Craig Brittain of "Is Anybody Down?" Can't Keep His Story Straight. And It's Barack Obama's Fault.

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132 Responses

  1. Chris R. says:

    That scum bag deserves to be left naked for the world to see. Figuratively of course.

  2. flip says:

    Blaming Chanson makes perfect sense. If he's having a feud with the guy, what better way to kill two birds with one stone (not getting into trouble yourself; causing trouble for someone else) than blaming it on him? It even makes sense in the context of trying to hire Randazza to go after Chanson.

  3. RogBoy says:

    Craig might be worth a seven figure salary – as long he is paid by the ten thousandth of a penny. I am so hoping he gets some jail time out of this – what a nasty little toerag.

  4. me says:

    I knew I saw shades of Crystal Cox in Craig's screed. Gee, do ya think she's been busy feeding him material?

  5. Joe Pullen says:

    @Chris R. -he already has – if you are willing to play like you are a woman and hit the button

    Someone named Seth on Randazza's blog copied a few of him – so they do exist.

    His MySpace profile states the following:

    Education: College graduate
    Occupation: Porn Star/Adult Actor
    Income: $30,000 to $45,000

  6. Rich says:

    Let me preface my question by noting that I am an attorney who practices dirt law in a very insulated county in the South, thus, I have not been forced to delve very deep into personal jurisdiction issues in the recent past, i.e., since law school.

    I would imagine that searching for images through Craigslist, which I understand requires the selection of a certain geographic region, and then collecting a photograph submitted by someone living in that region would likely be sufficient action for that region to gain personal jurisdiction over you. On the other hand, I would assume that merely posting an image that may have been taken in a certain region would not be adequate to subject you to that region's courts.

    Most likely a court has already answered this question and I am about 10-15 years late to the game.

    I can vividly picture some Plaintiff's attorney in a very socially conservative state licking their lips at the thought of getting these boys before one of their juries. Thanks for all of your good work.

  7. Ken says:

    Rich: the copout answer is that jurisdiction based on web postings is an emerging area. But in brief, activity calculated to have an impact in a particular area is often taken to create personal jurisdiction in that area. Putting the women's names, hometowns, contact information, etc. seems calculated to cause a specific effect in the places that they live.

  8. Art says:

    How do you "transmit" something "via Fair Use"? Individually I understand what each of the words mean but together it is just a jumble of stupidity.

  9. Mercury says:

    Maybe it's just not a good idea to take nude pictures of yourself and post them on the internet.

  10. Richard says:

    Ken wrote:

    Rich: the copout answer is that jurisdiction based on web postings is an emerging area. But in brief, activity calculated to have an impact in a particular area is often taken to create personal jurisdiction in that area. Putting the women's names, hometowns, contact information, etc. seems calculated to cause a specific effect in the places that they live.

    Note: I am not the same person as "Rich," and unlike him, IANAL.

    If, as Marc Randazza seems to imply, some of these pitures on the site are of minors, wouldn't this be transmitting child pornography across state lines, and, thus, a federal case?

  11. Nicholas Weaver says:

    And hey, he finished his stint at Pikes Peak Jr College back in 2004. So in the 4 years of George W Bush, he didn't accomplish anything either according to his own LinkedIn profile, apart from being an "Internet Marketeer", "Consultant" and founding "Hey, Great Website".

    So shouldn't he also blame George W Bush for his woes?

  12. Oomph says:

    Is it any wonder he doesn't like Barrack Obama, when his Steam user profile is ? (Guess who his one friend on there is as well?) Other profile is

    He's also played on servers using the screennames 'Shoot Obama', 'Jew Oven', 'WHITE VICTORY', 'God Is White, DIE N*****S', 13 Year Old N***** Admin' etc. etc. Lovely chap I'm sure… but hey, maybe he's just trolling?

  13. SA says:

    Not to mention gotten himself banned on servers using some of those names

    Steam ID STEAM_0:0:1226894
    Steam Community 76561197962719516
    IP address
    Invoked on 10-20-10 15:05
    Banlength Permanent
    Expires on Not applicable.
    Reason Racism and annoying other players

    Player Shoot Obama
    Steam ID STEAM_0:0:1226894
    Steam Community 76561197962719516
    IP address
    Invoked on 03-18-10 13:25
    Banlength Permanent (Unbanned)
    Unban reason Mass Unbanning
    Unbanned by Admin Crypt1cMayh3m
    Expires on Not applicable.
    Reason Inappropriate Language
    Banned by Admin Admin deleted.

