a group of poo-flinging flying monkeys as they might be.

  48. joet says:

    To be fair to her, it's not like she lashed out at 4chan or something

    To me, the difference between 4chan and Something Awful is that SA occasionally remembers to take its meds, and is allowed plastic utensils at lunch. They're both in the psych ward, though.

  49. RC says:

    Ken, while I don't think you're wrong here, it feels somewhat targeted because you disagree with the content of the cartoons. I think you'd make your point more powerfully (if less entertainingly) if you didn't comment on her work – otherwise it muddies your actual point, and encourages comments on her cartoons instead of the issue you're tackling.

  50. Chris R. says:

    If only she had an even crazier spouse who posted their thoughts to an online board…

  51. darius404 says:

    Oops. Here we go:

    And another one (last one I promise):

  52. darius404 says:

    Not working. I'll just stop here.

  53. Chris Berez says:

    Woohoo! Goons representing! Lowtax just needs to get Leonard J. Crabs on the case. That should take care of it.

  54. John Ammon says:

    @darius404 I think that's the wrong Donna Barstow, I think you want this one.

  55. Ken says:

    @RC: Perhaps I'd be more persuasive, but I wouldn't be me. That criticism could be levied against almost every free speech post I write. It's the way I write.

  56. Jay Lee says:

    Obviously, your articles on the rights of free speech would be a lot more credible if you didn't exercise your own so much. And less entertaining.

  57. Matt House says:

    "Matt, if this is satire, then congrats, you've punked me. "

    Glee. I shall print this out, and frame it on my wall.

  58. Ken says:

    Enjoy! Meanwhile, I'm going to go think about how to edit all of your comments into a paean to something horrific. I think it may involve dead babies and showtunes.

  59. Billy V says:

    Looks like she wants to go after as well, this will be interesting… she is gonna piss off reddit

    "Most of the porn sent to me the last 3 days is hosted on you, as well as my cartoons Something Awful stole. Contact? @imgur"

  60. Tam says:

    I clicked on the link to her ramblings on the Ted Rall cartoon.


    There's some brain cells I'll never be getting back. Thanks a lot.

  61. Connie says:

    @Tam – this is why I let others provide a filter and relay me the crazy second hand. Sanity points are a precious resource, you know!

  62. Gal says:

    Pardon me for going on a tangent, but… Rambo vs Cohen? I think I've got a movie script to write.

    @Matt House: Put your reading comprehension cap on read again.

  63. John Ammon says:

    @Connie Particularly while battling Great Cthulhu!

    "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

  64. Narad says:

    I think the biggest surprise for me was that the BoingBoing piece described her as "Slate Cartoonist," implying that somebody pays money for her work.

    I was more perplexed by the Psychology Today listing under "Experts."

  65. Dan Weber says:

    Imgur has a DMCA officer, so she needs to contact them.

  66. David says:

    I am also a member of somethingawful, and am thoroughly enjoying the coincidental intersection of popehat/somethingawful. Thanks Ken, popehat is the best!

  67. Matt House says:

    @Ken – as an avid follower of your blog, it gives me great pleasure to have twigged someone as clever as you, even if for only a couple of minutes. Hence the comments about printing and framing. As as show tunes go, I'm partial to "Phantom of the Opera", and "Sweeny Todd". It should be relatively easy to segue in some dead baby, perhaps next to the meat pies…

    @Gal – which part should I be re-reading?

  68. Gal says:

    Is flock the correct collective noun for Monkeys? Surely we can come up with something better. The first word that comes to mind is "tribe", but upon further thought I prefer "cacophony."

  69. Gal says:

    @Matt House How about "Donna Barstow may be right that this cartoon is not racist. It may simply be banal and loutish. But on the law, Donna Barstow is not right. She's very, very wrong." for starters.

    As a matter of fact, if you can point me towards the part where he actually criticizes her for being racist, Well, I'll be very surprised.

  70. W Ross says:

    How long before she goes full Carreon?

    You never go full Carreon :)

  71. Matt House says:

    @Gal – ah, you missed the bit where I admitted to satire/concern trolling Ken.

  72. Narad says:

    Is flock the correct collective noun for Monkeys? Surely we can come up with something better. The first word that comes to mind is "tribe", but upon further thought I prefer "cacophony."

    It's tribe or troop, but these are flying monkeys. I'm somewhat partial to "grenadier" as a collective noun.

  73. Mike K says:

    You were trolling poor innocent Ken? You son of a biscuit eating bulldog.

  74. S. Weasel says:

    Tara is quoting Jung, FYI, but no movie yet.

    Yeesh, that's some ugly, ugly art. And some dreadful concepts. How on earth is this woman published?

  75. max says:

    Earthbound monkeys' have the collective noun troop. I am only about 80% certain that collective noun for flying monkeys use troupe due to their fame as singers.

    Everyone sing the flying monkey song:

    O-ray-um, aye-oh-yah,
    Oreos, I eat ya,
    Oreos, I eat ya.

  76. Connie says:

    According to the comic series Fables, flying monkeys are in a corp. Thank you, Buffkin!

  77. W Ross says:!/cartooness

    She's livetweeting right now.

