Pimp Your Blog, September Edition

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  1. Thank you for sharing your readers with us!!

    From my Impolite Canadian blog ( http://www.impolitecanadian.blogspot.com )

    And from my NACBU (North American Conservative Bloggers United http://www.nacbubloggers.blogspot.com ) indie bloggers club, a great post by B. Christopher Agee:

    And may I also recommend my friend Paul Lemmen's post "Of Cabbage and Kings? http://anexconsview.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/of-cabbages-and-kings/

    Thank you for this Popehat!

  2. Given the sort of accusations made by prohibitionists against me and other sex worker rights activists http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/ad-scortum/ , I probably shouldn't post in any thread containing the word "pimp" in its title. ;-)

  3. Jonathan says:

    My blog – Sardonic Ex Curia (http://sardonicexcuria.blogspot.com/), on which I post links of interest to Federalists, strict constructionalists, conservatives (mostly) and occasional expositions of my own.

  4. Nicholas weaver says:

    Thanks for the pimping chance.

    I'm one of the authors of Netalyzr. Help us measure the Internet and debug your own connection. http://Netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu

  5. Ghost says:

    I'm pretty proud of this one, and also this newest one inspired by Ken's post on Holmes.

    Thanks for the opportunity to get some views.

  6. Stingray says:

    Proud is of dubious use given where I'm going with this, but it's applicable for part of it. For the month of September, a bunch of EMS bloggers, gunbloggers, and general internet malcontents such as myself put on kilts to raise funds and awareness for male specific cancers. http://www.atomicnerds.com/?p=6027 has the rundown from the start of the month.

    So far I've raised close to a thousand bucks, but after watching my father go through treatment for prostate cancer, I very much want to do better. And in the spirit of friendly competition, so do some of the other fund raisers to whom this matters. So, and this is the part where the term proud becomes dubious, I've offered to record and post the audio stream of having my junk waxed at an upcoming blogger get-together if I'm the top fundraiser in this dance. http://www.atomicnerds.com/?p=6071

    And since there are lawyers present, I'll clarify that no, junk does not mean a Chinese sailing ship in this context. ;)

    So if anybody has the urge to listen to me submit to a questionable grooming procedure for a good cause and in turn probably crank out a string of profanity that would make R. Lee say "Hey, tone it down a notch, that's a bit too far man…" please feel free to donate generously at http://kilted.kintera.org/atomicnerds before midnight CST on the 30th.

    Thank you.

  7. Jake says:

    May I take a moment to pimp another person's blog? I only read 2, this and the blog of Patrick Rothfuss (bestselling fantasy author) – very different topics I know. Rothfuss, even if you have no interest in his books, writes an incredibly funny blog covering a wide range of topics (lots of stuff regarding life as a professional author and geek icon who can quite believe he's "on the same level/stage/panel/etc" with his own idols – and is therefore trying desperately not to sound like a stalker or forget how to talk). He's also a new(ish) father and blogs a lot of terribly cute conversations with his son, who goes by the online handle Oot.

    Also, every year he runs a charity fundraiser called "Worldbuilders", matching his own money to donations. Other authors, agents and publishers have taken to donating books (which get raffled or auctioned off), professional services (win the auction and they'll read your manuscript and offer comments, possibly even choose to represent you), and their own money to the cause. Right now there's one author who's new book is coming out soon – for each pre-order he's donating a dollar to worldbuilders. His total cut of a sale is roughly 50 cents. Additionally his publisher is matching his donations. All the money raised goes to the charity Heifer International. It's an awesome event, full of stories of people's generosity (one rare signed book keeps getting re-donated to the next year's charity).

    Also, he has the most epic beard.


  8. M. says:

    I write a beauty blog, "Radioactive Glamour," strictly for my own beatification: It's mostly about nail polish, but I occasionally snark on beauty companies whose brand ethos don't sufficiently impress me.



  9. Laura K says:

    Hi Ken and other Popehat…hm…grandees? Esquires? Wise men? Wise guys?

    Here is my little blog that is still growing.