  14. M. says:

    People can mock me all they want, being a fat chick really pays off sometimes.

  15. Ygolonac says:

    IANAL, nor a pornographer (merely an "end-user" as it were), but do these sites have to abide by 18 USC § 2257? Or is the content not explicit enough to qualify? (Sure as hell I'm not about to test the Nannywall here at work to see for myself, and I'm not all that interested in looking when I'm at home, either.)

  16. Bear says:

    That's one (two? [grin]) seriously confused boy. I figure it's only a matter of time before he contacts Ken to represent him pro bono in a "free speech" fight.

  17. Ken says:

    Taking his example, I am no longer Ken — or even Ken Popehat.

    You may now address me as Drake Howitzer.

  18. Ricolat says:

    This appears to be Chance's twitter account:

    Some lovely quotes:

    "@BarackObama I've got proof that you're lying and you can't avoid it no matter how hard you try, you're a Muslim terrorist"

    "@BarackObama as soon as you aren't the president anymore I'm punching you in the fucking face."

  19. Sarah says:

    I don't post here at all but this whole story has sucked me in.

    I found an interested thread on a karaoke DJ message board.

    It looks like someone named Craig Brittain with the same alleged address as "our" Craig here was posting under the username 719x. All his posts are gone but you can see several of his replies when other posters have quoted him.

    Apparently he tried to make it as a karaoke DJ at one point. Must be Obama's fault, too, that he sucked at it.

  20. SA says:

    Stinker, you published first :) I was just looking into 719x … is one of the sites listed in the "Phuck The New Year" user profile, and guess what the registration is?

    Registrant: Craig Brittain
    Created: 2009-08-26
    Expires: 2013-08-26
    Updated: 2012-08-27
    Name Servers: NS1.719X.COM
    Registrar: DYNADOT, LLC
    Whois Record: Domain Name:
    Registered at

    Craig Brittain

    Colorado Springs, CO 80920
    United States

    Administrative Contact:
    Craig Brittain

    Colorado Springs, CO 80920
    United States
    +1 719

    Technical Contact:
    Craig Brittain

    Colorado Springs, CO 80920
    United States
    +1 719

    Record expires on 2013/08/26 UTC
    Record created on 2009/08/26 UTC

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Note: edited by Ken. Generally I try to avoid having addresses and phone numbers directly here.

  21. Nicholas Weaver says:

    @Ygolonac: IANAL either, but 2257 is probably a big concern for these clowns.

    There probably is some resistance to go this approach, however, since its not the best law in the world, and there is plenty of other things to get these clowns without resorting to 2257.

  22. Clayton says:

    Drake Howitzer.

    What a fantastic adult star pseudonym.

  23. Ken says:

    @Clayton: Well, one must keep one's options open. Under Rule 34, there must be a market for fat bald middle-aged lawyers.

  24. princessartemis says:

    "Drake Howitzer" at first brought to mind images of Darkwing Duck's more heavily armed older brother.

    Got a bucket of popcorn at the ready. Not only should this guy face the music for being such scum, he should get caught fro being such a tremendous dumbass.

  25. Tali McPike says:

    @Ken Bow chicka bow wow ;) (I kid, of course)

  26. Ken says:

    I think my porn soundtrack would necessarily be heavy on bassoons with the occasional tuba.

  27. Tali McPike says:

    "Hall of the Mountain King" style…that could work. Be careful, Ken, you might have something here…

  28. Kevin says:

    Just out of curiosity, could someone summarize for me what Brittain's felony convictions were for? I know Ken posted the "rap sheet", but IANAL and I couldn't make much sense of it.

  29. Tali McPike says:

    @Kevin Most of it was traffic violations of varying degrees. But there was some assault and Vehicular Eluding as well as Eluding a police officer

  30. Aaron says:

    @Kevin, as far as I could make from it, the felony offenses were assault 2 and vehicular eluding. The rest were either dismissed or not serious enough to be felonies.

  31. Dan Weber says:

    The motor convictions all have the same date. There is vehicular injury along with a bunch of evasions and assault of officers. It feels like he got in trouble and then tried to run away and hide from the consequences. Hm, why does that feel familar?

    (Anyone who's been around this blog knows that we can't put too 100% faith in resisting arrest and assaulting a cop, but it's pretty hard to fake passing on the shoulder.)

    That karaoke thread is precisely what we would expect. "I'm not unethical." Why is it always the scoundrels who say they have perfect morals? Followed up by "well my servers aren't in America anyway."