  78. deezerd says:

    Streisand Month continues … (and yes, this is off-topic, but when you add Tom Cruise to Barstow and Carreon, there's bound to be some entertainment lurking):

  79. W Ross says:

    When offered this article, she responds "Um, do you actually expect me to read through one more anonymous mudslinger in a site meant to attack ‪#Catholics‬ ? No, thx. @Magus @fcc"

    Uhh, the FCC probably doesn't need to know that. Also LOL. :P

    Everybody get your popcorn, I think she's about to Carreon.

  80. John Ammon says:

    So she's raging pretty hard. I wonder if she stopped to slow down and read things… Maybe she'd have some perspective. As an artist and designer, I'm used to people stealing and even profiting off my work, it's a shame, and it always makes me incensed at first, but I have to remind myself to calm down, because sometimes there's very little you can do about it. And then I pretend to feel flattered, but I'm mostly dying a little inside… :)

  81. Bearman says:

    I guess that is one benefit of being an obscure editorial cartoonist. No one harasses me about my cartoons (except when I post to Reddit)

  82. Narad says:

    According to the comic series Fables, flying monkeys are in a corp.


  83. S. Weasel says:

    I encourage people to steal graphics off my site. Nothing I can do to stop people nicking stuff if they are so inclined, so I might as well look magnanimous about it. It's all ephemera anyway. Also, it's kind of awesome to run across something of mine in some obscure corner of the Web (happens occasionally).

    Anyway, the hardest thing isn't preventing theft. The hardest thing is getting people to look.

  84. W Ross says:

    @Ken I'm the Paul Revere of Drama.


  85. W Ross says:

    "D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    Thanks. UK law for copyright is stricter than US, so look forward to working w/them. @stratjakt @fart @copyrightoffice @dmcatakedown
    Hide conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    5:11 PM – 6 Jul 12 via web · Details"

    "I'll sue you in England!!!" What is she, a Scientologist? We're officially at 3 out of 10 on the Carreon Scale of Impending Fail.

  86. Kelly says:

    Now we all have something to do with all that leftover popcorn!

    @W Ross- Oh good gods, just reading her twitter makes me twitchy.

    @Adam – I did laugh at her response to you on twitter. Boy, she just keeps digging the hole deeper.

    As for what to call the flying monkeys- I vote corp!

    Also, does this woman have any clue what sort of war she is starting? Or is it that she started this in hopes of the Streisand Effect kicking in since it was what happened with the whole Carreon vs Inman debacle?

  87. John Ammon says:

    @S. Weasel – It's really the best when you stumble across something you've made on a site where full attribution is given, that's pretty cool.

    @W Ross – Is "10" on the Carreon Scale also referred to as "Def-Con Ptero"?

    I'm surprised that they never called Inman a "Pterorist"… no I'm not, nevermind, that requires wit.

  88. Exodor says:

    She's going to look into going after 4chan.

    This is going to get ugly. -er.

  89. HeatherCat says:

    @Bearman, well mostly this is matter of opinion here, but I'd say because by comparison you're actually GOOD. Can't speak for reddit users though, I only know you on Google+.

    @W Ross – only a 3?? Well, guess you're right. She has only threatened there, not like she's sent C&D letters or put it into a bad song yet.

  90. W Ross says:

    @Kelly It's interesting to see the two cases back to back cause you can see what's similar in these Streisand Effect fails, and clearly what causes these things is the inability to "fail."

    By trying to mitigate, litigate, legislate, and vindicate every disagreement, you're punching a pool of tar. The more force you use to punch it, and the more tar you're punching, the more stuck you get and the harder it is to pull out.

    She is furiously punching tar, lol.

  91. John Ammon says:

    Holy crap! I think she thinks that 4Chan is the English Television network

    She's going to embarrass herself, hardcore.

    Doublefacepalm, incoming…

  92. HeatherCat says:

    Oops, I missed Exodor's post there – looks like we have now reached level 4.

  93. somebody says:

    I'm a somethingawful goon as well, and I'm excited that the forum made the news on your awesome blog.

    Barstow's angry little campaign follows an all-too-familiar pattern — a well-known, professional something-or-another goes apeshit and makes a complete ass of him/herself as soon as he/she learns how to use the internet. SA sees that happen all the time, and each new occurrence is pretty reliably hilarious.

  94. C. S. P. Schofield says:


    Wouldn't that be a puzzle of monkeys?


  95. W Ross says:

    @HeatherCat Be patient. :D The delicious lulz are coming, and I suspect they'll be enough to feed the whole family. That being said, calling out 4chan pushes it to a solid 4.

    @John Ammon Another person who thinks they "know" the Internet who's about to find out that pride goeth before destruction, a haughty spirit before the fall. That's why I always warn them once nicely, I just can't enjoy it unless it's on purpose.

  96. Swindapa says:

    "Jiminy Jeepers" gets +1 internets for a well conducted troll.

    /b/ would never use her stuff – too banal, not shocking or dumb enough.

  97. S. Weasel says:

    Oh. Ohhhh. She thinks 4Chan is Channel 4? This has reached dear god no, there's an escaped axe murderer in the neighborhood, don't go in the basement to see if you blew a fuse level.

