The Candidates We Deser…. I mean… EN TARO ADUN.

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31 Responses

  1. Aufero says:

    I'm sure the third debate will make a lot more sense if I'm drunk. (Plus it might help with my incoherent ranting, which I've been practicing while answering those automated telephone opinion polls.)

    And yes, the new XCOM game is incredible. (Except when my Assault specialist misses three times in a row while trying to shoot a Muton Berserker.)

  2. Tobias says:

    I have no idea how all these Starcraft analogies came in to this, but it makes way more sense this way.

    Maybe the world should just settle all future political debates over a game of Starcraft… although that way south korea would have world domination by 2015.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mutons are basically bullshit :/

  4. C. Ellis says:


  5. Gal says:

    It's about goddamn time a worthy sequel to the original XCOM games was made. Other than UFO: Alien Invasion, that is (a free fanmade game, and yes, I'm plugging it. It's incomplete, but quite good.)

  6. Jaggd says:

    Awesome post. XCOM is so addictive.

  7. APStorm says:

    I played UFO: Alien Invasion… Was kinda meh. Preferred UFO: Extraterrestrials Gold. Also, Xenonauts looks like it's got the right idea. Like the look of Enemy Unknown, but just can't get it yet.

  8. Christopher Swing says:

    Sorry couldn't hear you over the sounds of these ridiculous guns in Borderlands 2

    But yeah I need to get on that X-Com. Someone even remade Carrier Command, I don't know what to do with myself this month.

  9. M. says:

    Insufferable Protoss coward!

  10. Shane says:

    Sigh … where have all the real … time strategies gone. Blizzard has forsaken me.

  11. Steve Florman says:

    Did some crazed teenager just sneak in and hijack Ken's laptop while he was in the head? What the hell was that?

  12. M. says:

    @Steve Florman: It wasn't posted by Ken, so no.

  13. rmv says:

    XCOM is destroying my life.

  14. LT says:

    … this might be the best breakdown of the debates I've read so far. Mostly because the idea of LAN parties in the WH amuses the hell out of me, but there's also some good points made. In video game analogy. Which, of course, makes everything awesome.

  15. Skeptico says:

    You sure you weren't drunk when you wrote that?

  16. Nicholas Weaver says:

    I love me the new XCOM. I'm playing it in the same recreational mode I've played the previous ones: CHEATING. I just like to see ET get it…

    Yes, the team of Sid Meier, Ken Levine, Joe Kelly, and Otto Zander, plus whatever disposable drones and SHIVs want to come along for the ride and draw fire scout the enemy, are ripping through those sectoids like a hot plasma stream through butter…

  17. Dictatortot says:

    Mitt Romney has a Protoss-shaped face. I'm never going to unsee that now.

  18. ElSuerte says:

    This pastiche needs more Eve Online!

  19. Random Encounter says:

    @BigJoe_TransAm do you even lift?

  20. mojo says:

    Obviously, Ken has an open door policy with regard to babbling idiots, eh?

  21. M. says:

    @mojo: That kind of fishing for compliments is too subtle for most of us, buddy.

  22. Derrick says:

    Ken lets me post as long as I keep the pictures from FurCon 2002 private.

  23. Dan Weber says:

    I love this series even if I don't understand half of it.

    I'd probably be playing X-COM non-stop if I bought it. That's the only reason I haven't bought it.

  24. Ancel De Lambert says:

    I barely have time for Guild Wars 2, I'm not buying anything new for a while.

  25. Aufero says:

    Unfortunately, I understand every word of this series.

    I say "unfortunately" because a) my understanding reveals that I spent far too much time playing Starcraft, and b) Starcraft analogies are far too accurate in the context of political campaigns. It's a bit scary.

  26. Dreampod says:

    I'm glad you guys are really enjoying X-Com I feeling that it is a good, but not great game. The tactical part is quite solid but the strategic is boring and doesn't include any meaningful decisions.

  27. Hughhh says:

    Speaking as someone entirely unfamiliar with Starcraft (hey, that's me!) this post does not compute. If one has played Starcraft, it's apparently funny as hell, but if not… yyyyeah.

    Don't get me wrong — I diss not the Starcraft players among us — I just play different games.. *nod to the Voltron and He-Man figures that I ordered earlier this week*   :)

  28. Phlip says:

    So, I come here and get presented with a post full of Starcraft, then I head over to Day[9] and get treated to a video talking about Magic: the Gathering. If Limited Resources this week ends up being talking about free speech and censorious lawsuits then I'm going to end up thoroughly confused about my world.

  29. Robert White says:

    My problem is that these are not "Real Time Strategy" games, they are "Real Time Tactics" games. Real strategy involves needing to get bullets to your troops and managing food and supplies all the way to the field, the need to prepare for the tactical engagements.

    Granted actual Real Time Strategy would be no fun, but it just wouldn't have been that hard to call it what it was.

    (Strategy doesn't change during battle, tactics do)

    The Roman person Aelianus Tacticus would be very angry for having his name besmirched in favor of the effing Greek military position of Strategus. Its the wrong kingdom and it isn't even a guy…

  30. darius404 says:

    My problem is that these are not "Real Time Strategy" games, they are "Real Time Tactics" games. Real strategy involves needing to get bullets to your troops and managing food and supplies all the way to the field, the need to prepare for the tactical engagements.

    I believe the type of genre you're looking for would be more accurately described as "Real Time Logistics" which, sadly(?), does not exist to my knowledge.

  31. trevalyan says:

    Look, if Obama wants to play Diablo 3, whatever- to each his own. Too bad he's a PROFESSIONAL Starcraft player, which means that playing Starcraft is his fucking job! And if you can't do that job, no matter what else you're doing, you're going to have a lot more time to play things that aren't pro Starcraft in the near future.

    Derrick, you're a fun commentator, but your bias is showing. Even though his micro and macro are both good, Obama's systemic problem is that he doesn't have a solid map strategy. To be fair, Romney's current strat is completely different from his playstyle in the primaries, and maybe he's not playing it as well as possible- but by God, it's working, and Obama had better wake up to that soon with a strat of his own. He's down 0-1-1, and Biden just landing a tie with Ryan means the 2v2 has serious issues heading into the last match. You think a funny forum post of Ryan flexing won Biden that match? Hahaha, that's adorable.

    Nothing short of a miracle will save Obama at this point, and it's a miracle he's not getting. Even if he broke out a God Strat in the next match, Romney will just counter with "Well, why the fuck weren't you doing that all this time?" It isn't a credible hope. Maybe Obama's skills will allow him to crack Romney's strat, but that's not a position the reigning champ should be in.