  32. Dan Weber says:

    (I think he pissed off the cops at the scene who threw every conceivable charge at him.)

    There are torrents branded with his 719x label. Someone more comfortable than me with torrents needs to figure out if they are piracy (or even still operating).

    Oh, here is where he gets canned from that karaoke forum:
    He starts flipping out about Jews at the end. I was wondering if it was an act or just trying to get a reaction out of people. I'm not wondering any more.

  33. SA says:

    To this layperson, it looks as if there was a racing contest, during which a dozen+ traffic violations occurred (high speeds, running red lights, passing on right, etcetc), and perhaps an attempt to drive off elude then assaulting the officer when caught. Someone got injured, too, although there's not enough info given to determine who was injured, whether a bystander, passenger, the officer or ??

    Granted some of those charges may have been "throw everything we can at him and then see what sticks enough to be negotiating material" puffery. The felony guilty plea was for "Vehicular Eluding-w/injury".

    It's from 2002, plenty far back enough that if I were hiring, I would give serious consideration to an explanation along the lines of "I was young and stupid and immortal back then and learned my lesson". That's assuming the applicant has shown that he really has matured and so on and so forth since then. This guy hasn't.

    His LinkedIn profile contains the anybodydown website amongst the current activities. So yeah, he's making it a bit difficult for people to find reason to hire him (unless they like that kind of thing).

  34. "@Clayton: Well, one must keep one's options open. Under Rule 34, there must be a market for fat bald middle-aged lawyers."

    @Ken – Sure there is. You haven't forgotten Regretsy, have you? ;)

  35. Post the entire emails with the context left in says:

    Post the entire text and context of the emails… they reveal a lot more than you're telling the people.

    Posting out-of-context excerpts is the same as lying, Ken.

  36. En Passant says:

    Ken wrote Nov 1, 2012 @10:56 am:

    I think my porn soundtrack would necessarily be heavy on bassoons with the occasional tuba.

    I'm shocked, shocked, to find such
    trendiness going on in here!

    (SFW with earphones. The action heats up at about 1:35)

  37. Jules says:

    @Ken I believe you actually had some fanfic on a few Regretsy threads IIRC…

  38. Ken White, Defending Logs For 20 Years says:

    Hey, Dopehat. What's the matter? Did you run out of logs to defend?

    An adult website that promotes real people's nudity = scum and evil, better get it removed!

    A bunch of logs and pieces of coal = art.

    Most of the stuff you have on me happened between 2002-2003 (when I was barely 18). It's ancient.

    Furthermore, before I started the website I run now, I spent ten years applying for work. Everywhere you could think of. You think there's no economic crisis? You're in denial. Go defend some more logs and stay off my porch.

  39. Ken says:

    @En Passant: I love PDQ Bach! I've been to two concerts and have the videotape of "The Abduction of Figaro."

  40. Bitmaven says:

    Just to add to the fun it appears that Chance/Craig is leading his own magic crusade against Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. You can find it on Chance's twitter page, or on this brand new one which appears to be custom-made just for hating on Mr. Costolo:

  41. SA says:

    @En Passant: Thank you for the link – PDQ Bach is one of my all-time faves. And his stuff, as well as what Schickele has published under his own name, can be technically … challenging … to play.

    And back to the original topic:

    Some digging into the website gave this link: Google's text snippet is "Hi, welcome to Naked Wiki. Thanks for your edit to the Social nudity websites page."

    That link redirects to:

    With the text:
    This wiki has been closed. Content dump will be available within 24 hours. Please check back.

    I gotta get some real work done today :) Someone else will have to follow up on the LordAkaneon alias,, (including a link where Craig as "Owner" is publicizing it) and similar things. Not that there's anything wrong with multiple aliases and such, just that chasing these things down will give us more chances to tie them back to the potentially chargeable activity.

  42. @Dan: you say he got banned from a forum for anti-Semitic posts? Heh. Searching his IP address yields someone several years ago who edited Wikipedia articles on white pride and got banned from online games for racist remarks.

    Might not be him, given that most computers' IP addresses change over time, but not impossible.

  43. @Dan: also, in all of the screenshots of Facebook pages posted to IsAnybodyDown, the toolbar has a link to an obscure Japanese torrent site. I'll see what I can find.

  44. Ygolonac says:

    Nicholas Weaver – it's less a matter of whacking him with the 2257 stick, but if he qualifies under that, there'll be actual contact information held by the record-keeper – which kicks a hole in the "found on Facebook" etc. dodge. (Unless the "user submitting" assumes responsibility, but from reading the thing, I don't think that would be acceptable.)