    I think I may have moved beyond amused.

  98. Narad says:

    Looks like somebody has protected her Tweets.

  99. W Ross says:

    @SAers, welcome to the Legion of Haters >:P!

    Popehatters don't take kindly to folks to fuck with the First Amendment.

  100. W Ross says:

    *who (Also, you'll be enjoying my typos.)

  101. W Ross says:

    (These tweets? :))

    D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    You'd be surprised that most people DON't know about ‪#SA‬, nor do they want to. How is this a breakdown? I do the right thing. @franirwin
    View conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    5m D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    Are you STILL talking about the snake cartoon? THEY STOLE EVERY IMAGE ON THAT WALLPAPER SITE! Learn to use the net. @Punch_You @dese1ect
    View conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    7m D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    Were you fibbing before? Disappointed in you. @BlackclawFM
    View conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    25m D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    How so? @Punch_You @dese1ect
    View conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite

  102. John Ammon says:

    S. Weasel – That would explain the UK copyright law tweet >_< the elegance of the troll was funny enough, but the addition of her misunderstanding what they were referring to, and apparently intending to contact a major British broadcasting company… only to humiliate herself… I might begin to cry tears of joy… If she actually does it, well, I might pee myself a little.

  103. Kelly says:

    @ W Ross- LOL! Thanks for that visual, she very much is. I am going to sit back and watch the show- calling out 4chan was just a Very Bad Idea. Watching her twitter is like watching a train wreck… She definitely has a sound of 'Nobody likes me, everybody hates me' AND is now claiming that she is 'doing the right thing' and is not having a very public breakdown.

    Popcorn anyone?

  104. Narad says:

    7m D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    Were you fibbing before? Disappointed in you.

    Yes, as though "Johnny Vapes" were a likely real name.

  105. HeatherCat says:

    Squeee! Can't wait to see what happens next – I'll have another reason to LMAO when I drink some wine later!!

  106. Ken says:

    Have we all been suckered? Is she a troll?

    Is this real life?

  107. Chris R. says:

    Ken's an anonymous gamer? How does she infer that?

  108. W Ross says:

    It's so beautiful to watch it live. It's like good theater, really. You need to see it as it happens to appreciate the subtleties.

  109. John Ammon says:

    @Chris R. – I'm not so sure she's inferring anything, so much as assuming.

  110. Scott Jacobs says:

    Ross, you're gonna have to screen shot those. She's protected her tweets, and some of us are blocked…

  111. Kelly says:

    W Ross- Oh my giddy aunt! I agree with you 100%.

    Also, Ken, has your phone rang yet? Also, I wasn't aware you were an anonymous gamer. Is that her code for 'badass lawyer'?

  112. W Ross says:

    On it. Give me a sec.

  113. Connie says:

    Bwahahah. This has lifted my spirits after a craptastic Friday at work.

    And I stand (sit) corrected. It should be a corps of flying monkeys. (Wife-like typing detected?)

  114. M. says:

    She's going to go after 4chan? Excuse the caps, but AHAHAHAHAHA. There isn't enough popcorn in the world. Too bad about the timing, though, my birthday was over a month ago.

  115. Chris R. says:

    Omg she should get Carreon to sue 4chan and anonymous. That would be like the epic internet shit storm. Seriously, you'd open any browser in the world and just lol cats crapping everywhere would take over.

  116. S. Weasel says:

    Tara is dialing up the crayzee. I think the lack of scrutiny is getting to her; her numbers must be down.

  117. W Ross says:

    Hows that? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!??!?

  118. Christopher Swing says:

    I don't know why but I'm still shocked that people can NOT know these things about the internet. And I shouldn't be, not everyone's been on it forever… but.

    Do we need to start making PSAs for these clueless people?

  119. Ken says:

    See update to post.

  120. W Ross says:

    Holy #(*$

    We have reached Level 7 on the Carreon scale. She has called Ken. We are three points away from a full Carreon.

    Everyone hug your loved ones and pray.

  121. Kelly says:

    "Canadian is also not a race" Thank you W Ross.

    Is she reading this? If so, are we giving her ideas?

  122. W Ross says:

    D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    When I talked with Kenneth P White his voice was shaky. He said he would call @eff & many other places if I intimidate him! ‪#law‬
    Reply Retweet Favorite


  123. Chris R. says:

    There must be some sort of cosmic censorious douchery vortex swirling over the U.S. right now. They just keep popping up.

  124. Kelly says:

    W Ross- Holy batcave, Batman! I… there are no words… just wtf at this point.

  125. Narad says:

    She's protected her tweets, and some of us are blocked…

    Just sign out. It appears to be individual blocks with a nonobvious error message.

  126. W Ross says:

    @Kelly "Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in…"

    Viva la Resistance!

  127. Chris R. says:

    She keeps going.

  128. John Ammon says:

    What a great way to end a Friday Ken, amirite? :P

  129. Kelly says:

    Chris R: Umm WHAT?! Seriously.

    W Ross: Still a 7 on that scale or does her most recent tweet up that to an 8?

