credo ut intelligam, ambulo ut legam

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David Byron

David Byron is a software developer working for the military-industrial complex. At Popehat, he writes about art, language, theater (mostly magic), technology, lyrics, and aleatory ephemera. Serious or satirical poetry spontaneously overflows from him while he's recollecting in tranquility. @dcbyron

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20 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    Uh First. But yah, cool pic man

  2. Hughhh says:

    We'll be in Paris, a little over over two weeks from now. A quick overnight jaunt via the chunnel during a week-long stay in London.

    If I can manage to locate the spot and take a photo, with what should I pose? :)

  3. Myk says:

    @Hughhh; I suggest a map, or at least poorly-scrawled directions to Poitiers. Or Rhone-Alps.

  4. M. says:

    FFS, apparently there's truly nowhere to hide from the "first" bullshit.

  5. Bill says:

    @M – calm down bro, it was just a lighthearted goof. After years of faithfully reading , I finally came to a post with no comments yet. Didn't think it would cause anyone any turmoil or angst.

  6. M. says:

    It's obnoxious, and I'm not a "bro."

  7. jay z says:

    he mad.

  8. David says:

    L'impasse de la priorité!

  9. Derpus says:

    L'impasse de la First!

  10. darius404 says:

    Uh First. But yah, cool pic man

    And thus the Golden Age of Popehat ended. Next would be the much-reviled Aluminum Age, which would soon be dearly missed in the ensuing Pony Age….

  11. Earle says:


    The end of the Aluminum Age will be not be marked by a Pony Age but rather be noted by the Pony Interregnum. I fear when the pony horde invades the blog none shall have the courage to proclaim "Popehat is dead, long live Popehat!"

  12. Hughhh says:

    jay z wrote:
    he mad.

    She mad, and rightly so. Popehat is better than "first" comments.

    Myk wrote:
    @Hughhh; I suggest a map, or at least poorly-scrawled directions to Poitiers. Or Rhone-Alps.

    That sounds manageable, but what's the significance? Keep in mind that I know as much about Paris (and France at large, for that matter) as does the lead character in Gummo.

  13. Isalicus says:

    Lego ut ambul*am*, surely?

  14. Anita says:

    @Hughhh – The street location is in Poiters, France, a couple hundred miles southwest of Paris. You can just barely make it out in the Google search bar on the image.

  15. wgering says:


    "The age of Men is over. The age of the Pony is about to begin."

  16. Geoff says:


  17. Hughhh says:

    @Anita – Thanks; now I feel sheepish. I don't know why I assumed it was in Paris.

  18. Colin says:

    "I believe to understand, I read to pass through"? My latin's a bit rusty…

  19. No Name Given says:

    @Hughhh – Maybe because it's the biggest and best known city in France and the only one likely to be known by the lead character in Gummo (note that I know less about Gummo than you about France, but from your quote, I assume he or she knows next to nothing about it).

  20. David says:

    "Lego ut ambul*am*, surely?"

    Subjunctive parallelism is the hobgoblin, etc. ;)

    On reflection, it would've been more appropriate (and truthful) to say "ambulo ut legam"! So I'll change that.