  45. Ken says:

    I blew it by not posting the best line of the whole affair, which is in the second edit.

  46. Oomph says:

    Maybe he'll start using a proxy now? I hear all the cool kids are using proxies these days. Though, I didn't know that people were still using Vista…

  47. Joe Pullen says:

    @Ken – dude you're scaring me.

    @Adam – a couple of us are pretty convinced that is actually Craig's IP address both due to comparing some current emails and other sites he has posted on over the years – all the same IP address. This guy is about as clueless as Paris Hilton on a farm.

  48. Nicholas Weaver says:

    Oomph: Too late…

  49. Ken says:

    The comment above from "Ken White, Defending Logs For 20 Years" is from the same IP as Craig/David. I had to fish it out of the spam filter.

    I suppose it's possible it's a joke from someone able to spoof an IP address.

  50. Ken says:

    His comment covered in update.

  51. Chris Berez says:

    My favorite part of his comment is when he claims he's spent 10 years applying for work with no luck. Riiiiiiight.

    Although I do now wonder if we should start addressing you as Dopehat, Defender of Logs. "Who's that?" "Oh, him? Why that's Dopehat, Defender of Logs. Don't mess with him or he'll make you snort his taint and then give you to the ponies. And you don't even want to know what they're capable of."

  52. Nicholas Weaver says:

    Ken: Spoofing IP addresses for TCP connections, such as that needed for a blog comment post, is effectively impossible: You need to match sequence numbers exactly, and those are unpredictable on any properly secure server.

  53. Nicholas Weaver says:

    The only way someone could spoof effectively would require the person to be on the network path between you and Craig's system: so running a wiretap on one of the links…

  54. Ancel De Lambert says:

    Well, at least he's not mucking around Carreon style. I don't know if that makes him smart or stupid.

  55. Tali McPike says:

    Oh. My. God. Guess who created a website dedicated just to this (almost rapeutation style, but SFW)

  56. Chris R. says:

    @Tali – If only he has a wife/girlfriend who likes to us MS Paint!

  57. Ken says:

    News flash: I am "Dopefat," being paid $350,000 by Big Porn.

  58. Chris R. says:


  59. ttl says:

    Big porn??? For like big boned people?

  60. Chris R. says:

    ttl – I think I might be less self conscious watching small porn.

  61. Jack B. says:

    From the Trolldown website:

    Collectively, the sum is over one million dollars in Big Porn drug money. Mafia money. Blood money. He’s effectively getting paid with the blood of the people who have died at the hands of the mafia.

    If Craig Brittain wants to earn that seven-figure income he thinks he so richly deserves, he should stop screwing around on the internet and start writing screenplays for the Lifetime network. That's obviously where his skill set lies.

  62. Oomph says:

    Doubling down on the stupidity, he clearly didn't feel the need to pretend that the site was being operated by someone else this time.

    reg_created: 2012-11-01 21:08:17
    expires: 2013-11-01 21:08:17
    created: 2012-11-01 22:08:18
    changed: 2012-11-01 22:57:53
    transfer-prohibited: yes
    nic-hdl: CB9188-GANDI
    organisation: ~
    person: *Craig Brittain*
    obfuscated: Obfuscated by Gandi
    address: (Gandi) …

  63. ttl says:


    All porn makes me self conscience.

  64. Jon says:

    Wowzers. Dopefat should be Ken's rap name!

    Seriously, I hope this guy gets sent to pound-me-in-the-ass prison, and never has kids.

  65. Jack B. says:

    To Ken Popehat (and David Popehat and Patrick Popehat, too, I guess):

    Now that you've got that $350,000 from Big Porn™, do your faithful readers still need to make their Amazon purchases through your site? Not that it's a problem for me… just askin'. All this talk of Big Porn™ has got me in the mood to purchase Wonderland on DVD.

  66. Elle says:

    I like that he's been looking for work for ten+ years, but it's all the fault of the guy who's been president for four. That's sound logic right there.

  67. SA says:

    What's striking me as most interesting about that new trolldown site isn't the content and claims. It's the amazing difference in writing style, grammar, and spelling between that site and CB's other correspondence.

  68. En Passant says:

    Tali McPike wrote Nov 1, 2012 @4:44 pm:

    Oh. My. God. Guess who created a website dedicated just to this (almost rapeutation style, but SFW)

    I'd say "stupification style", but that's just me.