  130. W Ross says:

    1m D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    Just now on the phone Kenneth P. White, LLP told me he thinks I'm a bully, & I make frivolous lawsuits. He says I'm homophobic & racist.
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    1m D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    I can't believe that when I call a lawyer in a downtown LA lawfirm, like Kenneth P. White LLP, he thinks I am trying to scare him! Just me.
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    50s D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    Kenneth P. White LLP has no background in copyright, though he wrote that article. He said I am a bully & my call to scare him didn't work!
    Reply Retweet Favorite

    OK, I'm calling it. This is has gone from 3 to full Carreon in less than two hours. This is not a drill, people. Everyone get your popcorn and put on your helmets.

  131. Chris R. says:


  132. Swindapa says:

    Does anyone else get that surreal feeling when you realize that the story you are following is happening RIGHT NOW? This happened to me with Carreon, too.

    @Ken – Apparently you threatened to call the EFF on her because you were scared of her "intimidation?"

    I am vastly amused.

  133. Kelly says:

    @ W Ross: Hee!

    @ Chris R: Wow. Just wow. Are we sure she isn't Tara using another name?

  134. Chris R. says:

    If anything ever happens to Tara (I hope not, she seems like a special person), Charles should remarry with Donna. Omg. Epic.

  135. Chris R. says:

    I had to. "Hire Charles Carreon, he's a no non-sense White Hat Lawyer @cartooness "

  136. John Ammon says:

    @Kelly – She hasn't mentioned nazis or pterodactyls yet, so I feel safe assuming that it's not Tara… for now.

  137. Kelly says:

    S Weasel's tweet had me laughing so much! 'step away from the meat grinder'.

    @Chris R. Ohhh… wow. Epic as in oh gods the end is nigh!

    @Swindapa: Oh yeah, I am with you on that.

    What exactly does she hope to prove by mud-slinging in Ken's direction?

  138. rmv says:

    @Chris R

    If she joins forces with Carreon, the internet is going to blow up. Stop trying to destroy the internet.

  139. Chris R. says:


  140. Kelly says:

    @ Chris R: Do you know how difficult it was to not tweet back 'define *real*'? I may be dying laughing right now.

    @ John Ammon: Ahh lack of pterodactyls, I knew something was missing!

  141. Joe says:

    Someone should tell her Ken’s voice was shaky because he was trying his best not to crack up laughing. She is really quite the card to think that Ken would be so skeerdt of her. Seriously what is she going to do – draw a tasteless cartoon of him. Oh the horror.

  142. Billy V says: "Thanks! Wondering whether I should shut down all my sites. :( Tears. @eesperan"

    Maybe just maybe we can all be rid of her…

  143. W Ross says:

    D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    Thanks! Wondering whether I should shut down all my sites. :( Tears. @eesperan
    View conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    10m eesperan ‏@eesperan
    @cartooness I can't believe the people r STEALING from u!!! What's Wrong with people? Can u steal them back? GET REVENGE! ‪#artistsunite‬
    Retweeted by D. Barstow
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    23s D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    Unfortunately not, Chris! Kenneth P. White LLP said several times that he thought I called to intimidate HIM! @dese1ect @EFF
    View conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    5s D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    Helpful, or making fun of me? @Konjuro @LeroyDonohoe
    View conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    37s D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    @dese1ect I've seen his name tons here. Is he a real attorney?
    View conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    1m D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    It's okay for me to call an attorney who has just called me an appallingly awful political cartoonist & misquoted me. @killhamster
    View conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    18m Stoaty Weasel ‏@sweasel
    O, @cartooness – you would not believe how many vile and horrible behaviors are perfectly legal. Do please step away from the meat grinder.
    Retweeted by D. Barstow
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    24s D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    Gotcha. @LeroyDonohoe @astomoi
    View conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    24m Ryan 'Leroy' Donohoe ‏@LeroyDonohoe
    @cartooness You can actually hide img data in a video, not surprised these thieves would spread :files: this way.
    Retweeted by D. Barstow
    Hide conversation
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    4:33 PM – 6 Jul 12 via Twitter for Android · Details
    37s D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    Interesting. @LeroyDonohoe
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    4:57 PM – 6 Jul 12 via web · Details

    We have now gone from aggressor to passive aggressive and then back to aggressive. This is fascinating.

  144. sithson says:

    Some one tweeted her, and suggested that she higher CC… I need a new keyboard and screen, I LOL so hard

  145. Narad says:

    I'm starting to wonder what she thinks "LLP" means.

  146. Chris R. says:

    She should love Ken, his last name is White. All her friends are white. Jeez.

  147. Ken says:

    For the record, I did tell her that I thought that calling me was an attempt to intimidate me, and that it wouldn't work. So there's some truth in what she is saying.

    I'm not sure if my voice was shaking. I tend to get a little draggy in the midafternoon.

  148. Ken says:

    Also, for the record: I did not tell her that I was siccing the EFF on her. The EFF is not my personal army.

    I did tell her, when she asked me if I enjoy writing about people like that, that I enjoy standing up to bullies, and that I enjoy referring cases to organizations like the EFF to help people facing bullies.

