Any Club That Would Have Us As A Member, Part II

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4 Responses

  1. Geeves says:

    On the matter of the name of this blog, I'm sure this removes any "street cred" I may have had, but is there a story behind the "Popehat" name? Is it a reference to pontificating?

  2. ElSuerte says:

    You know, if you had only subscribed to my pony themed guest post/SEO service, you'd be in the top ten, instead of the top hundred.

  3. M. says:

    I don't think even we know quite what to make of this place.

  4. Bolognesus says:

    I believe it's handled on the "about" page:
    "We do receive questions about the name. The name "Popehat" derives from an inside joke not particularly funny to those not in the know. It is in no way intended to mock, disparage, or praise the Roman Catholic Church or its pontiff, a subject on which we remain officially agnostic."