    Reminds me of The Lumber Cartel fantasy of spammers back in the day.

    Come to think of it, "defending logs" would fit very well with that.

  69. Shane says:

    What? Big Pron?!?!!!

    Everyone shhhh … don't scare away the tiny troll … SHHHHHHHHH

    Nom Nom Nom … mmmm popcorn

  70. Bear says:

    Great Ghu.

    IANAL, nor a psychology professional…

    But I — against my better judgement — looked at the trolldown site. I'm now considering the strong possibility that, rather than just a drug-addled loose cannon with a vague Internetty concept of the law, the guy is schizophrenic and actually believes all the weird, disjointed, contradictory things he's saying.* That takes some of the fun out of this; it's rather sad, in fact. I hope he gets the professional (legal and medical) help I think he needs. But based on some experiences with other schizophrenics, he won't can't do it himself. Maybe his mother will stroll down to the basement, see his computer screen, and make the necessary calls before he does himself too much more damage.

    * Not that the two are incompatible. I wouldn't be at all surprised. And it would explain that ten years of unsuccessful alleged job hunting.

  71. Ken says:

    Bear, I'm not a psychology professional either. But I've dealt with a lot of crazy people and a lot of con men in my career.

    This guy strikes me as more the latter than the former — just an unusually immature, mediocre, and rather dim one.

  72. James Pollock says:

    It seems to me that if he's whining about hiring lawyers to redress his emotional and financial distress, for the cost of filing a declaratory action suit you could pelt him with interrogatories and requests for admission to settle the questions once and for all. Of course, if you thought serving Carreon was tricky, getting David Blade III served with papers might prove well-nigh impossible…

  73. John David Galt says:

    Look at the way Obama has handled Benghazi-gate. If his presidency has a theme at all it's "The Buck NEVER stops here!" About time somebody returned the favor by blaming things on Obama, even if it took a scumbag to do it. Craig and Obama deserve each other.

    Besides, maybe Obama will give him a job with one of this year's groups-to-replace-ACORN.

  74. Jack B. says:

    I'm no psychology expert, either, but I'm pretty sure "Amoral, Entitled Douchebag Disorder" is not going to be in the upcoming DSM V.

    Whatever mental issues this guy has, they don't mitigate his actions. I suffer from severe depression, but it doesn't cause me to think that extortion is a good business model for a website.

  75. Joe Pullen says:

    Is it just me or am I “C”ing a trend here Crystal Cox, Charles Carreon, Craig Brittain, Chance Trahan.

  76. Richard says:

    Does the stuff on trolldown enter libel/defamation territory?

    Not that I'm encouraging you to hit him with a libel suit on top of everything else he's about to have piled on him… but my schadenfreude sense is tingling.

  77. Narad says:

    Reminds me of The Lumber Cartel fantasy of spammers back in the day.

    You mean my Lumber Cartel (tinLC) Unit Number isn't going to get me C&C discounts?

  78. Joe Pullen says:

    Has anybody pinged these to see if they are still valid?

    AOL IM: SilverFuture2002
    MSN: [email protected]
    Yahoo: hardcore_chat_thug

    The dipshit still has his old Myspace page up – and he wonders why no one in their right mind will hire him. A quick Google search brings up all the rest of the garbage necessary to turn off any decent employer. Seriously this guy couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel and he think’s he’s worth a 7 digit salary because he has some magic 10” banana? That is if he isn’t lying about his "size" as well.

  79. Jack B. says:

    Is it just me or am I “C”ing a trend here Crystal Cox, Charles Carreon, Craig Brittain, Chance Trahan.

    You're not looking closely enough.

    Ken often writes about The Streisand Effect, named after Barbara Streisand. Now he and Marc Randazza are writing about Marc Randazza once squared off against in court againstGlenn Beck.

    I'm quite sure Ponies figure into this somehow, and it is all — of course — Oama's fault. Does Ken's previous work on behalf of Regretsy tie into this story that centers around Nude photos?

    Face it: it's not looking good for Mafia Marc, Ken Dopefat and Adam The New Guy. The cat (or pony?) is out of the bag.

  80. Ken says:

    Having a pretty amusing Twitter exchange with Chance Trahan right now.

  81. Tali McPike says:

    This feels like Deja Vu…I seem to remember incoherent twitter exchanges with people related to Popehat news somewhere before…now if only I could remember where ;)

  82. Nicholas Weaver says:

    Hey, ken. Where is MY check from Big Porn for technical assistance? I'm feeling gypped here… :)

    And don't pick on Mr Trahan on twitter… Ah, nah, nevermind. Pick on him all ya want. Idiots are so fun to pick on. Especially wannabee gangsta rappa thugs.