  149. Jess says:

    OMG the Barstow spoof on charles-carreon is priceless. I just spewed my drink.

  150. Kelly says:

    @ W Ross: If by fascinating you mean really hilarious, then yes.

    @ Ken: I applaud you for not laughing until you cried while trying to deal with her.

    @Chris R: BA HA HA!

  151. W Ross says:

    @Swindapa We're not reading the news, we're surfing it like a wave >:D

  152. Chris R. says:

    She got the joke finally!

  153. M. says:

    @Chris R: Are you married? If not, wanna be?

  154. The "interview" with her at the parody Carreon site had me in tears.

  155. Chris R. says:

    Chris R ‏@dese1ect
    @cartooness SORRY :( totally different site for the real lawyer :( MY MISTAKE
    View conversation
    Reply Delete Favorite

  156. sithson says:

    Oh man, I think cartooness just googled CC.. LOL LOL LOL….

  157. Kelly says:

    @ Chris R.: Did she hurt your feelings? I think that was what she was aiming for, lol. *eye roll*

  158. W Ross says:

    You're not just another asshole to us. You're OUR asshole.

  159. Chris R. says:

    Lol :)

  160. Chris R. says:

    And now I am blocked.

  161. Scott Jacobs says:

    What Ross said.

  162. W Ross says:

    By the way if she blocked you, just log out of twitter and look at it. It's a public feed. And ZOMG she just won't stop. I actually had to warn her just ONE more time so I wouldn't feel bad watching this.

    But she's choosing to Keep Calm and Carreon.

  163. Daryl Herbert says:

    Ken, did you send her a bill for your time?

  164. Kelly says:

    Not just blocked, but EVIL!

    D. Barstow ‏@cartooness

    He sent me to a fake site. EVIL. @franirwin @dese1ect


  166. W Ross says:!/search/realtime/%40cartooness

    Oh my. See this is what happens when you frantically respond to trolls. look how many @'s in even the last 10 minutes.

  167. Kelly says:

    @ Adam: lmao! I read that in Mermaid Man's voice…

  168. Margaret says:

    Some people need to step away from the Twitter. I repeat, just step away.

    (I'm so glad I'm not on Twitter.)

  169. W Ross says:

    Tara Carreon is posting now too, I think she's jealous that we've found another.

    Post something more provocative and we'll look over there, Tara. We don't care about your bullshit tonight; there's a better act on.

  170. If there's a lol-god, she's calling Carreon right now. If the lol-god smiles upon us, Carreon's agreeing to take the case. If the lol-god wants to unleash the four horsemen of the apoclolypse, Ken is Doe #1 until they reveal the true identity of this anonymous gamer.

  171. Nick says:

    Well, I'm officially blocked, just for telling her that her childish rantings were a blogger's dream and she should look up the "Streissand Effect".

    Luckily, she hasn't blocked my dog on twitter, yet…yes, my dog as her own twitter…shut up.

  172. W Ross says:

    Nobody ever blocks me and I don't know why. I'm just too lovable to block I guess.

  173. Swindapa says:

    I didn't mean to imply that you ACTUALLY threatened to sic the EFF on her. I meant to highlight the ludicrous-ness (ludicrality?) of the suggestion that you would run to the EFF for defense, when you are obviously capable of defending yourself.

    Sorry if that was unclear (on review it was).

  174. And her websites just got memory-holed.

  175. W Ross says:

    @Adam Is it a delete fucking everything?

  176. Laura K says:

    Wow. Just…wow…you guys always bring me the very best violence.

  177. W Ross says:

    … it's like she never existed at all. There's only one good answer for this sort of thing… THE WEEPING ANGELS!!!

  178. John Ammon says:

    Oh nice, to borrow a phrase from Matt Inman, she just "Napalmed the Jungle"… She does know that it won't prevent the spread of the stuff already hosted elsewhere… right? Who am I kidding, she doesn't know how to "internets" very well.

  179. Ken says:

    Anyone want to do me a favor and post links to the Google cache version of the two links to her site above showing her making fair use of cartoons?

  180. Margaret says:

    @Laura K:


  181. Laura K says:

    @ Margaret: I have loved your comments. They are brilliant evil in the best way. So thank you!

    @ WRoss…YES! WEEPING ANGLES!–now that was ALSO frakkin GENIUS

  182. W Ross says:

    "Is Ken a first Amendment Lawyer?!?"
    "But then why does Ken get involved?!"
    "Well because he thought it was good sport! Because some Kens aren't looking for anything logical like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some Kens just want to watch the litigious burn."

  183. google cache for one. Dunno about images themselves

  184. Michael says:

    What the hell was she trying to say in this comic?

  185. M. says:

    @Michael: "I am unimaginative, only quasi-literate, and a dubious artist, but I skim the headlines on once a week."

  186. Dave says:

    Wow, if she really gets Charles Carreon to sue SA and 4Chan I think the internet will finally gain critical mass, and become self aware. Then in the immortal words of Private Hudson "Game over, man, game over."

  187. Malecus says:

    I must say, if Popehat keeps coming up with such entertaining reading, I may just have to convert it to my homepage!