    I seem to get more readers for the long essays but there are jokes, bad puns and recipes as well. I seem to hit interfaith issues, grumpiness sarcasm and my path to UU ministry in the topic range.


    Laura K/lifeaftergofigure

  10. Rigged roulette wheels, currency smuggling, LIBOR, Roman pieces of silver, and what it takes to arrest the peerless incompetence of Greek fiscal managers (hint: even the Nazis couldn't manage it): Just a sample of the last 15 months of finem respice.

    Meyer Lansky Is Shocked, Shocked To Find That No Gambling Is Going On Here

    Great Moments In Professional Monetary Policy

    Fiscal Effects Of French Heroin In Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Patients

    Losing Confidence In The Widening Confidence Interval Of Confidence

  11. Paul Lemmen says:

    Thanks Max (Impolite Canadian) for the recommend!
    Ken, I have you on my blogroll (and have for a few months), even making you stand out by being the blogroll entry with a graphic … Can I get a reciprocal blogroll entry here?

  12. Thad says:

    My most popular posts, the ones that keep getting me the most search engine traffic, are one about fan mods to Final Fantasy 7 ( http://www.corporate-sellout.com/index.php/2011/05/24/ff7-pc-mods/ ) and one about file syncing between Linux and Windows with Unison ( http://www.corporate-sellout.com/index.php/2011/02/21/unison-file-sync-from-ubuntu-to-windows-7/ ).

    As for the ones that have gotten me the most feedback and which I'm proudest of, they're the ones about comic book creators' rights, most notably this one about Jack Kirby and his heirs' attempts to get co-ownership of the characters he created at Marvel: http://www.corporate-sellout.com/index.php/2010/04/05/kings-ransom/

    I don't know if I should be linking that on a law blog since I'm sure there are people here who can tear my amateur-hour understanding of copyright to shreds, but what the hell.

  13. Suz says:

    Far and away my most-read, most controversial, and most-linked post:


  14. May I point to three recent posts that I am proud of?

    The first deals with the issue of double standards on symbolic speech when it is directed at Barack Obama — Over-Wrought Rhetoric And Double Standards From The Left http://rhymeswithright.mu.nu/archives/333069.php

    The second notes that calls for suppression of anti-Muslim speech is part of a pattern of limiting human rights in the name of Islam — Is Speech Against Islam A Crime Against Humanity — Or Is Islam Itself? http://rhymeswithright.mu.nu/archives/332992.php

    The third deals with the kefluffle over the surrogacy contract signed by one of Mitt Romney's sons, and the reality that any effort to make or enforce a contract to the contrary would likely be invalid as contrary to constitutional law — Why The “Abortion Clause” Story Is Really A Non-Scandal http://rhymeswithright.mu.nu/archives/333092.php

    Please enjoy and be sure to browse around my little corner of the internet!

  15. Hal 10000 says:

    I do most of my political blogging at Right-Thinking. Some of my recent favorites were on global warming (http://right-thinking.com/2012/08/09/the-heat-wave/) and Louisiana schools (http://right-thinking.com/2012/06/27/nessie/). At my own blog, I mostly blog about science, sports, movies and science fiction. My most linked posts were those Maggie drew attention to on rape statistics (http://michaelsiegel.net/?p=5406) and breasts (http://michaelsiegel.net/?p=5089).

  16. Ancel De Lambert says:

    I wrote a response to Anne Bradstreet's "The Flesh and the Spirit", too bad I don't have a link.

  17. Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger
    Free SF books and craft how-to articles (paper, inks, armor, shoes, sundials, etc.):

    Tip jar donations very welcome.

  18. Jay says:

    Um…Come watch a non-highschool diploma-having, non-lawyer try to obtain a new trial for a down-south Mexican gangster rapper convicted (falsely, in my opinion) of aggravated sexual assault of a child in corrupt Rosenthal-era Harris County, Texas.


    Lots of swearing and some extremely cutting edge rap lyrics.