  83. rmv says:

    @ Ken

    Jack B. has uncovered damning evidence against you. I have immediately unsubbed and unfollowed. Your Big Porn-funded Scrooge McDuck-like vault of gold coins will be small consolation when you're in hell.

  84. Nicholas Weaver says:

    Oh, and beware, Trahan's music is the audio equivalent of Volgon poetry. You don't want to be forced to appreciate it…

  85. Tali McPike says:

    @Nicholas Weaver you just made my night sir!

  86. Jack B. says:

    Crap. I knew I couldn't do all those bold tags without screwing something up. My kingdom for an edit button!

    @ Joe Pullen re: "hardcore_chat_thug"

    That's gotta be one of the most ridiculous chat handles I've ever seen. I guess "ruthless_parents_basement_dwelling_assassin" was too cumbersome or already taken.

  87. Narad says:

    At this point, I'm wondering if the most straightforward thing to do might be to tell Craig's parents.

  88. Joe Pullen says:

    I am thinking Trahan's music was the inspiration behind Attorney "Blade" given all the Ninja and sword/blade facination.

    @Jake B.

    That's gotta be one of the most ridiculous chat handles I've ever seen.

    Well the guy has the intellectual capacity of a boiled rutabaga. Oops sorry that might hurt “Mo’s” fee fees since Mo is after all infinitely more intelligent.

  89. efemmeral says:

    @jack b: Oh, thank you for that pure, sweet moment of comedy in an otherwise sad, sad story. That was excellent.

    But I’m with Bear. This feels different from the myopic, self-serving Regretsy. It feels different from the bloated superiority of Carrion. Brittain’s writing is evidence of a disordered mind. And mental illness would explain his inability to ascertain the seriousness of his predicament, his preoccupation with racism and blame, his inability to empathize, and his odd, impassioned defense of ‘Dave’. Still, he has caused great harm and is perfectly capable of doing far more.

    I bet this story ends with a sad statement from his long tortured parents. Surely by now they've been informed.

  90. Kevin says:

    think’s he’s worth a 7 digit salary because he has some magic 10” banana? That is if he isn’t lying about his "size" as well.

    Obviously you must not have clicked through the links to his "doxxing" by anon that were linked in the comments section on Randazza's blog. There were pics. I clicked on them. I very much wish that I had not.

    Anyone have any mind bleach?

    Sadly, it would seem that this is one thing he is not lying about. As I see it, proof that there is no such thing as karma.

  91. Marzipan says:

    Wait, wait, wait…WAIT!

    Which (in)famous lawyer who's been the subject of…oh, about 12 or so blog posts here literally made (and lost) a ton of money from big porn? I mean, is there any bigger porn than

    Clearly, the only possible explanation for this is that Charles Carreon's a-trollin' here, thereby wrapping up this particular mystery with a big ol' bow. Either that, or we need to sic this guy onto Carreon for his Big Porn connections. Perhaps he could be drafted to serve papers?

  92. flip says:

    The mafia stuff sounds like it comes from his reading: the link to the Anonymous stuff (was it here or posted somewhere else?) suggested his reading habits.

    Also, my virus scanner is blocking the trolldown site… I do hope there are further posts with lots of details!

    @JackB, couldn't agree more – I have similar depressive issues but I don't do this kind of shit.

  93. efemmeral says:

    @flip; @jack b: Depression isn't the same as schizophrenia. Different words, different meanings. I bet neither of you would care to trade your depression for schizophrenia so please don't suggest they are the same.

    My money says Brittain isn't taking his medications.

  94. Lol, I'm enjoying watching this play out. I can't wait to watch Brittain get into legal trouble. It will be fun to watch him wait for the inevitable arrest, then wait for arraignment, and then sit back and stress the hell out while he awaits his first (of probably a few) pre-trial hearings.

    I'm going to get a beer and watch this unfold over a painfully long period of time for him. He'd be so wise to pull down his shameful (by any judge or jury's standars) website now, but I'm sure he's not smart enough to. Oh the joy of it all… to watch his life ruined as he tries to ruin others.

  95. Steven says:

    It's just this war and that lying son of a bitch Johnson…

  96. Jack B. says:


    I am not in any way conflating depression with schizophrenia, nor am I trying to turn this into a dick-measuring contest of "who's crazier"?