    And I'm volunteering the terms "Coprocyclone", and/or "Blitzkot" to describe a gathering of flying monkeys.

  188. Myk says:

    Shit's about to get *real* interesting: Chris R ‏@dese1ect
    Hire Charles Carreon, he's a no non-sense White Hat Lawyer @cartooness
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    2h D. Barstow ‏@cartooness
    @dese1ect I've seen his name tons here. Is he a real attorney?
    Hide conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite

  189. Myk says:

    And Chris – you are SO my hero now!
    Leonard J Crabs ‏@LeonardJCrabs
    @LeonardJCrabs @dese1ect @cartooness Nice try getting my account banned asshole. You have a civil action coming your way and no mistake.

  190. M. says:

    I'm sure we've all been wondering the same thing on and off…

  191. M. says:

    @dese1ect I've seen his name tons here. Is he a real attorney?

    I'm sure we've all been wondering the same thing on and off…

    (Sorry for the double post, no comprendo tags here.)

  192. W Ross says:

    He's a troll. Look at his website.

  193. Narad says:

    Whoever deployed the Markov chain generator does not seem to know where to set the tedium knob.

  194. W Ross says:

    @Narad Yeah they don't. It's just getting weird now.

  195. Thorne says:

    "…and no mistake"…?!

    I'm wondering if that "literally" should have read "no exaggeration".

    (That one's for you, Ken. ;) )

  196. Joe says:

    "But then why does Ken get involved?!"

    Ken who? Who needs Ken?

  197. HeatherCat says:

    Keep Calm and don't Carreon/I mean "Blink". Don't Blink.

    Dammit, it's too much fun to just read via you guys' takes!!

  198. Chris R. says:

    I don't know why people get so angry when I try to help them.

  199. Kelly says:

    @ Chris R: They are clearly fools who don't properly appreciate you.

  200. W Ross says:

    I still think you've got a shot. Tell her you think she's pretty and her art is good. YOLO, amirite?!?

  201. Chris R. says:

    @Kelly. Haters gonna hate.

  202. Scott Jacobs says:

    So turn the lights off.

    Jesus, do we have to think of everything?

  203. W Ross says:

    Its interesting, the buttons she chose to button vs not button. Kind of a power girl thing?

  204. Chris R. says:

    Ok fine. Let me email her…

    Dear Donna,

    I am sorry I linked you to the wrong website. I meant to link you to not It is very troubling that you called me evil, because I think so highly of you. I really admire your subtle curves and shading (both in your art and on your body). I believe we could be a great team. With your artist ability and my penchant for saying dumb things, we could even write a book together as we laid by the beach making sweet love while drinking Boone's Malt Liquor.

    With Respect & Dedication,

  205. M. says:

    @W Ross: Or she's that dim, take your pick.

  206. BearLoveGirl says:

    Okay, since "Mexican" and "Chinese" and "Italian" aren't races, then "spic," "chink," and "wop" aren't racist epithets? Even though race is defined as "a group of persons related by common descent or heredity?" Ah, semantics. An ignorant bigot by any other name…

    And I like how Barstow is putting bigger and bigger copyright notices on her cartoons. It's just like the teenagers over at Deviant Art.

  207. Chris R. says:

    Moderation makes me sad.

  208. Chris R. says: <— since I am impatient tonight.

  209. W Ross says:

    Sounds good. Add "Do you like me? Y [ ] N [ ]" and I think it's ready to go.

  210. Chris R. says:

    Good idea. Kind of like when recently NASA let us tweet aliens. I tweeted "A/S/L" I hope they get back to me!

  211. M. says:

    @Chris R.: Balls, I forgot all about that. I was going to say "When considering whether to wipe the human species off the face of the universe, please disregard reality television."

  212. BearLoveGirl says:

    @Chris R. Okay, that totally make me snort with laughter.

  213. Chris R. says:

    @M, yeah once they put the whole particle collider thing together with Snooki, they are pretty much guaranteed to think we're dangerous.

  214. Thorne says:

    @Chris R

    Just to give you fair warning, if you get a response of "3200 cycles/Fleegarn/V'Drixxt System", you'll find Chris Hansen from 'Dateline' waiting to ambush you.

    Learn from my mistake. Fuckin' Fleegarns.

  215. Jeff S says:

    I wonder if by commenter Chris R giving bat shit banana sammich crazy Donna Barstow the satirical Carreon site ( and her, in her bat shit banana sammich crazy mind, realizing that it's a 'fake site', if it will help Doe v. Carreon? (not that it needs any help, anyway)

  216. Gal says:

    Morning: Made.

  217. S. Weasel says:

    Tara's posted her video (wait, should I be doing this on a Carreon thread, or does this blog function like a conversation?). They bought a domain name for it ( and everything.

    It's a snooze, sadly.

  218. W Ross says:

    She's locked her Twitter down. I think we have finally passed "Fail Denial."

  219. Kelly says:

    @ Chris: Morning made and I've not even had coffee yet!

    I am almost wary to see what she comes up with today though.

  220. Laura K says:

    @Chris R–loved the Snooki/particle collider remark and so. damn.glad. I wasn't swigging coffee at that moment.

