Somewhere, Away From The Ponies

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26 Responses

  1. John Burgess says:

    Yes, please. Continue to warn people away from the ponies in Tampa. They've been known to clean out wallets in under two minutes.

  2. Paul says:

    This could be the greatest blog post. Of. All. Time.

    I will be laughing at this:
    " I can't look my children in the eye if I let that happen, Ema, not even my child who only has one eye to begin with."
    for quite some time.

  3. M. says:

    To whom do I send the ER bill for suctioning sugar cookie out of my sinuses and lungs?

  4. Shane says:

    Website hosting – $225
    Traffic Monitoring -$50
    Ability to send boring sales people snarky responses in all seriousness – Priceless.

    :) Soldier on, my friend, soldier on.

  5. Bear says:

    "We have been trying the Amazon Associates Program, but have discovered that the results are less robust than we hoped. This may be that the forms of entertainment our readers prefer are not available on Amazon as a consequence of being felonious in most of these continental United States."

    Ah. _That's_ why my Associates payments have been [edited for good taste… as opposed to paste taste] low. I should have taken the hint from the search engine hits looking for "animal sex" and bestiality vacations". (Wish I was kidding, but because of a couple of posts poking fun at the Florida anti-pig-sex law, I got… more of said visitor than I needed.)

  6. Amber says:

    typo in the second graphic.

  7. Meghan says:

    I believe that I have just suffered a pony-related injury.

  8. Matthew Cline says:

    Why did you respond to a straight question about advertizing similarly to how you respond to requests for advertising disguised as "guest blogging"?

  9. Beth says:

    I thought the Australian pony had horns. Upon closer inspection, it's a hat, which is a relief. Ponies are dangerous enough without goring implements.

    Although I suppose there could be horns under the hat…

  10. wgering says:

    Every time you do one of these I feel compelled to read "Equus" again.


  11. Artor says:

    PONY 2012!

    I really hope you get an appropriate response to this. My mind boggles, just trying to imagine what an appropriate response might be.

  12. G Thompson says:

    There are no words… though this picture may help

  13. Dustin says:


  14. KJaye says:

    "Make no mistake — a man can come a cropper visiting a 2.5 if he hasn't his wits about him."
    I've been laughing about this since I read it yesterday. God, that's good stuff.

  15. nlp says:

    @Matthew Cline, I'm just guessing of course, because only Ken knows the workings of his wonderful mind, but I suspect that he responds to advertising queries and guest blog queries with a discussion about ponies for the same reason that The Bloggess responds to advertising email that gushes about what pantyhose the Kardashians wear with a picture of Wil Weaton collating paper: it's spam bot. If advertisers looked at the actual sites they would realize that Popehat does not accept advertising nor guest blogs, and The Bloggess is not a mommy blog that discusses pantyhose.

    And, of course, it's also funny.

    But this is only my guess.

  16. I want to hear patrick's response

  17. Deborah McKenna says:

    Brilliant. Hilarious.

  18. Kriegzilla says:

    Just in case I won't be visiting Assateague Island anytime soon.

    On a slightly different take, if they take it in the spirit that it's intended and play along then they might be worth doing business with … Just saying. Just imagine a travel agency that didn't recommend pony hot spots, could be a real, and safe business differentiator.

  19. Hughhh says:

    Confirming that it is, in fact, spam:""

  20. Hughhh says:

    Oh for god's sake.

  21. Grifter says:

    I think it'll work if you do this: Here.

    Or this:

    I think it's the quotation marks (which Google doesn't technically require) that mess it up. But we'll see if it actually shows up correctly, or if I'm off-base.

  22. Docrailgun says:

    Why do you hate ponies so?

    Free Luna!

  23. mojo says:

    "Nobody move or the pony get it!"

  24. Pony says:

    Mr. Ken A. Popehat,

    Your website contains libelious statements about me, a pony. Their hurtful comments, and slander the good name of ponies everywhere. Furthermore; they illegally interphere with my ability to work. You've put me in fear for my life. I demand that these attacks be taken down at once. I have spoken with a couple lawyers and they all say you're breaking laws. Torturous interference with contracts. Lies. Emotional abuse. IF YOu do not take down your post, I will have you sued for everything you have.


    P. O. Ny

  25. Kathleen Hoppe says:

    Thanks to you, I knew these were a threat to my son's safety today. god bless the internet.