    My point was that mental illness is not a mitigating factor. Sure, a delusional frame of mind might explain how he came up with some conspiracy theory involving Big Porn and mafia blood money, but it doesn't excuse running what is — in essence — an extortion racket.

    So yeah, Craig Brittain might suffer from severe schizophrenia. He might have three or four personality disorders on top of the schizophrenia. He could have the diabeetus, for all we know. But… in addition to that, he's also an amoral scumbag.

  97. Jack B. says:

    @ efemmeral, apologies for getting your name wrong in the previous post. It wasn't intentional.

  98. Jess says:

    @efemmeral – in this case I really don't think this is a situation of mental instability. I think this is a case of self entitled God complex. Craig Brittain, Chase Trahan, and Eric Chanson are all cut from the same cloth – that of insecure little punks who think they are worthy of ruling the world, making millions of dollars, and breaking the law to spread their degratation of women, minorities, Jews, you name it – with no repercussions. They do what they do because they have no empathy and because they hate and objectify women and the only God they worship is money. I doubt they would know what to do with a "real" woman if they ever managed to get a hold of one long enough before they ran away screaming.

  99. flip says:


    Great strawman.

    My point was that mental illness ≠ morally repugnant or illegal behaviour and that implying such continues stigmatism of mental illness. Pretty much every single crank out there uses conspiracy as a way of deflecting attention and criticism.

    Furthermore, diagnosis by internet is not exactly legitimate nor fair. To put it in law blog terms: innocent until proven guilty.

    Thank you also for suggesting that depression is not as bad as another mental illness. I guess wanting to slit your wrists every day for 20 years is just peachy in comparison to having voices in your head?

    TL;DR: JackB said it first.

  100. efemmeral says:

    @jack b:

    Agreed: Mental illness is not a license for malice. Really, as Randazza mentions, Brittain himself is incidental. The goal, set by truly honorable attorneys, is to scuttle this unacceptable business model.

    Inconclusive: Kevin just suggested that the, the measuring contest might be the one arena in which Brittian can compete. Coincidently, that happens to be the same contest as Most Batshit Crazy. I suspect he’ll be the winner but let’s not verify this. Deal?

  101. efemmeral says:

    @jess – In my IANAL brain I cannot process the idea that ‘choice’ adequately explains why a person, with a capacity to be otherwise, would choose to be as inept, banal, and useless as Brittian & Co. In darker moments I suspect the ease with which we subscribe to this idea of ‘choice’ provides us with a way to congratulate ourselves for ‘choosing’ to be unlike them and, consequently, superior to them, but I generally return to reaching for organic issues and head trauma to explain these people.

    Still, you might be right. By sheer dumb luck I’ve managed to avoid people like that my entire life. I suspect having to interact with this cesspool truly exacts a high price on attorneys.

  102. efemmeral says:

    @flip: Recent advancements in pharmacology have given psychiatrists the blessed means to treat patients previously untreatable, but our cultural response to mental illness is still rooted in the dark ages. I tip my hat to anyone who recognizes their life is likely to be improved with treatment and seeks it – especially men, who suffer the additional burden of intractable, backwater proscriptions against being treated.

    It was absolutely legitimate of me to object to this reasoning, "Since depression doesn't cause me to behave like a schizophrenic his (apparent) schizophrenia shouldn't cause him to behave like a schizophrenic". But I’d never offer up a diagnosis; that would surely cause some crazed Internet Lawyer to come for me.

  103. GDad says:


    Thank you! I was wondering the same thing about Fair Use. I thought maybe the fact that I wasn't a lawyer put some hurdle in place to my understanding of this new Fair Use technology.

  104. AlphaCentauri says:

    I interact with schizophrenics fairly regularly. I don't think this guy fits there.

    Most schizophrenics have "disorganized thought." Tara-style. They're quite convinced they're presenting damning evidence about something when everyone else is going, "WTF?" They tend to use a lot of pronouns that don't refer to anything. "'This thing' has been going on a long time. 'They're' planning to take revenge on 'us.'" etc. It's often a dementing disorder.

    Paranoid schizophrenics may be pretty coherent if you don't know what they're saying is crazy, and they're often quite intelligent. But they really believe what they're saying. The story doesn't change when it suits them.

    No, I think this guy is a lying sociopath or maybe a narcissist, who really can't cope with the fact that his ability to manipulate people is failing him now. He may be unemployed because he's been able to manipulate people to support him. He spent his house arrest attending community college and playing video games and thought that was a consuming amount of activity to keep up with, so real work may not be something he's interested in.