    You know this seems like stating the obvious, arguing that criticsm of a written piece or artwork (I shudder to put that tag on Barstow's stuff; it's got to be the sort of thing even Rush would only print on his toilet paper.) and it is obvious but I appeciate what I've learned on Popehat at the same time. I've been censored, and shut down and ignored and refused in my attempts to print one idea or another. I've had wonderful books by others ripped out of my hands on the grounds of specious morality-patrolling. But Popehat–and all you commenters have given me the first understanding that people try to do this sort of frazzicled crap–that they try to cry censorship–and now copyright if people criticise their work. So asside from all the beautiful, lovely snark (which is a thing of beauty that should be a joy forever.( Oooops! John Keats will be after me now!)you've taught me something valuable. Thanks!
    And yes, I was that clueless, and yes, I needed to get an idea that this stuff happens sooner rather than later. Sarcastic remarks may ensue; my appreciation remains genuine.

  221. darius404 says:

    The Carreon site has 1 interesting feature: it proposes the introduction of a new tort:

    The Introduction of a New Internet Tort, acronym “DIRA” Distributed Internet Reputational Attack. In this section, I will explain of legal basis for the theory of a new tort, that will stand in relation to the old tort of defamation as newsprint stands in relation to the Internet. The need to protect individuals from the exponential power of technology to invade privacy was the subject of a recent Supreme Court case that gives some guidance in the field.

    In United States v. Antoine Jones, the Supreme Court announced a new rule governing the use of GPS trackers. The Court had previously held that no warrant was required before attaching a radio-signalling tracker to a car because the car’s movements while travelling on the public highways were not private. That precedent could not apply to a situation where the an automobile’s movements were monitored round the clock via remote GPS tracker, effectively detailing the entire pattern of the driver’s life over an extended time period. Such an invasion of privacy was an order of magnitude more serious than tracking the radio pulse emitted by a car that was basically going from point A to point B. So a warrant was required. Justice Sotomayor, writing the concurring opinion:

    Awareness that the Government may be watching chills associational and expressive freedoms. And the Government’s unrestrained power to assemble data that reveal private aspects of identity is susceptible to abuse. The net result is that GPS monitoring—by making available at a relatively low cost such a substantial quantum of intimate information about any person whom the Government, in its unfettered discretion, chooses to track—may “alter the relationship between citizen and government in a way that is inimical to democratic society.”

    Analogously, the frequency of DIRAs makes it apparent that old laws concerning defamation need reforming to take account of the pernicious effects of allowing Internet mobs to run riot, placing meaningful limits on what is fair play in the realm of social media. Suggestions will be made for ways to deal with the problem that will protect publishers from being required to play censor, including the creation of a new DIRA tort. See the article on the related subject Stern, Nat, Creating a New Tort For Wrongful Misrepresentation of Character.

  222. W Ross says:


    I believe the bill is called "The Butthurt Amendment"? :D

  223. Scott Jacobs says:

    Ross, that's an old article.

  224. Gal says:

    @darius404: It appears the Carreons are attempting to create a new niche for lawyers – Waaahmbulance chasing.

  225. Michael says:

    "The Old Time Gospel Hour and the Moral Majority do not compete in the marketplace of ideas with Hustler magazine."

    This might be the funniest thing I've read on this site. No offense to any of the regular contributors, of course.

  226. Bearman says:

    @HeatherCat thanks.

    "@Bearman, well mostly this is matter of opinion here, but I'd say because by comparison you're actually GOOD."

    While i think 80% of cartoonists draw better than I do, I forget that I still draw better than the 20% (and those who don't draw at all I guess).

  227. Bearman says:

    @ttl interesting post. Though while I am not indicating at all she is a racist (I think depending on the context of the joke, you could go in several ways with it), it is interesting that the defense used is that feminists can't be racist.

  228. Nate says:

    Right up until she memory holed her websites I thought she was trolling (having seen the Streisand Effect during the CC saga, she thought she could benefit from it). Alas, I had given her more credit that she deserves. She's far from going Full-Carreon though, she's not even launched a law suit yet, she'd have to be skinning puppies to go as far as the suing charities CC did. Also, no photoshopped penis pics or nazi rants. ;)

  229. Scott Jacobs says:

    Also, no photoshopped penis pics or nazi rants.

    We are – all of us – diminished by this lacking of Photoshopped Nazi penises…

  230. Grifter says:

    I'd say she' still at like 4 on the Carreon scale.

  231. Jack B. says:

    If there's any photoshopping to be done, someone needs to cut the Crying Statue of Liberty out of some of Kelly's Onion cartoons and paste them into some of Barstow's cartoons. Kelly was the first thing that came to mind when I saw one of Donna Barstow's cartoons.

  232. S. Weasel says:


    Stupid internet. I think it's broken.

  233. Myk says:

    Well Tara's certainly waving the nutso flag high and clear, isn't she?

  234. Scott Jacobs says:


    Stupid internet. I think it's broken.

    Says the woman that refuses to post free entertainment for us on the weekends… :)

  235. Chris R. says:

    @S. Weasel, she blocked all communication to the outside world. What Carreon should have done right away. Maybe she learned? Who knows.