  19. Zymergist says:

    My Wife and 2 of her good friends have a blog about various forms of crafting, cooking, and gardening with a side order of snarky humor and alternative flair. Unfortunately the mainstream crafting community is not thrilled with the name…. http://www.3craftybitches.com

  20. TJIC says:

    For 21 months I've been working on a science fiction novel (it's metastasized into two novels). If you like Heinlein, Nivel, Vernor Vinge, and/or John Ringo, this is for you. Topics include lunar colonization, libertarian revolution, uplifted dogs, AI, anti-gravity, very big guns, corporate finance, polycentric law, and economics.

    Follow the blog at http://morlockpublishing.com . I hope to have the book(s) out in Q1 next year.

    I do things in the kitchen. Sometimes complicated things like making my own tortillas, lasagna (from scratch), making cheese, pickling watermelon rings, etc. Details at http://foodiedouchebag.com

    In my basement and garage I do blacksmithing, woodturning, cabinetmaking, and electronics. I'm just finishing up a linux controlled 4' x 4' CNC manufacturing robot. Watch me do things; bet on when I cut a finger off, all at http://365bowls.com

  21. Laura K says:

    Oh and I am proud of my assault on ancient epics: http://lifeaftergofigure.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/gilgamesh-for-the-scoobie-gang/

    Laura K/lifeaftergofigure.wordpress.com

  22. Ghost says:

    Thanks again for the opportunity.

    This is one of my many blogs about abuse of authority.
    and one on the coming anarchy, and while I'm dreaming, I'd like a mustang…

  23. KGBcomedian says:

    Hello. I'm not necessarily here to promote my website, but more to promote some awareness of larger issue.
    My site is http://alternativejohnnymocksite.wordpress.com. You should also visit http://thetruthaboutsocnetlies.wordpress.com.
    The issue has been posted about here. In short, John Giduck didn't like the fact that people called him out, so he got all huffy and started a war. Now he's trying to SLAPP a website full of specops vets. The PDF of his SLAPP complaint is available on Michael Yon's website.

  24. ttl says:

    "Promote yourself freely in this thread."

    I'm awesome.

  25. Panzersage says:

    Just putting up my Blog for all those interested.

    It is a blog giving factual and realistic accounts of hunting the undead. Including proper techniques, mindset, and tools needed.


    It is a young blog, but its library of useful information will grow in time.

  26. Bruce says:

    I'm doing a basic living/travel blog since I moved to work in Laos.


  27. Ernie Menard says:

    Several years back I sequentially wrote a couple of blogs. The first, http://judicialmalfeasance.blogspot.com, has either disappeared from the net or I've forgotten the address. The second, http://jdmal.blogspot.com, remains up.

    The blogs chronicled my experiences at successive law schools and to some extent the repercusions the events had on my life.

  28. M. says:

    This thread is going to keep me busy for at least a year. Other people's lives are so interesting!

  29. Of course I'm always pimping my cartoons at <a href="http://beartoons.com&quot; title="beartoons.com" but I am especially proud that I finally revamped my cafepress website with all my tshirt designs to align with the beartoons brand.

    Announcement <a href="http://beartoons.com/2012/09/03/beartoons-shop-is-now-open/&quot; title="here."

  30. hahah…I totally screwed that up. Damn me not knowing html better.

  31. John Farrier says:

    Thank you for doing this, Ken.

    Twilight Sparkle, the main character on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, is a librarian. I wrote a critique of her work in that professional capacity.

  32. A few years ago, I posted a what-if screed on having a state religion in the United States. That really stirred 'em up – the comment thread went all over the map.

  33. Dan says:

    I finished in last place in a BBQ competition yesterday. Not good… not good at all. Read all about it!

  34. flip says:

    Well that's annoying – I write here under my pseudonym, but I also blog under my real name…. sigh… I'll forfeit the chance to promote my site.

  35. Mark Shaffer says:

    This is a blog post detailing the results of my investigation into some of the reasons behind the unavailability of generic versions of the extraordinarily expensive cancer medication I am taking.

  36. scav says:

    I'll shamelessly point at one of my political blog posts:


    The post that actually got most (i.e. some) non-spam comments was about Game of Thrones. So. Hmm.