  105. vms says:

    I'm kinda disappointed. I made the news release, but not the troll down site. Guess I need to be more clever in insulting him in our email correspondence.

  106. Ken says:

    All internet diagnosis is problematical.

    Whatever he is, if they took the site down and stopped victimizing the women, I'd cheerfully take down these posts.

  107. Bear says:

    Since I think I started the whole possible-schizophrenia thing, I guess I should make a last comment.

    Culpability: Even though the courts seem to (mostly) disagree with me, I do not think "insanity" should be a defense. The fact that someone was judged "crazy" after the fact doesn't magically make the victims whole.

    Lying conman vs. schizophrenic: The two are not incompatible. I have dealt with schizophrenics who decided that — based on their delusional worldviews — it was acceptable and _necessary_ to knowingly commit crimes (in one case, a double murder).

    Right up until I saw the trolldown site, I completely agreed with Ken's guess that the clown is just an inept conman. Trolldown included some material that is frighteningly similar to something I saw before; hence the schizophrenia guess. BUT… see above. There's nothing that says he isn't a _schizophrenic_ conman, and certainly nothing that excuses him from the consequences of his actions.

  108. Ken says:

    In evaluating the Trolldown site, keep in mind that we have at least two potential authors: Craig Brittain and Chance Trahan. Trahan's comments to me on Twitter last night suggest that he has at least equal control of Trolldown. He may or may not be the author of some content.

  109. I'll second the willingness to take my posts down if IsAnybodyDown disappears. Or at least I'm willing to remove last names.

  110. Bear says:


    Or three authors, if you count "Blade III" (wait… wasn't that a movie). [grin]

  111. Shane says:

    Here is some interesting links for Chance

  112. Randy says:

    That YouTube link prompted my first comment here due to the sheer terribleness of it.

  113. Nicholas weaver says:

    I DID warn people about chance's "music"

  114. Anglave says:

    Regarding the recent comment "fished from the spam filter"

    1) Does he think the point of your post regarding the art installation at the University of Wyoming was to defend the art?

    Personally I read that post as expressing concern over the amount of control the university allows outside actors exert over its speech and expression. They caved to pressure to self-censor, and they lied about it.

    2) An adult website that displays the nudity of consenting adults would not be of concern here. There are lots of them!

    Perhaps he has missed the fact that what caught so much attention was the exploitation of unwilling victims? And the extortion. And the blatant lies.

    3) The fact that his felony conviction happened a decade ago doesn't mean it didn't happen. Certainly people can change, but it's not truthful for him to claim that he's never committed a crime nor been in trouble with the law.

    4) He takes his inability to find employment as evidence of an economic crisis. This is not logically sound, any more than the statement "I do have a job, therefore there is no economic crisis."

    In his case, I suspect that there are factors other than the recession that have kept him from gainful employment. I certainly wouldn't hire him, would you? How long do you think he could hold down a job at McDonalds?

  115. Jack B. says:

    I DID warn people about chance's "music"

    As someone who regularly listens to The Holy Modal Rounders, The GTOs, Larry "Wild Man " Fischer, Jan Terry, Complete, Eugene Chadbourne, Flipper, and Killdozer (Madison, WI sludge rock Killdozer, not French jazz Killdozer), I could probably testify in court as an expert witness on "unlistenable".

    It is my opinion, your honor, that Chance's rhymes have no flow. His beats are wack and furthermore, he has no science in his game.

    Of course, whenever you see "Comments Disabled For This Video" it usually means that the uploader does not want to be reminded of their clip's dubious quality.

  116. flip says:


    Agree with your first para, agree with your second para except to say that it was still a strawman.

  117. sliceoflife says:

    "subjected me to emotional, mental and financial distress"… Seriously. What about the hundreds of men and women that were subjected to mental, emotional, and financial distress caused by this monster. You can't tell me these people don't walk around everyday hoping and praying that there friends, family, and coworkers do not fond out. And the anxiety and emotional distress when the victim is confronted about their nude photos on the internet??? I don't wanna hear about his emotional, mental, and finacial distress. he deserves every bit of it

  118. Jay Z says:

    "2. An ‘offensive’ website that publishes images of real women naked is scum, but a bunch of ‘offensive’ logs, coal and dirt constitutes ‘art’."

    Um, Craig, I don't think those single quote marks mean what you think they mean.

  119. Pete says:

    Ken, if we're going to address you as "Drake Howitzer", Popehat will need a new author link under "Via Angus".

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