  236. Tam says:

    Sweet zombie Jesus, it's a wonderful thing to watch the cheese slide right off someone's cracker in public, right there on the internet in front of God and everybody.

  237. W Ross says:

    …the First Amendment has a posse..

  238. Chris R. says:

    @W Ross, we need those biker vests. "FAP"

  239. Kelly says:

    I go away for a few hours and come back to 'Sweet zombie Jesus' and talk of needing biker vests. Lol!

    Also, do we are think she is through? Or did she delete everything in a preemptive sort of move before she goes full Carreon (perhaps with his help?!)

  240. Chris R. says:

    @Kelly, she's made these censorious threats before and flown mostly under the radar. Right now she's getting her first real taste of the Streisand Effect, which for most well balanced people is dissuasive enough. It takes real asshats to stare Streisand in the face and keep talking. We'll see.

  241. Kelly says:

    I would say she landed in the middle of the radar this time. You're right though, wait and see if she can take the heat or just made a run for it.

  242. Myk says:

    "Sometimes I procrastinate, or I do a lot of research to figure out what other people think is the right thing to do. Other times I take action, but in an unexpected direction. This creates both humor and chaos. :)"

    <a href="; title="Maybe she should review her decision process magic 8-ball"></a href.

  243. Myk says:

    @Chris @W Ross – I propose "First Amendment Posse" as the name, "Fast Action Response Team" as the chapter

  244. Onideus says:

    Very odd this…

    "Moreover, as the district court noted, Moral Majority or Old Time Gospel Hour members would probably not be counted among Hustler's readers."

    …given the "Howard Stern Effect"…in that people in general LIKE hating things and will listen/watch/buy simply, "to see what they'll do next". The people who HATE you often tend to be some of your biggest "fans" on the whole. Strange but true.

  245. M. says:

    Anything happened with the 4chan business?

  246. Gal says:

    @M: I think the 4chan business was a hoax to begin with, as I understood it. And it seems like Barstow (Am I the only one fighting the urge to call her Barstool?) has come to her senses.

  247. M. says:

    Oh, what a pity. That would have been epic.

  248. Gal says:

    Mind you, it's just my impression, she may just prove me wrong.

  249. Matthew says:

    Given that she was sure that 4chan was Channel 4, in the UK, I don't she would have got very far anyway.

    That indecision cartoon is predictably stupid. Stuff you haven't dealt with comes into your in-tray and goes to your out-tray once it's done. It doesn't come into an unnamed third tray until you decide to put it in the in or the out tray.

  250. Nate says:

    @ Matthew, clearly she had a logic fail. But then we shouldn't be surprised since she never got the memo that if you have to explain it, it's not funny (and nothing of hers I've seen yet is funny).

  251. Valerie says:

    @ W Ross I know the Weeping Angles are way back in the thread, but I could not keep my nerd card if I did not point out that the Angles do not make it so people never existed – they just take the years they have left and shoot them back in time. Otherwise the Doctor & Martha could not have warned Sally Sparrow about the danger from 1967. Just sayin'

    In this case, the Angles would only be suspect if a crappy, bigoted, anti-Mexican cartoonist appeared somewhere in the past… oh wait. Nevermind.

  252. S. Weasel says:

    Oh, dear me, Tara is likely to bust my Schitz-O-Meter if she carries on like this. Did she just declare herself a deity?

  253. Myk says:

    Has anyone told that Carl Jung is dead? Might scuttle her plans a bit.

  254. Grifter says:


    I know it's just an autocorrect thing…but I have this image of the "Weeping Angles" now…triangles bent over themselves as though they're crying, but secretly with nasty big, pointy teeth.

  255. W Ross says:

    One thing all Popehatters CAN agree on… FUCK auto correct.

  256. Mike K says:

    I've never had a problem with auto-correct… Then again I am extremely weird…

  257. Chris R. says:

    Yeah autocorrect has oppressed me for far too long as well Ross.

  258. S. Weasel says:

    Geez, are all y'all's internetting on them i-doohicikies?

  259. Phe0n1x says:

    awwww she protected her Twitter. What am I to do with all this tasty popcorn now?

  260. She's gone silent on Twitter. :-( She hasn't blocked me yet but the last tweet showing was about the "evil" person who directed her to a "fake" site, lol. I think this one's over.

  261. W Ross says:

    I think she was all fluster and feathers. If she was going to file something, it would have been filed by now.

    I think she might have figured out how the outside world works, which is an equally good win as her having a meltdown. If she chooses not to do this shit ever again, then yay.

    If she does, this situation will simply repeat itself. It's the Circle of Internet.

  262. Grifter says:

    @W Ross:

    "Annnnnnnnd it mooooooooves us allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!"

  263. W Ross says:

    "But what happens when there's too many self important, papa?"
    "You see son, the trolls eat the self important…"
    "But who eats the trolls?"
    "Other trolls, and the police if they go to far.. but normally age."
    "What happens when they age?"
    "They too often become self important, and…"
    "Are eaten by the trolls!"

  264. Chris R. says:

    @Raving, glad I could help her come to her senses.

  265. Valerie says:


  1. July 6, 2012

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