  37. Todd W. says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, Ken!

    My blog is Harpocrates Speaks, and there are a couple posts (well, series) that I put a lot of work into.

    The most recent is a series of wanted posters for vaccine preventable diseases. That link goes to the wrap-up post, from which you can get to all of 16 of the posters.

    I also took on the ethics of doing a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study in a prospective, blinded, controlled trial format. That link goes to part 1.

  38. My friend Julia and I recently launched MININERD, dedicated to exploring geek culture from a right-wing perspective and right-wing politics from a geek's perspective.

  39. dfbaskwill says:

    My blog promotes the Penn State Track Alumni Group. In this post I lament the changes that have occurred in High School Cross Country from the 70s to 2012.

  40. Josh M. says:

    In my day job I'm a chemical engineer. I channel this in my spare time to fuel one of my true passions, brewing beer! My blog, Two Ravens Brewing, is always linked when I post here, but I'll pimp it anyways. I post the various recipes for wine, beer, and hard cider that I brew there when I brew them. I also post about various things that interest me (comics, music, etc). I've also started using it to host some of my fiction writing which I eventually hope to get published. Thanks for this opportunity, Ken!

  41. M. says:

    @Dan: If your blog doesn't seem to get much traffic, it's because people are afraid of getting hungry and robbing a barbecue joint in the middle of the night. I started browsing it one night and ended up pondering how my arm would taste with Stubb's spicy.

  42. Ghede says:

    This isn't actually my site, but it's run by a good friend of mine who is all over online rights and digital policy in Australia (among other things) … you can check him out here: http://www.geordieguy.com

  43. Damian P. says:

    I don't post on it as much as I'd like, but I pontificate on legal matters (mostly family law) here: http://damianpenny.wordpress.com/

  44. Dwight Brown says:

    Of all the stuff I've written since Popehat's last pimp call and this one, this post is the one that I'm most proud of.

  45. Miranda says:

    Woa. I randomly clicked on one link, and it was a steaming pile of sexist shit. I am the worse for having read it. Thanks for your truly awful, hateful words, Suz.
    Anyone read some other link that is interesting or funny and won't make me despair for humanity?

  46. V-Man says:

    Oooh, free pimping. Much obliged!

    If you have any interest in science-fiction (mostly giant robots), space, or model aircraft of the radio-controlled variety, drop by .

    There's also the occasional post about politics or society, but they grow scarcer as I get older and tire of tilting at windmills.

  47. Kary says:

    I have three poetry/prose blogs. I wrote in the voice of my main character from a plot for NaNoWriMo this year. I'm rather proud of how this character is developing, and here is the post: let me float away

  48. jo says:

    Just trying to right one tiny little wrong in one tiny little corner of backwoods Virginia here at "Protesting Insane Staunton School Truancy Enforcement" with the help of God and the VAFOIA:


  49. Andrew Roth says:

    As I've mentioned before, Aliens in the Family is a dubious enterprise, and one of particularly dubious tastes. Below are some of the titles that I've seen fit to print since my last pimping effort (which was, if memory serves, my debut in the Popehat peanut gallery):

    "Advice on succeeding in college, and maybe some grilling tips from Jeffrey Dahmer."
    "Another invitation to Chelsea Handler to defecate into the family rice bowl."
    "My encounter with San Diego Police recruiting officer and noted residential vandal Robert Acosta."
    "Alienproofing your house."
    "Come for the spanikopita; stay for the tax evasion and the fascist meathead beating on lady leftists."
    "If I whore myself out to the tabloid press, will that help me bed the cute chubby chicks?"
    "Young lady, you best keep your mouth shut, and your legs, too. Massa don't need no electronic backsass!"

    I'm currently working on a belated analysis of the Chick-Fil-A stoopid from over the summer, and I have a number of other irons in more lukewarm parts of the fire, so stay tuned.

    Ken, thank you for making pimpin' so easy.

  50. AJ says:

    I don't have a blog or a web presence so I hope you don't mind if I ask this question of your commenters here. I'm also about as internet saavy as a recluse at a reunion.

    I'm looking to set up a small business related website. Does anyone have any recommendations on web site hosting. Frankly, most of the information I've been getting smells a bit like old fish to me.

    I would add, that negatives also help, such as, "stay away from these people, I got screwed."

  51. Kinsey says:

    AJ: Go Daddy, while they have attracted negative publicity lately, much of it deserved (i.e., the CEO hunts elephants, they supported SOPA until they figured out how it pissed off their customers, etc.), has very affordable hosting plans with a wide range of web templates that even novices can understand and set up. Plus, if you're completely non-Internet savvy, they will set up the website for you – I want to say it costs around $450, which, if this is for a business and you don't know anything about web formatting and you don't want the site to look like crap, is not a bad price.

    WordPress has a lot of great templates for free blogs but again, if you are truly non-Internet savvy, this is probably not an option for you.

    If you don't want to go the Go Daddy route, you should Google (or Angie's List, or Craigs List, or whatever) "website developers" in your area. A lot of folks doing web development do it as a side job and so don't charge a lot of money.

    Now – about me.

    I could totally write about politics and philosophy and all the serious stuff y'all are talking about, if I wanted to, and I'm not the least bit abashed to be throwing my totally unserious blog into the ring, but….

    I'm a romance writer and I've recently (last weekend) committed to blogging more regularly at http://www.kinseyholley.com, where I talk about books (not limited to romance), kids, life, cool stuff I bought and liked, crafts, whatever. I'm about to finalize a post on decoupaging shoes, and later this week I'll do one on the worst/grossest/most unfortunate words and phrases used in sex scenes.

    My blog is probably not of interest to the XYs. Sorry.

    Also – a "preview" option for comments would be awesome. Just saying patrickpleasedontthrowanythingatme.

  52. Bard Bloom says:

    I just started writing a web-serial science fiction/fantasy — the diary of a small dragonet on an inter-universe wanderjahr. It has just about nothing to do with Popehat, but it's a fun weekly dose of fiction.

    (If you like, there's the ten-year archive of my previous web serial too, but that's a bit more reading)


    Bard Bloom
    sythyry.com, or sythyry.livejournal.com, or sythyry.dreamwidth.org

  53. wgering says:

    @Kinsey: Hey now, just because a blog focuses on shoes and romance novels doesn't mean men can't appreciate it.

    Also, I submit "suppurating pustules" as the worst phrase for anything involving sex.

  54. Kinsey says:

    Ok, "suppurating pustules" has never been used in a sex scene. But considering that the words "weeping" and "juices" have, I will not scold you for making an obvious and over the top example.

    And yes, XYs who love XXs might find some of my product recommendations useful, and the XYs who love XYs might find useful consumer information there as well.

    So. Yay! Everyone go to my blog.

  55. Jenn says:

    OO, I just saw this today. I'm still getting caught up on my feeds.

    I am slowly starting up a consultation service for small businesses, focused mainly at crafters. I recently wrote this piece on PPC ads, and I'm working on the next part tonight:


  56. David says:


    My name is David, and I'm a pimp. Just for now, you know…and it doesn't really count because I'm doing it mostly for the experience.

    Anyway, yes, I'd like to mention my blogs, of which the one I do for my software company has a bit of content and my new effort…doesn't. {8'>

    Mostly, though, I'd like to link to my new fantasy detective novel, available on Kindle as of last night.

    Here's the description:

    "Owen Tremaine is in more trouble than he ever imagined.

    28 years old, the founder of a software company in Corpus Christi, Texas, he thought work-related burnout was a major crisis. After walking away from his company, he's spent a year trying to reinvent himself as a private investigator. But when his past reaches out to pull him back, the stakes include not only his own life and the lives of those he loves but also the fate of a missing 12-year-old girl, the future of personal security on the Internet, and the results of a bizarre twist on local Native American history.

    Now he's dealing with cutting-edge software development, downsides of recent anti-terror legislation, and…magic? Really?

    But hey. He's still got friends…."

    Thanks! That felt good.

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